I had been chatting to a guy on a local dating site, and discovered that he was into BDSM and all things dark and erotic. I had experimented a little with the scene, but was keen to see how far I could go. We arranged to meet and spend the weekend together in his mansion, a little risky, but I was very young and filled with curiosity and the need to explore the unknown. I went shopping for the sexiest lingerie and shoes and spent hours packing, not sure what to expect and what I would need. As I was about to leave my apartment for the station, he sent a message. ‘I want you to arrive wearing just your little black coat we discussed, nothing else, disobeying me could result in painful punishment’. I was thrown off balance, it was the first time I had ever been instructed like this, and I felt the thrill rise up in my loins and stomach. Eventually I settled on my suspenders, thigh high black stockings, a tiny g string and my short black coat buttoned up and tied up with a belt. I felt the cold breeze blowing up my coat as I walked towards the train station, and it felt so wickedly naughty to walk down the street with nothing but a coat covering my body. I eventually got comfortable on the train and felt the excitement mounting inside of me. Another text message from Mr. D. ‘Oh, and if you are wearing panties, you will have them stuffed into your mouth as a ball gag and will get such a whipping, you will not be able to sit for at least a week’. I felt my skin flush and my heart skip a beat. I have to somehow get these panties off before I meet him at the station but there are no bathrooms on this train. There were quite a few passengers around me but taking these babies off in this place, made my pussy swell with desire. I somehow wriggled them down to my knees without attracting too much attention, and made my final move to slip them off by pretending to drop something. Success, they were in my pocket. