It is said that ‘Love is in the eye of the beholder’ and what turns someone on, is the object of their desire.  I am physically drawn to both male form and female form, but the male body and the desirable design of the cock are truly my weakness and the combination of intelligence and physical strength forever my secret nemesis.  The men or women that choose to not seduce me with sex, usually attract and hold my attention in ways that fucking never can.  The complete adoration of the female form was best demonstrated to me by one of my longest standing lovers.  Jordi and I met through his cousin, who was also one of my favourite bad boy party friends.  Jordi’s cousin, Jarrod and I have been friends forever and he treated me as one of the guys, mentioning very little about his cousin until he contacted me out of the blue and was in need of a legendary off the wagon kind of party.  His cousin and friends had been stuck out in the field with their conservation work but were not keen on crowds.  I was just dealing with the death of a friend and in need of a distraction from adulting and definitely in need of some mind- blowing sex and physical fun.  Jordi immediately caught my attention with his quiet, unassuming manner but his eyes revealing a deep and dark underlying sensuality and skills hidden behind serious conversations and flirty mind games.  He was a master player and was really good at it, but was making sure he showed me very little of his skills and was treating me like one of the guys, but with more intensity and unable to hide the fascination from his eyes.  He somehow had a way of disarming me completely, rendering me useless with big words, stringing simple sentences and even just basic actions like walking without tripping over an invisible rock in the room.  Fuck!  He must think I am a complete idiot, considering I was older and was the first independent and wild woman he had met that acted like a man, oozed immense sex appeal and was trying not to impress him in any way.  I had not put make up on all weekend, or dressed properly and was amazed at how disciplined he was with my protruding nipples, see through shirts and an old dress that barely covered my tits and my pussy was visible if I stood outside in the sunlight.  I felt comfortable, Jarrod was accustomed to my nudity and Jordi was making sure our drinks and shooters were always full, the beats had already caused a few neighbours to complain and our weekend off the wagon party was well oiled and feeling like a beach holiday.

We went to a really cool spot in the mountains for the day, it was a sinkhole and well hidden from anyone with caves and miniature forests and a small stream running through.  We were naked and I had Jordi painting my body with ochre, a special rock found in the river that dissolved into a wonderful body paint.  His fingers tracing around my chest and throat, then slowly painting around my firm breasts and finally circular strokes around my very puckered nipples, my entire body was covered in goose bumps and I felt like a blushing school girl.  His finger painted sweet patterns on my tummy and my thighs and by the time he got to my feet, his cock was showing signs of desire despite his attempts to show restraint.  I was playing it cool, but he seemed to be playing it even cooler.  We played in the forest and laughed as we danced in the dappled sunlight and by sunset, rejuvenated and ready for a hot bath and something more comfortable.  After hot showers and rearranging the lounge floor, we were ready for a night of crazy movies and loads of laughter.  The constant teasing and touching had my body alight with static and tangible desire.  Jordi lay next to me and Jarrod had gone to sleep a bit, so we had the night to ourselves and I was looking forward to see how this was going to play out.  His hand was resting against my thigh, the movie had us both in stitches and the heat from our bodies shining on our skin in the dimly lit room.  Our eyes connected and just like that he moved down towards my pussy, his lips kissed my inner thighs, I felt my legs shake and he kissed my glistening lips and I moaned involuntarily and felt my body melt against the pillows and blankets and closed my eyes to be carried away on wave after wave of ecstasy and orgasms.  His tongue tracing my lips gently, and my ass as if tasting every inch of my body around my waist and hips.  His mouth explored every crack, curve and mound and soon had me out of breath and barely able to move. 

He had me on my stomach, ass in the air and was now kissing and licking my back, down my spine, my quivering buttocks and touching my feet and toes gently with his fingers.  He had not even tried to penetrate me at any time, not with his fingers, tongue or cock and soon my body was screaming for some cock or something at least, to take the hungry ache in my pelvic area away and let me feel the hard desire pounding into my whole body.  He played my body with gentle but decisive strokes and licks and his visible worship of the hind view of the pussy and ass clearly obvious with his technique to make both orgasm simultaneously.  And still no Cock. We had a smoke break, also a to refill our drinks and gain some energy, this boy was really playing the game well.  His hands stroked gently but only hours after our game began, did he thrust his tongue all the way up my ass and I felt his finger gently slide into the entrance of my throbbing pussy.  I felt my body arch up for the oncoming orgasm, his finger gently pushed inside of me and I came like a bolt of lightning splitting my whole body into a million pieces.  The night faded into morning and he had fallen asleep with his face gently resting on my inner thigh, his breath warm on my venus mound and my other leg cradled by his strong arms. 

He was completely addicted to the taste of my pussy, his need to stare at it for ages and just gently kiss and caress it gave me butterflies in my tummy.  I had never been with a man that was more than happy with me sitting on his face for a few days at a time and our ability to have fun at the same time, made the fling all that more adventurous.  He read stories to me from his pillow between my legs and his voice and gentle breathing always stirred my loins and set my craving off.  He would tell me stories that took weeks to finish and his constant craving for my nectar yielded so much pleasure and nights of complete bliss.  We were both slightly bent to start off with and had no expectations of long term loyalty but focused on the times we stole in between our everyday lives.  I was a girls with many faces, I fucked many men and women and pride myself in my ability to be independent and completely liberated with my life style but regularly felt the immense urge to connect with Jordi and allow him to worship and adore me for a few days, making me feel like a goddess and a queen.  All girls secretly love being adored after all, especially at their most vulnerable or exposed.  A real man finds beauty and perfection in the imperfect or beyond the physical attributes and desires the taste, feel and power over a real women, free to show her raw and unedited pleasure in the sins of the flesh. 

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