The naughty teacher

There was a course I needed to attend in order to get certification for my business and I was not looking forward to the 5 days of boredom and brain drain. We arrived at the conference venue and then met our facilitator. And what a gorgeous woman she was. If anything, I at least had some eye candy to keep me entertained. Her name was Cathy and she looked like she had stepped out of a glamour magazine. Our group was small and I got to sit right in front. I made sure my skirts were short and my pussy bare. A distraction for the teacher and hopefully an advantage for my marks. I was always a bad girl at school anyway.

Cathy noticed my lack of interest in the course as well as my short skirts very soon into the course and her smile told me I was going to do just fine in her class. She bent down low when helping me with questions and her eyes flirted with me while she tried her best to be professional. She had perfect breasts and they almost popped out of her low cut blouse with every movement she made. ‘I need to show you some extra papers you can use, if you are interested?’ She asked me during a practical exam we were working on. ‘Come with me and I will get them for you ‘ she led me into her little storeroom in the back. As soon as we entered, she pushed up against me and began kissing me. ‘You are such a bad girl sitting in front like that with your pretty pussy showing off’ and she slipped her finger into me slowly and gently. I was so wet and she moaned when she felt it. I lay down on a desk behind me and she began working me with her tongue and mouth. She made me come so fast and I had to bite my lip to stop from crying out. I then got my knees and began eating her hungry pussy. Her tits had popped out and she buckled slightly when I pushed my tongue deep inside of her. God she was beautiful and tasted like a summers day. She whimpered when I finally broke her and collapsed against me, breathless and flushed. ‘I am loving your teaching methods teacher, I think I may just ace this one’. I straightened myself up and left her in her store room to fix her clothes out. I walked out with a big smile and sat back down at my desk.

The next few days were a blur of class, stealing time in the backroom and sneaking around the rooms during the night. Cathy was very horny and we ended up spending every night in my bed exploring each others’ bodies. She tortured me with cubes of ice and hot candle wax. Delicious pain and pleasure. The wax dropped onto my sensitive nipples and the ice clenched between her teeth, soothing at the same time. She was sucking an ice cube from my hot pussy and then she gently pushed a long candle right into the depths of my hungry pussy. The candle was warm and felt exquisite. She sat on my face and worked my pussy while I drank from her honey pot. She could squirt like no one I knew. We rolled like thunder under the soaked sheets till morning.

Our final day consisted of practical group workshops and the day seemed to go very slowly. One of the guys in my group suggested a break in Cathy’s backroom. He knew what we were up to and was keen on some action. I could do with some cock, so asked the teacher if we could get some assistance again. The 3 of us got our cock alright…and caught in the act by the administrative manager. The poor guy had his cock up my ass and the teacher spanking him. What a sight! The teacher was fired and we were treated like royalty as not to smear the good name of the convention centre. I also managed to leave with an impressive certificate as well as a freshly fucked look.

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