It was time to escape the City again for a few days and Kim was to be my partner in crime. Our destination, a remote beach resort on a tiny island. Sun, sand, sex, sex on the beach, parties, sex and lots of girl time was planned for us. We looked around our new home for the next week and took in the sight of the sea, coconut trees and endless skies. Our cabana was fairly secluded, our closest neighbor was on the other side of a dune and we had sufficient foliage between the areas. It was going to be perfect. We then heard loud music coming from across the dune, it was our neighbors. A small group of young, cock sure and very loud boys. They were most certainly playing with Daddy’s toys and making sure we all noticed the sleek cars and cute little surfer boy gear. ‘Fuck, now we will have to kill them before dinner, and I am starving!’ Kim glared across the dunes to the Cabana, that already looked and sounded like a frat party. ‘Couldn’t it have been filled with a bunch of hippies at least, they would embrace our nakedness and share their awesome cookies with us.’ Kim had the people skills of a psychopath, one never knew if she was being serious or not and her outright rude remarks were usually just ways of disarming all in her path. ‘Well, I say we give it a day or two to see if they behave or not and then, take it from there. I do think a little fun could be in order, call it resort entertainment, and all naughty boys should be punished accordingly.’ It did not help that I was clutching the axe in my hands, but the look on Kim’s face sent cold shivers down my spine. Why do I hang out with so many scary people? There is a never a dull moment in my life, and that is just the way I like it.

Kim and I were finally settling down to a freshly made ‘Sex on the Beach’, some sun on our skin and of course a game of eye spy and a bottle of tequila, when our bubble of tranquility was rudely shattered by our pubescent neighbors. ‘Good afternoon Ladies’ the tallest of the 4 was speaking to us, showing us his very nervous but hot body and cute smile. The others guys just stared at us. It then dawned on me that we were naked, lying with our legs open on a beach lounger, comfortably holding our cocktails in our hands. ‘Well it would be if you all just carry on with your quest and move out of our sun rays.’ Kim didn’t even look in their direction, she kept her face to the sun, shades on and not even a hint of a smile on her lips. There was an awkward silence and a slight shuffle of feet but I figured I would give them a fair chance. ‘Hello boys, nice to meet you and maybe we can have a shooter a bit later after dinner, but for now, we just chilling and getting into the holiday spirit alone.’ I gave them a slight smile and then turned back to Kim, who was trying to pass me a cigar. I saw the boys quietly turn around and move silently towards the beach front and little bar, looking back as often as possible though, they could not take their eyes off our pussy’s and perky tits. ‘Cheers my evil friend, here is to an exciting night ahead, because I will bet all I have that those boys will be back once they have filled up with courage and loads of beer.’ Kim leaned over and kissed me, long and deep, her warm tongue exploring every inch of my tongue and mouth. She brushed her fingers on my nipples and kissed me harder and deeper. ‘Just the thought of it makes me all wet and horny and I just want to eat your pussy while I come’ Kim lowered down between my thighs and began licking me like a melting lollipop. It did not take her long to wrench the first orgasm from deep within, she was so damn good at this. I heard her moan as she licked my come and felt her own body spasm. She barely touched herself and she came so loud and so hard. We both needed that one. ‘A toast’ Kim held her glass up ‘here is to many, many more of those, blue seas and an unending supply of cocktails!’ We drank our drinks and then ran into the nearby ocean for a quick dip before dinner.

Dinner was fairly uneventful, unless you count Kim’s fake orgasm during desert. Apparently, the chocolate mousse was That good. We made our way to the bar and of course, encountered our very drunk frat boys. ‘Right boys, as a token of peace, you are cordially invited to join us for a few shooters…’ and with this, Kim cleared a large part of the bar counter and hopped up and lay her body down in front of the four boys. I poured tequila into her sexy belly button and offered a slice of lemon ‘Okay tall guy, you get to go first, no hands though and any wrong moves, results in a slap from Kim, and trust me, you don’t want that.’ The tall guy laughed nervously but leaned down and sucked the tequila from her, then came up and took the lemon from my lips without making any mistakes. His friends cheered loudly, and all shouted to be next. The evening was actually quite fun, a few slaps here and there, but generally the boys got really drunk and we decided to take a walk down by the peer. We arrived holding a bottle of tequila each and was greeted by the biggest yacht we have ever seen and two men standing on board watching us. ‘Come play with the big boys now ladies.’ The men offered us a hand onto the steps. We accepted as elegantly as we could and joined two guys who offered us anything and everything. Kim and I were served Caviar, champagne and were going to go naked snorkeling with massive spotlights in the bay, the offer was just too good. ‘At last, a grown-up party’ Kim dropped her dress the minute she stepped onto the yacht. ‘No one is allowed on with any clothes on!’ And so, the pace was set and we were gliding out of the harbor towards a small bay with all intention of being as naughty as possible and the two men, knew they hit the jackpot.

