I was on the trip of a lifetime, on a massive research boat on our way into the middle of the ocean to find an island that had sharks unique to only that area. My friend Jack was in charge and specialised in shark diving and research, and he also needed me to help with organising the data and I happened to be a master at data capture and electronic filing. Also, we had great chemistry and were guaranteed lots of hot sex and large amounts of fun mixed in with our work. Jack was also an adrenalin junky and knew my love of danger and adventure. I was also hoping to dive with sharks for the first time and knew that Jack would be perfect for the task. The ocean was so incredibly vast and days seemed to be melt into each other, the small crew made sure the equipment was ready and the boat properly maintained but also made sure the party lasted all night and the rum flow like pirates. I was the only female on board, and Jack took great pleasure in showing me off and getting the crew all hot and bothered. The first night involved me and a shiny pole and ended with Jack fucking my brains out on deck under the full moon.

A few days later we arrived at the island but opted for staying on the boat, while the crew went aboard to set up equipment and cameras. They also set up camp on the island and invited us to the biggest bonfire, beach party that night. I could do this more often, island life and the ocean really appealed to me. We sang and danced around the campfire together and planned the next day together like a bunch of mad scientists. The next day, we were a little hungover, but more than ready to meet the sharks for the first time and the team was super excited. I made sure the computer was running smoothly, we had signal and I could now feed all the information online as we go. Jack was getting ready for the first dive for the day, and the back-up divers were lowering the cage into the water. A few minutes later, the camera was sending us live feed and Jack was scouting for signs of the sharks. The damn boat rocking gently made me so horny, hornier than usual and my hand was gently stroking my pussy as I sat there and watched the waters reveal their secrets. I felt my loins stir and I needed to come. I played under the table, slowly and making sure that no one would notice. The next thing Justin came in, hot Justin. The bulge on his pants told me that he had an enormous cock under those pants, which didn’t help my horny situation at this point. Justin happened to notice my hand and my expression and with a slightly red face, made some joke about the shit channel on the screen. I grabbed him then, pulled his face close to mine, he didn’t resist. I kissed him as I groped around his zip to release his cock and he picked me up onto the desk and slid his very long cock slowly into my wet pussy. I lay back on the desk, amongst the papers and pictures and felt him thrust deeply inside of me. I played with my clit while he fucked me hard and soon I felt my body beginning to explode. I felt him come deep inside of me and I cried out when I came so hard it almost split me in two. It felt so damn good, I came several times and a few minutes later, made my way to the shower.

A few hours later, Jack and the diving crew came back on board, they had set up cameras and were about to put a little chum out and hopefully attract a shark or two. Justin carried on as normal and we caught each other’s eye every now and then and smiled, but Jack had no idea what I got up to on his desk. It took 2 days of observing, drinking, fucking and chatting before the first sharks appeared. Jack was the first to gear up, it was early and he was keen on a full days filming. The day was awesome, footage of the rare shark was eventually captured and Jack was getting a real show with them today. He had no fear and the sharks seemed to accept his presence without any problems. The next day was going to be the day I go down with the sharks, and I could not wait. Jack and I were on the deck and I was sucking his cock, it tasted so fucking good. He came several times and I could not get enough. The motion of the boat, Jack’s cock and the stars all around just felt so good. But I also wanted more Justin cock, so big and so strong. And so naughty.

I was eventually in the water and was thankful for my diving course I did recently, because the water was so clear and there was so much I wanted to see. Jack was by my side the whole time. The sharks were big, but so gentle and so unassuming. They ate fish and basically just stuck to the coastline alone the island. Jack needed to figure out why they stayed here and so much to learn about these new sharks. We stayed in the water for almost an hour, then went back up for lunch. The cage was still in the water, just below the surface and I decided to have some fun at sunset. I took off all my clothes and jumped into cage. The water was delicious on my skin, the beautiful sunset made me glow and Jack and his crew got a real eyeful. Jack was next to jump in and then after some encouragement, Justin and Mark jumped in too. The rest of the crew was on the island already and we were keen on a party. The rum floated in a cooler box in the water and we treaded water and watched the ocean go to sleep. Jack had me up against his cock, and without even thinking, I slipped it in. The other two guys were drinking and paid very little attention at first. Jack was fucking me under the water and I was watching the sun go down. I was about to come and Jack stopped, ‘Go and fuck Justin and Mark, please’ He gently pushed me to the two on the other side. Justin held my gaze as I moved towards them. Justin grabbed me and pushed his hard cock into my pussy. Mark came in from behind and rubbed his cock at the entrance of my ass. I moved back and pushed his cock deep into me, Justin had such a big cock that it filled my pussy and rubbed against Mark’s cock gently pounding from behind. Justin kissed my neck and Mark rubbed my nipples. I felt my body build up and within seconds, I came so hard that Mark’s cock shot out of my ass and he came in the water all around me. Justin came and that made me come again and again. Jack then came over and kissed me so hard and so deeply I felt myself melt. We spent another hour in the cage and then went to bed. The sharks were our only witnesses to our epic cage dive and of course, the cage footage would need to be edited, or not. Personally, I love the idea of the footage being out there for anyone to see, and would love to see Justin or Mark’s face when it flashes on the screen. Jack will certainly enjoy it for years to come.

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