The wedding Tent

A few years ago, I was asked on a date by a good friend, who by the way, was hoping to take the friendship to the next level and to his bedroom. I accepted politely and expected it be like most weddings, dull and ever so formal, but the venue was at least beautiful and I was at least guaranteed good food, loads of alcohol and good company. The couple getting married were pilots or connected to pilots and flying and I know those boys sure know how to party at least. My date did not smoke, so I at least had an escape throughout the proceedings to go out for a quick smoke and break from stuffy formalities. On one of my little breaks, I was approached by a women I had not even noticed before. Her husband was obviously a pilot and they were from out of town. She asked if she could have a smoke with me and stood close to me under the soft drizzle outside. We did not speak much but just stood comfortably with each other taking in the wet weather and stunning view.  The next thing, she asked if I wanted to go to the tent, which was randomly pitched along one of the passageways, in the middle of the venue. I had noticed it earlier and thought it was for baby-sitting the kids or something. I said yes, thinking she wanted to smoke in private and out of the drizzle. We headed into the tent, zipped it up and got comfortable in the quiet and dry space. We finished the smoke and before I could even get up to return to the dull function, she asked if I had been with a girl before. She had a shine to her eyes and flush to her pretty face.  I knew instantly what was about to happen. It happened to me often. It was a combination of my confidence and strong sex appeal, which seemed to effect both men and women alike. I said I had, with a smile and she leaned in for the kiss. It was gentle and a little nervous at first but before long her tongue was in my mouth and her fingers were groping under my dress and exploring my pussy. I had my hand inside her panties and felt her melt into my arms. She was inexperienced but comfortable and willing and her wet pussy told me all I needed to know. I took the lead and lay her gently down. Her breathing was fast and her body was quivering in anticipation and excitement. We were so close to the party and anyone could come along at any time, especially her husband or my date. The idea just made it more delicious and I put my tongue and mouth on every part of her willing body. Her clit was enlarged and her first orgasm came in fast and hard. I then slowed it down and drank her slowly and deeply, bringing her to the edge and then pulling back. Her body was now shaking wildly and her fingers were deep inside of me, she was muffling her moans with a wrap she was wearing and her skin was on fire. I finally put my finger deep inside her while I was licking and sucking her very tasty pussy and within minutes, she came so hard, it felt like the rain had broken through the tent and spilled onto my face. I held her for a few minutes, lit another smoke for us and we lay there quite happily, listening to the soft rain on the tent and without needing to speak. We finished up, fixed our clothes and hair and walked back out into the cool, wet night. She thanked me for the smoke and the rest was written all over her glowing face and shiny blue eyes. We parted ways and entered the hall casually and without even glancing at each other. My date asked where I disappeared to and my response about smoking and chatting to some girls outside seemed to satisfy him. I sat eating my desert quietly, feeling the wetness between my legs and just smiled. The rest of the wedding continued as expected and we were soon on our way back to town. I agreed to spend the night and just hoped that his lustful advances would at least match or top what I had already enjoyed in that random tent with an unnamed women in the rain earlier that night. My date had no idea what was waiting for him back home and all I can say, in conclusion, is that my tent experience was far more satisfying and he should rather stick to flying and his well stocked box of toys. I left early the next morning, wearing my wedding outfit and my signature freshly fucked look, with the sweet memory of the wedding tent still lingering in my mind and deep inside my hot and still wet pussy.  Oh what exquisite encounters I have had and will continue to have in my endless quest for fun and satisfaction.

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