That sweet crush

Having a young and innocent boy crushing on you can be great for the ego and sweet innocence seems ever so appealing to the experienced. My young crush was hungry to learn and driven by overly developing testosterone and was ever so sexy in his open and pure intentions. The fear of rejection had not yet made him nervous and watching him practice his flirting skills made me remember my own start in this battle field. I had to play it cool and carefully because our playfulness had to remain a secret. I eventually had the perfect opportunity and I set the scene in such a way that it appeared unplanned and random.

He arrived to come and assist me install a new decoder one morning and I opened the door in nothing but a towel. I apologized and said he caught me in the shower but that he must make himself comfortable while I finish up. He blushed a little but could not help himself from staring at my small towel with a look of pure desire. I went and showered and then called him to please get me a fresh towel. Within seconds he was at the door and with only a frosted glass between us, saw him hovering. “The towels are in that cabinet just in the passage” I said and heard him shuffle off. “I have one” I heard him mumble and then I turned the water off and stepped out dripping wet and naked. His face showed appreciation and awe at my gutsy move and he tried really hard to avert his gaze but his failure was clearly showing in his bulging shorts.

I walked right up to him and took the towel and started drying myself. He gingerly stepped back and made an effort to leave and give me privacy, but I asked if he would please dry my back for me if he wouldn’t mind. “You are the sexiest women I have ever met or seen” he said in a very hoarse voice. ” I have never been with a girl” he began to say but I turned around and put my finger on his lips. “Shhh…I know” and then I took his hand and led him into my bedroom.

I pushed him down onto my bed and just stood there, letting him look at every inch of my glistening body. His desire was pushing right out of pants at this stage and I knelt down in front of him and pulled his shorts off ever so gently. He was breathing hard and fast and I took his hard and nicely sized cock into my mouth. I worked his cock slowly at first and with gentle flickering tongue movements and soft kisses. His moans were soft and his body yielded until he exploded in my mouth. I drank it up and swallowed every drop until his shudders subsided and his breathing normalised.

“I am sorry…” he began to mumble. “Don’t be sorry, I am just getting that out of the way so that the real fun can begin” I said with a sly smile. I then came and lay beside him and began playing with my pussy and told him to touch me and put his lips on my nipples. He did everything I asked with such gentle but hungry force and his cock was already starting to swell again. At that age it’s always ready but you are not aware of its power yet. I then straddled him and rubbed myself against his skin, along his chest and finally to just in front of his face. But I just stayed there and watched his reactions.

I figured the art of oral sex is best kept for another lesson, so just allowed a quick kiss on my throbbing clit. I then moved down slowly and kissed him hard and deep, guiding his fingers gently towards my groin. I held his fingers and brushed them lightly around my dripping pussy but no penetration yet. I guided his finger to just glide softly over my gleaming and very eager lips and then licked the juices off with relish. I was now ready to claim my prize and this was not the first or the last virgin to offer me the honour and so I pay careful attention and accept the responsibility for corrupting them the right way from the start and hence creating a hot blooded yet masterful lover for many a happy woman. Share the love I always say.

His cock was guided slowly towards my eager cave and I then slid him in very gently and almost painfully slow until it was halfway in, and then I pulled him in hard and fast with legs wrapped around his waist. I came almost instantly but my young student managed to break me several times before he exploded for the first time inside a woman’s pussy. His ecstasy and pure enlightenment glowed in his eyes as years of curiosity and awareness shot through his cock and straight into my soul. I was now excited with the fact that this boy learns well and has huge potential ready to just burst out of his shorts. I kissed him gently and then stood in my doorway, wearing nothing but my freshly fucked look, and watched him walk away as if on a cloud with his goofy smile and tousled hair. This student was going to be one of my top achievers and my tingling loins agreed whole heartedly.

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