We had been invited to one of our climbing friend’s birthday parties, and had been warned, it was not your normal run of the mill parties. As far as I was concerned, Normal was only a setting on a dryer and I was up for something different. We arrived at the farm and the cocktails were flowing and the warm up had begun. These were all my crazy extreme sport crew, and we were long overdue on a good party and reunion. Matt’s birthday was just such an occasion for all of us. We drank and acted like savages until the early hours of the morning and we had no idea what awaited us. We had all made our way into the cabin and had managed to find place to pass out for a few hours. The place looked like a murder scene, but without the blood. Naked bodies all strewn around, clothes everywhere, bottles and evidence of a wild party. The chaos that awoke us, truly felt like a scene from a movie. The doors flung open and soldiers dressed in camo gear came barging into the room, shouting commands to get up immediately or he will start shooting. What the Fuck! They managed to gather all 8 of us up and had us huddled in a corner in the lounge. Still naked and not entirely sure what the fuck is going on. ‘Right people’ The leader of their squad was a whopping 7 feet or more, tall and looked like a WWE fighter and looked at us with a look of disdain and hatred. ‘I am now in command, you are now my hostages and if you do not do as we tell you, you will all be tortured very slowly, and then killed even slower’. His eyes slowly caressed my naked body and I felt a cold shiver run up my spine.

We were given camo suits to wear and then shuffled outside to a vehicle. It was like a fucking mini army out here. The place was surrounded with really young, hot soldiers. OMG! So strong and yummy hot soldiers, rippling muscles and strong jaw lines. I felt my loins tingle just a little. Would Matt be this daring? I was helped up on the back on the truck by a very strong young boy, his twinkling eyes showed a little boy under all that war stuff. I felt the slight tough of his hand on my butt as he hoisted me up. I looked back and saw his gaze directly between my legs. I smiled and found my seat between the rest of my crew. ‘The leader shouted commands and the truck moved slowly forward. ‘What the fuck you guys?’ Poor Roger was sweating bullets and looking a little pasty, ‘Who are these people, and I didn’t even know there was a fucking war going on?’ The group then escalated into chaos, everyone talking at once and shouting… ‘Shut the fuck up all of you’ Barked a voice at the tail of the truck. ‘All of you shut the fuck up or I will throw you off this truck and the boys at the back will drive over your heads’ He had a nasty look in his eyes. The group became instantly quiet. ‘You will all be told what is going on soon enough’. The trip felt like hours but we soon drove into a tunnel and suddenly we were inside a huge cave. The cave was well lit and very organised. Tents and small cabins, fires were lit and it looked like it had been lived in for years. How did we not know about this cave?

We had been separated into individual little huts but were treated well and we had all we needed I suppose. But later that night, things got a little interesting. We were ushered out our huts blindfolded and sat down on chairs around a large fire. We heard voices so there was a small crowd but we could not see anyone or anything. ‘We are going to holding you all hostage to your families and companies and will be making shit loads of cash, so we really don’t want to hurt any of you but your Friend, Matt, needs to know that we are very serious on our threats, so, it is time to show you what you are dealing with’. All our blindfolds were removed and I was grabbed and pushed into the centre of the circle. Two soldiers came up to me and ripped my pants and shirt off. I stood naked with all those eyes on me. It was pointless to even try and cover anything. I was led to a large table on the one side of the circle and bent over it. I felt one boy stick his face into my exposed pussy, and the other boy was holding my hands down. I felt his tongue push deep inside of me and I moaned, he was bringing me close to coming and the boy holding my wrists pushed his cock into my mouth. I felt him push down into my throat, chocking me and making my eyes water. But then I felt my pussy exploding with the boy’s expert tongue and mouth and felt my throat and mouth filling up with hot, sticky cum. I could barely breath, so my body arched and my moan stuck in my throat as I struggled to get air in my lungs. I then saw the Leader approach me from behind with a long rifle, long and thick steel, covered in a condom. Oh no…and I felt it enter my pussy slowly and gently, then he pulled it out again. He pushed a little further each time he shoved the rifle in. He then began rubbing my already swollen clit and kept pumping the rifle in but not too deep. Oh my god I am going to cum all over his damn rifle. I felt my body arching and my pussy clenching tightly against the barrel of the rifle and felt my juices escape down onto the hard streel. I lay there out of breath, legs like jelly and a wicked little grin lurking in my eyes.

The guys were slapped around a little and basically, we had to give them a list of our names, family or company details and the average amount of money we were worth to those who cared. I was forced to walk around naked and sit on the occasional lap but I treated pretty well. Two of my crew had to hold me down while a few soldiers had their way with me, including my guy from the truck. He had a huge and very delicious cock and he fucked me gently and kissed my neck until I came all over his cock. I was eventually allowed back to my hut and there, waiting for me was Matt! ‘Ssshhhhhh! Don’t make a sound. I have come to break you guys out’ He grabbed my hand and we climbed out a little window that was now broken. He left me behind some boxes and told me to wait there while he fetched the rest of the crew. He returned a few minutes later with the guys and we were lead out the cave by Matt. He made us run through a pathway and when we got in the car, he sped off at full speed. Nobody said a word, I was still fucking naked and we were all a bit dazed and confused. We then pulled up at a pier and were shuffled onto a yacht. We got into the main cabin area and suddenly the lights came on, there were balloons and the words ‘SURPRISE’ came flying out of Matt’s mouth. All the hot soldiers were there, but only wearing shorts, there were many more hot girls and a DJ booth, a cocktail bar and Matt grinning from ear to ear like a fucking teenager. ‘Did you guys shit yourselves, did you freak out’ He was laughing his head off and really enjoying himself. I was standing there, wanting to let rip at him, but deep inside I was laughing my tits off. The entire crew began shouting abuse mingled with excitement and laughter. It was so intense but it definitely had its desired effect. ‘I need to show you all the highlight of our show and where our vixen took one for the team’. The next thing, the movie appeared on the back of the cabin and it was me being fucked by the rifle and coming all over the barrel of steel. The party went pear shaped after that, we all fucked, drank and partied like rock stars. And never has anyone ever topped Matt’s crazy party idea yet. I love my life, Really!

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