My friend Kim and I love weddings. Not for the soppy romance or bad disco music but crashing weddings, uninvited. It is so easy and most people have done it once or twice. You just have to say you are a friend of the bride or groom and nobody even suspects otherwise. We also have a bet as far as weddings go. Kim and I run a score on how many Brides or Grooms we fuck on their wedding days. Naughty, I know, but I figure any Bride or Groom that gives in to temptation, should not be getting married at this point. It is a bit like taking the warning labels off and seeing what they do. Kim and I had been on the party all day, and soon we were in our car, on our way to a very posh wedding at a nearby hotel. We dressed appropriately and Kim had even wrapped a gift. A very cheesy salad bowl, the perfect wedding gift. Our entrance was well timed, as the wedding goers were entering the vast hall after the church ceremony. We were ushered to a table, which appeared to be filled with all the orphans and family rejects, and soon found our groove. The toasts were boring but for a change, the groom was really hot. His wife looked like a typical suburbia house wife and we figured we were going to do him a huge favour and give him a decent fuck before he settles into family life. I had already made eye contact with him at some point, and that look confirmed that this boy was not done playing. Now to work out the details of my dirty little plan.

Kim had already disappeared with one of the pretty bridesmaids a few times and she was having the time of her life. The champagne was free and the party was getting very wild. I saw the groom at the bar and went up to him. ‘Wonderful wedding, great party’ I looked deep into his eye. ‘Your wife is a lucky woman today, marrying you, so hot and strong.’ I downed my shooter and he held another for me. ‘Well, let’s drink and be merry then.’ He was checking my tits out. ‘You are a sexy bitch, not married I see.’ We drank our drinks and I moved closer. ‘So why don’t you meet me in that room at the back, surely you can have some fun for the last time, and my pussy is so wet for you right now.’ I could see his eye pop out of his face and before he could respond, I walked towards a little room in the back of the venue. I went inside, it had a couch and a bar, looked like an office or library. The room was dark, but lightly lit with the moon shining through the window. I sat on the desk and waited. The door opened slightly, and I saw the groom sneak in. ‘Where are you, dirty little vixen’. He came towards me, untying his tie and shirt. ‘Come and fuck my brains out, you naughty boy.’ I lifted my dress and showed him my wet and hungry pussy. He went down and began eating me like a hungry puppy, a little too enthusiastically and a little inexperienced but my body ached for cock. I knelt down in front of him and sucked his cock until it jerked and jumped and then I bent over the desk let him thrust it deep inside of me. He fucked me so hard and came so quickly, but I figured it will do for round one.

We returned to the party, unnoticed and a little flushed. I found Kim and we headed down to the garden for a smoke. The cute little bridesmaid joined us and we lay on the grass chatting until Kim decided it was time for some fun. She began kissing the bridesmaid and I decided to join in. I licked her wet pussy until she moaned and soon she came in my mouth, Kim was sitting on her face and was about to come. Kim let out a moan and I could see your body shiver, her skin was damp and her face looked like an angel. We stayed outside for a while longer then headed back inside for drinks. Kim and I were also getting ready for our finale with the groom. We were not done with him yet. ‘I think we should both bang him this time, let us see if he is man enough.’ Kim was in one of her moods and I loved it. The night was about to heat up a degree or two.

I bumped into the groom a bit later in the night and by this time, he was very drunk and very full of himself ‘So, my friend Kim wants to know if she can play with us’. I saw his eyes dart to Kim, he licked his lips and said ‘Of course your friend can play, I have never had a threesome before’ He then whispered. ‘Let’s meet back in the usual place in 15 minutes. And be sure to come hot and horny.’ He sauntered off and I gave Kim the expected wink. We grabbed a bottle of champagne and made our way to the secret room. We could at least have a little fun while we waited. I found an old riding crop by the hat stand, and needed to try it out on Kim’s ass immediately. I had her naked on the desk, face down and her tight ass ready for a little whipping. The riding crop made such a sassy sound as it hit her ass, and the little whimper sounded like music to my ears. I then rolled her over and got up on the desk and straddled her face. I used the riding crop to gently whip her pussy. Just enough to get her back arched and her pussy wet. The little leather bit at the end rubbed against her wet lips, she moaned with pleasure, the leather was soft and getting soaked in her pussy juices. I brought it up to my mouth and licked the juices off the warm leather. Tastes like honey. I then heard the door creak open slowly, and saw our groom make his entrance.

‘Oh My God!’ He could not believe his eyes. We were both naked and on the desk, about to come. He stumbled over and had his pants off before he even reached the desk. That might need a bit of work, the booze had taken its toll. I got off Kim’s face and pulled the groom into our fold. Kim and I got on our knees and sucked his cock and balls, hoping to see his cock arise from the dead. We licked and sucked and it made a few attempts to wake up, but nothing substantial. I got up, got the whip and whipped his ass so hard, he jumped. But his cock enjoyed that and reacted. I whipped him again, and again. ‘You are such a bad boy, getting down and dirty with us on your wedding day’ His cock was reacting and before long, we had something to work with. He got behind Kim and I sat in front of her and let her eat my pussy while the groom watched and fucked her. I felt her tongue around my clit, and her hot breath on my skin as she was being fucked. I felt her tongue go into my pussy and I felt my orgasm building, the groom was about to come too and I closed my eyes to embrace the pleasure.
The door burst open, the bride was standing in the door way, flanked by both mother’s and by the look of things, half the wedding was standing behind them. The groom pulled away from Kim and his cum shot across her back and on the floor. I managed to grab my coat and bag, and Kim’s arm and ran as fast as I could out the little side door. By then the room had filled with angry family and all I could hear was the bride screaming ‘You fucking bastard, how could you?’ sobbing in between. We found a bathroom and quickly got dressed with what we had and managed to find our way out the venue towards our car. We drove off in fits of giggles, half naked and a little drunk. ‘I did not see that coming’ Kim and I got more than expected and could not believe how lucky we were to escape that mad mob. ‘We could be in hospital right now, or prison or both’ I could not have asked for a better ending to our wedding crashing night. ‘The next time, we get the bride’. We drove home feeling pleased with the adventure and our scores on wedding banging.

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