Those infamous Glory Holes or Glory boxes and more popular these days, scattered cars on a campus with girls inside, blindfolded and eager to eat or fuck anything that comes to the window.  I have to be honest, I like a more controlled environment as I get the best of all of it and get to relish each and every visitor.  I had been asked to come and do a glory box at a private party with a few Russian diplomats and they were regular clients so I was looking forward to the event.  I decided it needed a little twist, there was a growing number of women attending this party, so needed to give them a little show for good measure.  I was starting to train up a new slave with my master assisting where necessary but felt that he would do better with a more dedicated mistress but would give him a decent lesson and a decent farewell test tonight.  He was perfect for the box and had been a little undisciplined and distracted the last few nights.  We arrived at the venue and the staff had already put the massive box together in the middle of the room.  It looked very glamorous from the outside and served as a table top to place your drink on or could just be a shiny addition to the many props and lights and laser beams.  My slave, or Benjamin as he is more commonly known, made himself useful cleaning up and stocking the box with any supplies that I might need.  He then ensured the straps and bench were sturdy and clean ‘Is there anything else that you would like me to place inside for you Mistress?’ He kept his eyes down ‘Yes, in fact there is.  You will be joining me inside the box tonight as a student of course, but you need to go and put on your little cage, your collar and bring your blindfold and my whip.’ I turned and continued changing into my leather crotchless thongs, body straps and knee-high boots.  I was dressed to serve but also dressed to kill.  Benjamin arrived with everything in place, at least he obeyed orders pretty well, and he was of course a very pretty boy who was still trying to find his place in the great orgy of Life. 

The night was beginning, the crowd was filling up and the little venue felt like a throbbing party in no time.  The vodka and shots flowed, the dancers were professional and everything was done with a little style and grace.  I loved my Russian connections.  Myself and Benjamin were already inside, Benjamin was now going to be tested beyond his comfort zone ‘Benjamin’ I whispered ‘you have been very undisciplined lately and I think that you are going to have to suck a bit of cock until I think that you have purged for your lack of dedication’ I whipped him firmly across the buttocks as he hustled by and once he was in place, we popped the opening up, we were open for business.  It did not take too long for Benjamin to eventually have his first cock to suck on and he was blindfolded so felt very out of his depths but due to retrains and his code for the discipline, he had choice but to obey.  His cock and balls were locked in a sturdy stainless-steel cage, so any idea of erection or ejaculation would only bring him pain and agony.  I knew this was freaking him out a little but knew his potential to go beyond his own mind and lack of experience.  He froze when he felt a presence near his cheek ‘Oh Benjamin, it is a delicious and enormous cock just for you for your first time, and trust me, it looks mouth wateringly edible’ My mouth actually did water slightly, it looked like the hosts cock, it was one of the most delicious cocks I had ever tasted, and he had the stamina of a raging bull, but Benjamin was still new to the male body and I could see he was a little nervous. ‘Just be a good boy and give it a good suck, or there will be hell to pay’ I whipped his ass and upper legs and he immediately found the cock and placed his lips and mouth around it.  I heard a moan coming from the outside of the box, he sounded very pleased. ‘Keep going Benjamin, you are doing well’ I stroked his cock gently through the little bars of the cage and saw him wince as it jumped slightly.  ‘You like it, just admit it’ I nibbled at his neck and upper chest, his skin reacted and puckered up and he moaned as his cock began to strain against the grip of the metal cage.

Benjamin had a steady but slow stream of cock and was becoming expert at getting them to come quickly.  His tongue had figured out a rhythmic lick up and down the shaft and his fingers fondled the balls where he could and so the customers were satisfied and Benjamin was passing his test. ‘What a good slave you are Benjamin’ I leaned down and kissed him square on his cock, just above the balls.  His cock jumped slightly and he moaned a little.  ‘It would seem that you were enjoying yourself a little too much at one stage’ I whipped his upper legs and chest lightly ‘You will need to be punished for this little indulgence’ I made him get onto his haunches, lined him up with the hole at the other end of the box and then raised the opening to show it was available for business.  I gagged Benjamin for this one, not wanting to have any noise disturbing the clients.  I squirted lube onto Benjamin’s ass and rubbed it lightly with my fingers, lingering around the opening a little.  I strapped him into place and then sat in front of him, leaning back a little and waiting for his first assault.  He looked at me with a pleading look, but not too pleading and I whipped that smile right off his face with a good lashing on his back. 

I saw a large cock enter the box and slowly enter Benjamin, he clenched his eyes shut but was trying to relax, the cock slid in slowly and fortunately for him, was not the largest one we had seen all night.  The customer moaned with pleasure and Benjamin moaned slightly, but he stood strong and felt the cock enter into him for the first time.  The customer rocked slowly back and forth and I lay down in front of Benjamin and began to play with myself, I slipped two fingers into my very moist pussy and began rubbing my clit, I felt an orgasm building.  The customer picked up the pace, I rubbed harder and felt my body tensing, Benjamin was about to shoot his load towards my face.  I pulled the red rope, my secret surprise and the box opened up in one move and revealed us inside a glass box, Benjamin being fucked by an ambassador, me coming with an almighty cry and spasm and Benjamin shooting his hot load onto my tits and face.  The Russian women were on their feet, cheering loudly and the customer came with an almighty roar.  I lay there for a few minutes, then my host offered me a hand up and a drink.  Soon I was mingling naked with the party, being thanked for the show and even found a new master for Benjamin, which included a hot daughter to fuck and a palace to live in.  I ended my evening on the bar counter, sucking the Russian host’s delectable cock and with the roar of the crowd, swallowed every last drop.  I chased it down with a tequila and a slice of lemon, served from a hot brunette’s lips.  My night ended in Tiffany and Vladimir’s arms in a king size bed on the rooftop of a sky rise building.  My freshly fucked look swept into the winds blowing through the heart of the dark city.

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