It was recently world Naked Gardening day and this year I was determined to actually be Naked in a garden somewhere, even if it meant house sitting for a friend of mine for the weekend, and they so happen to have a luxurious garden on a beautiful farm. Michael had left me the keys, given his house keeper the weekend off and left me fully stocked with food and drinks, a beautifully trimmed garden and loads of flowers to pick or plants to potter around with to ensure the gardening part is included.  I was up early the next morning, ‘World Naked Gardening Day’ had arrived, I had a picnic basket and cooler ready for my garden day, my blanket and my gardening gloves and tools.  I sat on the little veranda and had my coffee, listening to the birds and watching the rays of the sun dapple around the garden with butterflies chasing each other in the beams.  Perfect, I was butt naked, stretching comfortably with not a single person in site, only garden critters and Michael’s two curious cats.  The landlord was no where to be seen, no gardeners out and about, it is after all Michael’s place and I do not want to cause him too much scandal.  The landlord is an elderly gentleman that is involved in charities, bowls and a bit of farm supervision but he pretty much keeps to himself.  The other tenants on the farm are scattered in small cottages around the farm, but Michael’s place was beautifully isolated and private.  I headed out with a huge grin on my face, the grass was still damp under my toes, the cool morning air chilled my skin slightly and my nipples puckered up with glee. In the centre of Michael’s garden was the tallest, greenest, exotic looking palm tree I have ever seen.  Looked like it belonged on a sand bank somewhere in Pirate Bay.  ‘Wow, Michael, what a big, handsome Tree!’ I decided to get in a few minutes of early sun on my skin, I lay back with my shades on and soaked up the morning light like a garden lizard.  A cool breeze flittered up and swirled about my legs and thighs, I opened my legs slightly, the breeze tickled my lips gently and they began to respond.  My hand slid up and I stroked my pussy a little, a little me time to start the day. I slipped my finger between the lips and rubbed my clit rhythmically, the sun on my skin and the smell of the earth and grass took my body into a spasm of pleasure and release, my throbbing pussy and trickling honey slid through my fingers and down onto my ass.  I shivered, stretched again and just lay there and enjoyed the slow, pulsating ebb of my orgasm for as long as I could.  Another coffee and then it is me and those pretty daisies. 

I had been playing my music, jiving to beats between the swaying palm tree and pretty daisies, picking flowers to take inside and transplanting plants and flowers to make the garden look fresh and new.  The smell of the ground was intoxicating and I was covered in soil and foliage but have not felt this great in weeks.  I sat on my blanket and had my first Strawberry Daquiri for the day.  It went down like a homesick mole after the few hours of digging and planting.  By the time I finished my 3rd one, I was ready to get stuck in again.  I was trying to lift and move a shrub but had to drag it slowly and rest, ‘There has to be an easier way, for fuck sakes!’ I stood with my hands on my hips, shaded my eyes and scanned the yard to find a wheel barrow or something.  ‘I could also just help you lift it quickly, but you may need to either blind fold me or kill me afterwards, seeing as though you are celebrating an international holiday in true style’ His voice had a lilt to it, like he was Scottish, and he sounded like he was struggling to contain his laughter, lurking just beneath his cool composure. ‘I will retreat slightly towards the Palm tree, not that I am shy but I can tell you are trying to be very chivalrous about this and I don’t want any problems for my friend, who lives here.’ I moved to the palm tree but felt his eyes burning into my back and butt with every step I took.  The stranger took the bush I was trying to move, grabbed it with one hand and strode casually over to the hole I had prepared.  ‘Do you want me to plant it for you too perhaps?’ He was now smiling ear to ear.  ‘That won’t be necessary, thank you’ I then made eye contact with this stranger, his ice blue eyes barely visible behind the smile and cowboy hat. He averted his eye to the palm tree, ‘Biggest fucking palm tree I have ever seen, and I was a sailor for years’ He looked back at me, held my gaze in silence for a few seconds, tipped his hat and retreated back into the garden.  ‘Thanks again’ I called out after him but all that remained was my garden, freshly planted bush and a slight flush on my face.  Nothing another few daquiris couldn’t fix. 

