I looked out across the lake, it was still as beautiful as I remembered it, blue as the sky on a summer’s day and bustling with skiers, jet skiers and boats languidly bopping on the surface.  There was a time that this dam was the place to be on a weekend, my brother was in the police force and so the new recruits always had their little gatherings on one side of the dam, the Hotel and water facilities were on the opposite end of the dam, they were both closest to the dam wall and the country club golf course wound its way around the dam.  I was having lunch with an old friend at the hotel but I could not stop thinking about that day a few years back, the day I bravely dived into the cold and dark water to the horror of my mother and family and to the absolute delight of the cheering police recruits I knew on the other side.  Everything in my body shouted to stop, the dam was at its deepest, there were stories of Hippos being spotted around at night and I was never fond of swimming in anything I could not see the bottom of.  I was however a teenager, at the peak of my curiosity with boys and will prove just how brave this damn ‘Rooikop’ is.  I went to the edge of the dam, ripped my jeans and jacket off and kept my t shirt and panties on purely to please my mother.  Well, nothing at that point pleased her, she shouted over to me to get back and that the dam is cold and infested with all kinds of deadly creatures.  I looked over at her, ‘I will be ok Mom, I can swim and it is not that far, and if there were so many deadly creatures, people would not be skiing, would they?’ I dove into the water and was surprised at now warm it was already, it got warmer as I moved forward, but beneath my feet was a cold reminder of the vast and dark water a few metres down.  I now had Luke and the boys cheering like mad, with promises of beer and many bets on what was chasing me.  Behind me, my mother and brother just sat and pretended they did not know me anymore.

I was halfway across the dam and felt like there was something just behind me, I could never look back and just kept my eyes on the approaching shore with about 20 young, brand new police officers cheering me on in their shorts and with beers in their hands.  They had a few fires blazing and shouted many promises of warmth, clean clothes and strong arms to keep me warm.  All big talk I bet.  I was a strong swimmer, had long legs, so made excellent strides across the lake.  I did not stop, look around or try and even take a breather, I kicked with strength and just kept my strokes hard and consistent.  I could hear my friend Leo shouting at me from the other end ‘Rooikop, jy is nou in n jaar se kak’ His voice however sounded extremely amused and slightly proud, Leo and I had grown up together and our parents were all friends.  I had a slight crush on him, but his older brother had a thing for me, and so our little triangle remained unknown and mostly unspoken.  I was mostly doing this to impress Leo, to show him that that I was a bad ass.  I was wearing a white t shirt, so I knew that he would not be able to help himself when he comes over to help me out.  I had a creepy feeling something was about to bite my foot, I kicked up a frothy mass behind me and went as fast as I could.  I soon felt the sand beneath my feet and got up from the water.  My t shirt was so damn see through and it clung to my thighs and upper legs and I pulled it away and began wringing my long hair out.  I had a few guys around me with towels, beer and a shotf tequila but not Leo, he was sitting on his chair by the fire, throwing me a few death stares but eventually congratulated me on my excellent swimming abilities, he made sure to keep his eyes away from my hardened nipples popping out from beneath the wet shirt.  ‘Jou ma gaan my nog dood maak hieroor’ He offered me a rum and coke and I sat by the fire for the rest of the day, drinking beer, having a braai and enjoying the hot sun and water.  I ventured off to find a bush later that afternoon and bumped right into Leo ‘Hey, stop following me’ I giggled because I knew he would not do that. He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him, his other hand on my back, pulling me in.  His mouth found mine, he kissed me hard and deep, his hand now exploring under my shirt and finding my ice-cold nipples.  He moaned and I moved in tighter, his other hand went down towards my panties, I moaned, he stopped.  He roughly pushed me away and walked back into the forest. What an asshole! 

I finished telling my story and we ate our lunch.  ‘So last one in is a chicken’ Roy was now running towards the water’s edge, his pants lying on the ground to the cheer of a few guests scattered around the tables and dove in butt naked. I got up and went to the edge ‘Take it off chicken shit!’ Roy was swimming in the water like a kid, I let my dress fall to a few cheers, a few shouts from management and a few claps from the older guys playing golf.  I swam to Roy, we splashed around and then I grabbed his arms. ‘This water is still as dark and scary as it was then’ I shivered and remembered my mother’s words a few weeks after my swim in the lake that a Hippo was now officially living at one end of the dam and people are advised to be aware.  ‘Let us get the hell out of here Roy, there was a hippo living around here’ I began my swim back to the edge and got out with a few guys flapping around with towels. I dried my back slowly, my hands gripping both ends of the towel and gave the audience a decent look before I wrapped myself up and went over to my clothes and our table.  Roy followed behind and soon we were laughing at the stares and throwing back shots in the midday sun next to the lake.  And that was just one of the stories around this specific dam, my adventures started at a very young age and this was my town.


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