I was on my way to Russia on a business trip with my company but we were being collected by a protection company at the airport, due to political unrest in the country. How exciting. It was like the movies. We landed in the middle of the night and immediately escorted to our hotel. It was a magnificent hotel and the I could not stop staring at all the beautiful women working in the hotel. I was going to love Russia. And I had a beautiful man called Boris assigned to keep me safe at all times. Boris had piercing blue eyes and a very professional manner about him. I could not wait to see what he hid under his layers of uniform and behind that cold stare. Boris my bodyguard was going to have his hands full with me.

After a few hours of meetings and boring conversations with suits, we ended up in the hotel bar. The vodka flowed and the party got warmed up, which kept Boris very busy. He followed me to the bathroom for the 3rd time and this time I took my opportunity. I grabbed him and began kissing him, rubbing my body up against him. He firmly grabbed my shoulders, and pushed me away gently. He muttered something I could not understand and walked towards the bar. He was going to be a tough nut to crack indeed. So damned disciplined. I sat at the bar and watched his eyes as I opened my legs slightly, inviting him to see what I had beneath, and I saw a flicker, but his eyes remained as cold as the snow that lay outside on the ground. I was so hungry for him. I decided that the waitress, Nikita, needed to come to my room tonight. I had an itch that needed scratching. Nikita did not disappoint. Her tight little ass and tits tasted like more and I devoured her until the early hours of the morning.

Our main function took place out in the country, in a lavish castle, owned by one of the directors and it was the perfect place to seduce my Boris. He kept an eye on me during my presentation and I thought I saw a glimpse of appreciation in his stares but I was focused on work. My tight skirt and low- cut blouse had everyone else’s attention and I thanked everyone and headed for the bathroom. I walked without looking back for Boris but I could hear his footfalls behind me. I stopped in the doorway and waited for him. He hesitated, knowing that I was trying to trap him. ‘I need your help with my zip please’ I turned around and waited for him to help. I felt his fingers fumbling with the zip, but it worked and down it came. ‘Well, you obviously have the magic touch’ I smiled and went into the cubicle. I was so fucking horny. I stood in the cubicle and played with my very wet pussy. It was not going to take long, I was on the verge already. My finger slid in and I felt my pussy coming. My legs buckled slightly and a moan escaped my lips. I heard Boris clear his throat, his breathing was definitely heavier than usual. ‘Boris, I need you’ I whispered through the door. ‘My pussy is so hungry for your cock’ I was shaking like a leaf. ‘Boris?’ I stepped out with wobbly legs and Boris was gone.

Our business was coming to an end and we had a further two days to enjoy the sights and relax a little. It was my last chance to break poor Boris. I asked for a Limo and a tour of the cities sights and galleries. It was going well, Boris was being the perfect host and even joined me for a few shots of vodka. ‘Boris, you are so professional and disciplined’ I was sitting next to him in the Limo and my hand was resting on his muscular thigh. ‘But even body guards are allowed a bit of fun, surely?’ I moved my hands up slowly, towards his large bulge. His hand came out and stopped me just before I reached his cock. ‘Come on Boris, no one will ever know’ I had that hungry ache in my loins, painfully sweet. I straddled him, my pussy fully exposed and glistening in the light. I began kissing his neck and face, he was holding his breath, his heart rate was through the roof but his firm arms lifted me and put me back on the seat in one fluid movement. His bulge was slightly bigger though. I was out of breath. My hands found my pussy, I felt the moisture leaking out of me onto the leather seat. My clit was about to explode.

I then felt Boris before I saw him move. I felt his hands on my thighs, spreading my legs open. His tongue plunged into me and I came instantly. I felt my entire body rib open and a gush of liquid shot out of me onto his face. He got up on his knees and thrust his very large and swollen cock into my pussy. He pounded so hard I thought I was split in half. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and thrust it into my ass. Oh Fuck, it was so big and so damn hard. I could feel my orgasm mounting in between the pain, and as I felt it break, I felt Boris arch his back and I felt his hot cum shooting into the depth of my quivering body. I then felt a prick in my neck, Boris had injected me. What the….

I awoke back at the hotel, in my bed. Like nothing had ever happened. But my aching pussy and ass confirmed it had all happened. It would seem Boris could take no more and made sure I got exactly what I wanted and more. I lay in bed, a little stiff and sore but enjoying the feeling. I never saw Boris again, but I remembered him with every fragile step I took for the next few days.

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