The ties that bind

Being unappreciated or taken for granted has been a lesson most people have had to deal with, including myself on the rare occasion. I have always only expected honesty and respect in return and being no angel does not mean that I give permission to be treated with complete disregard or lack of emotional maturity. It was during the time that I worked in the corporate environment and was at the peak of my career. I managed to balance my professional life with my personal life very well until one of my toy boys decided to test his managerial skills on me at a very inappropriate time. Discipline was needed to teach the boy that there is a time and a place for everything and it was not within his meagre thinking capacity to make those decisions.

I made our usual plan to work late together and made sure I teased him throughout the day, building up his desire and lust. At the end of the day I had him on edge with anticipation and called him into the director’s office. His apprehension was however replaced with excitement at the thought of fucking on the big bosses desk and putting us a risk of getting caught. I pushed him down onto the desk and quickly put the hand cuffs I had placed earlier onto each wrist and them tied his ankles with well placed chains and cuffs. My undisciplined boy was now tied spread eagle out onto the large desk and was ready for my punishment. ‘so you think you are big and strong and can treat me like one of your young and stupid whores’. I licked his large cock and balls ever so gently and squeezed his nipples enough to get a groan from his lips. I then continued to suck his cock hard and deep and watched his balls begin to grow with lust and cum. I then took out my whip and watched his face turn from ecstatic to slightly concerned. I whipped his hard cock just hard enough to make him flinch. I then kissed and licked it and sucked his balls so hard they were ready to explode. I fucked his cock with my mouth until he was on the verge of cumming and then I whipped it again.

I continued to do this for hours. He was drenched in sweat and was begging me to finish him off. I also reminded him of his transgressions and he could not apologise enough. I whipped his cock and his chest and then kissed it all better until he was shaking and begging. I then took a break and left him alone while I went out for a smoke. When I got back in my boy was a melting wreck. I opened the directors liquor cabinet much to my boys dismay as we all knew the rules, but I took out his finest whiskey and poured some into a glass. I took a long drink from it and poured the rest down my naughty boys throat. He gulped and swallowed so fast it almost choked him. I then went and sat in his face and made him eat my pussy until he could barely breath. I did this several times and after my much needed orgasm…got back to his big handsome cock. How he loved his cock so much, he needed it to be worshipped and adored and I showed him just how much it was adored with my mouth and tongue but not allowing him to cum at any point. His pre cum leaked out onto my mouth and for this I punished him severely. His cock was now swollen and covered in welts from my whip.

The night slipped slowly by and I could see his fear starting to creep in. We had to get out of here before the boss arrived and the boss always arrives early. I then brought out a fairly large dildo and started applying my cherry lube on it. He realized too late that I was to use it on him and by now the begging and pleading began, which made me so very hot and horny. He promised and swore that he would never cross me again and will never treat a woman like a teenage girl again. The dildo slid easily into his ass and his tears were a mixture of pain and pleasure and again I sucked his cock to bring him to the edge but would not allow him cum. By now his body was drenched in whiskey, sweat and big red welts inflicted by my whip. I drank a final glass of expensive whiskey, placed the bottle and glass on the desk and gave him his final but not finishing blow job. His scream to cum could now be heard a few floors down and he began hurling abuse at me again to please finish him off and get him untied so we can leave before all hell breaks loose.

With a smug look and a victorious feeling, I took my bag and walked out of the building just in time to see the sun peeping through the veil of night. The boss will be arriving soon and will find his top executive on his desk with his whiskey and the dildo and his swollen cock and so my revenge has been hard and fast and my satisfaction far outweighed my need for gratification and a good fuck. Life was sweet and revenge even sweeter.

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