What a blast we had on the yacht, these guys were so fucken organized. A jacuzzi, cocktail bar and boat designed for pleasure at our disposal. Jeff and Mike were both fairly hot, very experienced with women and we spent two days fucking, diving, drinking and just being completely debouched. I learned to steer the yacht, while being fucked in the ass and fed strawberry’s all at the same time. Kim climbed up the mast, completely naked and pretended to be the look out. Kim and I allowed the guys to make a home movie with Kim and I. We did a spectacular pole duo and fucked each other on the floor in front of them., with loads of whipped cream, strawberry’s and a giant Vibrating Sex machine. Kim was eating and licking lashings of cream off my clit while the machine fucked me so deep and so hard. The motion of the yacht really added to the pleasure and we spent hours pleasuring each other and having the time of our lives. We also discovered that the frat boys were Mike and Jeff’s sons and friends. Of course, it all made sense, and so my little plan to teach the boys a lesson, really ‘came’ together, better than ever anticipated. We ate and drank all their supplies, fucked them both so hard that they would need another holiday to recover and then went back to our little nest, and our wicked little plan.

As predicted, the young and horny boys could stay away no longer, and arrived just as we were getting into our Jacuzzi. ‘Hey ladies, how about some fresh, young cock!’ The boys were definitely drunk and feeling very confident and were dying to get some action. ‘You boys will never survive our kind of action, you don’t have the balls’ I gave them my ‘come hither’ look and Kim made sure they saw her pussy when she stood up and leaned over to pick up her drink. ‘We do however, always enjoy nice big and juicy cock’ I had barely finished the sentence when all four boys were naked and in the jacuzzi. They were practically coming but were holding their own as best they could. Kim and I then proceeded to work them up as much as we possibly could without them actually coming on the spot. We kissed them, and gingerly touched them but made them hold back on any major action. ‘I think you boys are ready for some sugar, but you have to do it our way.’ I stood up and walked off into the main bedroom ‘Give me 5 minutes to get everything ready, then bring those delicious cocks to me’ I closed the door and waited for the boys to enter. Oh yes, they will definitely never forget this night ever again. On cue, the boys came in and Kim closed the door behind them. The bed was enormous and I had arranged a variety of toys on a dresser. Large whips, small whips, ball gags, hand cuffs, Dildo’s, blind folds and a few other odds and ends. ‘We are going to make a movie for your boys to take home, how would you like that’ Kim had the camera all set up and with no further encouragement, the four boys were naked on the bed, waiting for further instructions.

Kim and I took our time with the boys, we tied them up, gagged them and had them laid out in such a way that we could get to each of them. The boys were hard and very horny and we started them off with a little girly demonstration. Kim and I lay in a 69 position in front of them and began licking each other and moaning with pleasure and enjoyment. We came a few times and by now two of the boys had been unable to hold in their anticipation and had come all over themselves. ‘This will not do’ I whipped them both on their balls until they cried out. ‘I told you, you have to have big balls, little boy balls will not be tolerated’ Kim begged for a turn to whip them, but I told her she could do it next time. This time we took turns tasting their young and throbbing cocks. ‘if any of you dare to come during this part, you will be severely whipped by Kim, and I was really gentle compared to Kim.’ I saw the hunger mixed with fear in their eyes and I felt an ache in my loins for some rock-hard cock. We so enjoyed the taste of their cocks, the come leaking out and dripping down them like honey and we got completely carried away with ourselves. But we did not allow them to come. We would stop just before they could get release, and their moans and begging became more intense and they were starting to get a little angry and aggressive. This only forced us to whip their cocks and balls again and before long, their genitals were covered in red welts and they were shivering with pain and utter sexual frustration. We eventually grew bored with them and decided it was time to end the little game. Kim and I left the room and little did they know, the house was about to be filled with the largest party on the island, and their fathers were on the guest list. The embarrassing event was filmed and the footage was already showing on all the walls. ‘Well, Kim, are you ready to get this party started?’ I grabbed her and we hurried off to get ready to start greeting the guests.

A few hours later Kim and I were watching the party from the comfort of the Yacht with a select few guests and toasted to our victory. The four boys were left tied on the bed for a few hours but were eventually released. The two men had a quiet giggle at their boys and congratulated us on our plan. The look on the boys faces when their father walked into the bedroom and found them in that position. Their utter horror at the scenes on the wall for their dads to see. I will never forget the looks on their faces. ‘I told you boys, Big balls!!’ Kim shouted across the bay at the wild party happening in our cabana. ‘We sure do know how to throw an excellent party my friend’ Kim and I linked arms, ran and jumped overboard into the warm waters below. ‘I just love our life’ Kim and I were floating on our backs and looking up into the night sky and all the bright stars. The music drifted across the bay and Kim and I were holding each other, just taking in all the sights and sounds. We swam back to the yacht, in desperate need of a drink and more steering lessons with a cock, deeply inserted into our horny pussy’s. We needed to fix that deep ache for satisfaction after our party tricks on the boys earlier and the two men were more than ready to be of service. ‘Come along my wicked friend, we have men to do, champagne to drink and a party to fuck up!’

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