I was never too interested in school reunions but the chance to see 3 of my closest girl- friends was an opportunity I could not miss and I was staying over with Kim, my closest friend since school. Kim was stunning and had a beautiful family. Her husband was very straight laced and a lawyer, but they made such a cute couple. They had a son of 16 and a little girl of 4. I was looking forward to some quality time with the girls and especially Kim and her family. The son Tobie, was especially fascinated with me and I guess boys that age, generally gravitate to tits and ass, so I humoured him and made sure I did not overstep any boundaries. I did not need drama with Anthony, Kim’s husband. As it is, Kim and I had to watch ourselves around the kids and hubby as we both had our first girl action with each other at 12 already. But a lot has changed and we have grown up and moved on, now we wanted to catch up with our stories and girl time. The first evening was spent around the dinner table, conversations, laughter and a feast fit for a queen. Anthony and the kids later retired and Kim and I finished the bottle of wine. ‘So just to let you know, Tobie tends to sleep walk every so often, not every night, but don’t be alarmed if you hear any noises or bumps.’ We kissed good night and I headed up for my room. Sleep came easily after a long day of traveling and the wine at dinner. I woke a few hours later, feeling groggy and a little hung over, there was someone in my room. The moon light filtered through my sheen curtains and I could see Tobie standing near the door. ‘Hi Tobie, what is the matter?’ He didn’t respond. I sat up and saw that he had his penis out and was masturbating. His eyes were open and fixed on my tits. I smiled and got out of bed. ‘Come along young man, very impressive indeed, but your parents will shit themselves if they catch you right now’. I tried to move him but he resisted. He was getting frantic now, still staring at my tits. What the fuck should I do, the child was obviously sleep walking. Then he made a little whimper and I saw come shooting out onto the floor in front of him. Well, that did not take too long at least. ‘Come along now, you need to get back to bed’. He allowed me to lead him, his head to one side and a grin on his face. ‘Oh, there you are’ It was Kim. ‘I checked in and he was not in his bed’ She grabbed him gently by the shoulders and led him to his room. ‘So sorry my angel, must be all the excitement’ I returned to my room, wiped up the mess off my floor and flopped straight back to sleep.

The next night, the same thing happened. This time I just sat there and allowed him to stare and my tits and watched him pull and yank until he came all over the floor. Fuck, the same spot again. His penis was very enlarged. ‘Don’t look you tart’ I told myself. This is a child of a friend. Tobie then turned around and walked himself back to bed with a big grin on his face. I decided not to say a word, no harm, no foul. The school reunion was the following night, so poor Tobie would have to have his fun with only mental images and in the privacy of his own room. Kim and I were on our way to the party and we were only planning on being home by breakfast. Anthony was staying home with the kids and letting the girls play a bit. And boy, did we play. The school reunion was every bit cheesy and entertaining as I imagined it would be, but the joy of seeing a few tables turned as far as looks and success went, was worth every moment. My school crush had got really fat and was a salesman. The two coolest girls in our grade were both overweight and lived in suburbia with too many kids and prescription pills and our little group of rejects, were obviously the life of the party. We ended up breaking a few tables, skinny dipped in the private swimming pool and managed to get caught stealing tequila from the main restaurant store room. Fun and games were then taken to the room we were all sharing for the night. I had somehow managed to bring a really cute young bar tender and a stash of whiskey back to the room and in no time at all, hell broke out and we behaved like teenagers until the wee hours of the morning.

Breakfast back the house was brief and then I headed straight up to my room to sleep off the night before. Kim and Anthony had to go for a meeting and the kids were at school until lunch time, so I had the house to myself. I showered and crept into my bed and after a very necessary orgasm, fell fast asleep. I floated in and out of wet dreams and at one point, was submerged in a very vivid dream involving the cute bar tender again. I could feel his hands lightly on my thighs, moving upwards. My finger was playing with my very wet pussy, and soon I could feel his finger gently enter me. I was about to come, the finger pushed a little further and my clit suddenly exploded. I needed his cock, and then felt my bar tender push into me with his hard cock. Oh God I do love these dreams so much. His tight, young body felt like silk under my fingers and his cock was hard and sure. I was going to come, I felt him quicken his pace and then I cried out as the orgasm ripped through both of us. My eyes shot open and there, looking down at me with the biggest grin on his face, was Tobie. I pushed him off roughly and jumped out of bed, clutching my pillow. ‘What the fuck Tobie’ I whispered really loud. ‘what in God’s name do you think you are doing, and don’t even try to tell me you are sleep walking!’ I was still tingling from the experience and had to work hard to keep a straight face. This could land me in a year’s worth of shit. ‘I came in to your room, and there you were, playing with yourself, the blanket was off…’ He trailed off and smiled slightly. ‘You were dreaming and I was still a virgin’ He blushed bright red ‘And nobody else is here, they are at the shops. ‘You do not breath a word of this to your parents, do you hear me young man’ He nodded and closed the door as he left. Naughty boy, but my smile confirmed that I definitely enjoyed every minute of it.

I left the following day, feeling a little sad to leave them all behind but pleased to get out of there before the Tobie incident ever gets out. The last thing I need is a love sick, virgin puppy following me around and irritating me. The road ahead was beautiful and the wind made my hair dance and I drove feeling a little smug and a lot more relaxed then when I arrived. Kim and I stayed in touch and I enjoyed a few more visits with them, and of course, had a few more lessons to teach young Tobie under cover of darkness.

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