The captain and the captive

I had agreed to meet Jessie, an old school friend of mine, for a nice girly dinner, drinks and maybe a boogie somewhere. No men and no misbehaving, that’s what I promised and so I arrived at the restaurant all up for my girly night out. I was ushered to our table and I ordered a rum and coke. The view out the window was spectacular and the ocean breeze wafted through the massive bay windows. My drink arrived and I then took a look around me and noticed a man sitting alone just to my right and he was surrounded by a few beefy bodyguards. He caught my eye and I smiled politely, but could feel his gaze as I turned back to the window. The next thing one of his thugs appeared and informed me that I was invited to join the captain for dinner. I again smiled politely and told him to thank the captain for his kind offer but I was waiting for a friend. The thug left and I continued to drink my rum and wait for Jessie. A few minutes later my phone rang, it was Jessie. ‘No it’s fine, don’t rush, I will wait here and enjoy the view and rum” Jessie had to work a bit later than usual. Oh well, no harm in a starter and more rum while I wait.

My starter arrived with a drink, sent over by the captain. I raised my glass and smiled a thank you and then drank out half the glass before I decided to go freshen up a bit. I stood up and my legs felt a bit like jelly. Wow…that drink obviously went straight to my head. I got to the ladies restrooms and that was the last thing I remembered. I awoke several hours later in a large silky bed. The motion I felt confirmed that I was on a boat or yacht of some sort. My head pounded and I had a raging thirst. They must have spiked my drink. I couldn’t swallow properly and my eyes were blindfolded. I was tied to a damn bed. I was naked and could sense there was someone else in the room. “Here…drink some water, please I won’t hurt you”. The voice was deep and he spoke with a heavy accent. Spanish or Portuguese perhaps. The fucking captain from the restaurant.

“I never take No for an answer…especially when I know what I want” his hands gently stroked my neck and my breasts. “I just want to taste you, to feel my cock deep inside of you, I want to see you coming again and again.” His finger gently brushed over my pussy. “Your beautiful pussy is hungry, no matter how much you may fight it” His mouth found mine…i bit down on his lip “Untie me right now!” I struggled against the straps and the warm weight of his arms. “You can’t keep me prisoner, you will be charged with kidnapping” Except nobody other than Jessie knows I am even in the vicinity. I then felt his mouth on my nipples as he gently nibbled them until they were rock hard. His tongue traced down my stomach and then slowly found its way down to my very wet pussy. Fuck he was good. Why did he have to be so good with his tongue?

My captain spent all night tormenting my body and teasing me to the point of madness. He would bring me to the edge of orgasm, then pull away, leaving me writhing and pleading. His fingers just sliding into my pussy ever so slightly and then finding my ass. His tongue licking every inch of my body. His engorged cock was so huge it hurt slightly every time he rammed it inside of me. And this giant cock knew just where my points of pleasure were. He held me down so tight and fucked me so hard it felt like I might explode but the thrill of his force brought me to orgasm so many times. His expert hands and mouth had my body purring like a love sick kitten. I could not control the pleasure and the pain that he inflicted ever so gently, only heightened my ecstasy.

We were in a large Jacuzzi later and I was still blindfolded but could at least enjoy a glass of champagne without restraints. “You are like a goddess and I could only dream of having such a woman in my bed every night, so I will enjoy the time I have.” I heard him call someone and then felt several bodies in the Jacuzzi with me. I felt two bodies next to me, and from their scent and voices, were young girls with skin as soft as rain. One of them began kissing me softly while the other lifted my hips so that I was floating on my back. The second girl was kissing and licking my pussy ever so gently. Her soft lips and tongue finding its way deep inside of me. Her fingers gently sliding in and out if me while she licked my clit into submission. I came so quickly and then tasted her kiss me with my own juices. I then felt my captain’s huge cock gently slide inside. The girl continued to lick my clit while I was being fucked slowly and deeply. The girl kissing me then began sliding her fingers into my ass. Oh my god… I felt my entire body explode onto his cock, it shook and twisted my body but the captain’s strong hands held me tight. I could feel him shoot his load deep within my body.

After many hours of tantalising foreplay and fucking, I drank my champagne on the deck surrounded by unseen beauties and once more lost consciousness. I awoke in my own bed, just before dawn. But how did he know where I lived? There was a note. “Released for naughty behaviour” What an infuriating man, to forcefully kidnap me and do all those wicked things to me, what am I going to tell Jessie? She will never believe me anyhow so I will just blame the rum and some random horny guy at the restaurant. But my satisfied pussy and freshly fucked feeling was evident of the sweet encounter I had with a captain I will never see again. And the thrill of bring held captive by such sexy thugs are usually only the stuff of fantasy.

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