My relationships were usually short and sweet, I didn’t trust men too much but I trusted myself even less to stay faithful. My current lover, Cris, was already starting to piss me off, getting all needy and demanding. It was his birthday coming up and he had been hinting at a threesome with Caira and I for months now. I figured it was time to give the man what he wanted, and it was his birthday after all. But as with all things Caira and I, it was not going to be a normal threesome. I had ordered a Male Chastity Cage for this exact occasion and it formed part of his birthday surprise. We arrived at Caira’s house, and the party was in full swing as always. Caira had a slight disdain for Cris, but then again, she disliked every guy I ever dated. She was however up for some fun and games for his birthday surprise and made him feel completely at home. ‘So, birthday boy, I believe your cock has been a naughty cock, wanting to fuck us both’.’ Her voice was deep and sexy, but with a hint of malice. She came over and kissed me with immense passion and went off to get drinks, leaving Cris with his tongue almost hanging out. He had led quite a sheltered life up to now, so we needed to get him worked up, but not too much.

We partied like rock stars and then it came time to take Cris upstairs for his little threesome. Caira and I lured him up to the room and were waiting on the bed for him. He came over and climbed on the bed, looking like a kid in a candy store. I began kissing him, Caira stroked his thighs and then she straddled his chest, her pussy just inches away from his face. ‘Do you like what you see baby?’ He nodded and tried to speak but Caira was already on his face. She ground her hips onto his face and he moaned as he tasted her horny pussy. She rolled off and I kissed her, tasting her eagerness to come. ‘Hey Cris, this is how you make a girl come’ I went down on Caira and licked her soaked pussy, probing deeply with my tongue and slipping a finger in. Caira was now sucking Cris’s throbbing cock, but ensuring that he did not come yet. I felt her body quiver and then explode, her back arched and she cried out. Cris was so excited now, he could barely contain himself. ‘We have a long night ahead baby, you need to pace yourself’.

We convinced him that we all needed a drink and that we will continue with part two of our little game a bit later. Cris looked so funny with his permanent hard on under his pants, and a few of the girls made comments and stroked his bulge and this only got him hotter and hornier. I then grabbed Cris and led him back upstairs. ‘I need to feel your hard cock, and I need you to fuck the devil out of me baby’. His face lit up and we headed to the bed. Caira was there already, with champagne and a devil grin. We were ready to take this boy to the next level. We cuffed him to the bed and made it clear, he was about to the have the night of his little life. Caira and I danced naked for him, kissing and drinking champagne. We made such a sexy couple, moving in unison and just knowing each other well enough to know what to do to drive our victim out of his mind. Caira pressed her tits against mine, kissed me hard and deep and her fingers gently stroked my venus mound. I lay on the bed next to Cris, and watched his face as Caira poured some champagne on my belly and watching it run between my legs, and then Caira’s tongue licking every drop off. She pushed her tongue inside of me and I cried out. Cris was now aching to get involved and his cock was about to explode. He watched her make me come, twice, begging to be untied. Caira then straddled him again, but this time, allowing the tip of his cock to slide inside of her tight pussy, but just a little and all he wanted to do was thrust deep inside of her, but due to the retrains, could not. I pressed my tits against his lips, kissed Caira and allowed my mistress to torment Cris as much as she needed. I then kissed him, gently at first. ‘So, baby, are you having fun yet?’ He nodded and had a desperate look in his eyes. Caira had climbed off him and he was expecting me to get on, but before he knew what happened, Caira had clamped a Penis cage on him. A stainless- steel cage with a lock on it, keeping his balls in a vice grip and his cock trapped in a cold steel cage. I lay next him again, ignoring his pleas and begging, and let Caira seduce me just for Cris to watch.

She had a monster dildo that was now probing at my ass, her tongue inside of me and it was so erotic having Cris watching but being able to do nothing. I felt the pressure of Caira’s toy inside of me now and I could feel my orgasm building up with immense force. I came all over Caira’s face, it ripped me so hard the dildo shot out and I drenched Caira’s face with my nectar. She leaned over and kissed Cris. ‘Do you like tasting your baby on my tongue, can you taste how horny she is?’ Cris was moaning and his cock was going red, straining against the steel cage. ‘Please, let me out of this cage, I will fuck you both so hard.’ Caira took the key out, toying with it in her fingers, looked into his eyes and said ‘Darling boy, you are neither man enough or physically capable of satisfying us both’ Her eyes had that evil glint again and I was wondering what she was planning now. ‘But I do think you need a drink at least, and then we can see if you find your man somewhere inside of you, and perhaps then, we can give you a chance.’ She fed him a glass of champagne, stroking his face and being ever so gentle with him, even I was getting worried.

Caira then focused her attention to me again. She nibbled and sucked on my nipples, sliding her finger on my swollen pussy lips. She then straddled my face and I tasted her desire, it was like a drug. I felt the inside of her pussy, all swollen and like silk. I sucked her clit and watched her arch her back. Her body started shaking like a leaf and I sucked and tugged at it until I felt it suddenly pop in my mouth. Her juices flowed down my chin, my finger slid inside her ass and a second, even more powerful orgasm exploded out of her. I waited for her to calm down again, we lay next to each other and just enjoyed the vibe. Caira then got up and told Cris ‘We are going to clean up a bit for you darling, you know, get all clean and ready for you, you just make sure that cock is rock hard and ready to do the impossible.’ I kissed him passionately ‘Baby, you are amazing, and you will have your satisfaction and freedom very soon.’ We walked out leaving Cris to complain and beg on his own. We went downstairs and joined the party again. ‘What did you put in that drink Caira?’ She smiled at me and said, ‘darling, it’s really expensive champagne, that’s all.’ But I could see that she was lying. Poor Cris.

Cris woke up on a pavement, outside his apartment building. Naked and with the cage still on his cock. He saw a note stuck to his cage, it read: Darling Cris, did you really think we were going to let you fuck us, do you really think you have what it takes to satisfy either of us. Best you ask the doorman for the key and then forget you ever met us, because the next time we get the chance, your cock will not be attached to your pathetic body. Cris got up and made his way to the door. I heard a few days later that Cris was arrested for public indecency and the cage had to be removed with tools in the police station. I ended up spending a few days with Caira and not a word was said about Cris, it was unspoken and unnecessary. Caira knew me so well, she knew that Cris would never be the man for me. My best look is the freshly fucked one and the best option is single and open to whatever I want and need. I never heard from or saw Cris again.

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