I was putting the final touches on the garden, was now picking some flowers to take back with me tomorrow and for Michael’s home.  My arms were full of blooms of all shades, shapes and fragrances, my nose was itching but I could not scratch.  I sneezed, ‘Bless you’ My eyes shot up to see who the hell and right there at the gate, almost halfway inside the yard, stood a group of elderly ladies and gentlemen, ranging between 80 and 120 years in age.  Fuck! ‘Oh, I beg your pardon’ The landlord swivelled around again and began stammering about the fucking palm tree and the garden club.  ‘I am so sorry, I am looking after Michael’s house’ my voice kind of trailed off as the group stood frozen, either fiddling for their spectacles or chattering and waving.  What the fuck is a girl to do, I lifted my arm, waved and shouted ‘Happy World Naked Gardening Day’ The laughter broke out and the landlord was trying to shuffle the group back out of the yard, away from the naked lady under the tall palm tree and back to his side of the property.  ‘I am so terribly sorry um, Miss I usually call first, really sorry about this’ The landlord eventually got his club out of the garden and there I stood, still naked, a little drunk from all the daquiris and now completely at a loss for words or concern for further interruptions.  ‘They have all seen it now, so hey, why the fuck don’t you all just come and join me, grab a drink and bush and let’s celebrate world naked gardening day the way it was intended to be fucking celebrated’ My speech left me out of breath and in need of something stronger.  The whiskey was around here somewhere, yes! I grabbed a tumbler and rummaged around the cooler for ice. ‘Where the fuck is the ice when you need it?’ A hand shot into the cooler, came out holding a sealed bag of ice and then dropped three cubes perfectly into my glass.  ‘Welcome back stranger’ I poured the whiskey in and then found my blanket, lay down on it and patted the space next to me. ‘Why don’t you join me stranger, grab a drink, take a load off and your kit and come celebrate naked gardening day with me, the gardening club all fucked off’ The stranger made himself comfortable next to me, showing off a tanned 6 pack and a very handsome cock indeed.  ‘Well, you would have to watch that during the bush planting process I would assume’ I lifted my glass, we said cheers and downed the first whiskey just for good measure.  We barely got through the third drink when I could not contain myself any longer.  I moved down and gave his cock a quick kiss and touch, it just looked so damn inviting.  His cock jumped in response, I took it all into my watering mouth and it tasted of fresh earth and musk.  He moaned ‘You are such a bad girl indeed, I saw your wicked intentions in those devil eyes earlier, it had to pull myself away’ I straddled his cock and loomed over him with my hungry appetite, his cock slid inside of me and I began pounding up and down on his with a very hungry need to come.  His cock filled me up and I played with my clit as I rode up and down, his eyes glued to my finger and pussy now, I rubbed and rubbed and my clit got more and more swollen until it popped like a cherry, my pussy clenched his cock with immense force and his grabbed my waist to hold me down while he felt my pussy breaking and coming until his load exploded and caused my second orgasm to take a grip of both of us.  I collapse against his chest, his breathing was deep and fast, his heard strong and loud and he held my head and my back with his warm and big hands.  I must have drifted off slightly, but then heard cracking and movement in the garden behind us.  ‘I think we have had a peeping tom hiding out back there, could be the cats, but I think we just gave someone the show of their life’ He laughed softly, helped me up and then put his jeans back on, slung the rest over this shoulder and headed towards the potential peeping tom.  ‘Well, good afternoon to you’ An elderly man and a woman suddenly popped up and headed with unusual agility for their age back to the landlord’s garden like two scolded children.  They were giggling and struggling not to cough and splutter, silly of coots, hope they got a good eye full and I hope they get their rocks off a little, they obviously need it more than the damn garden club. 

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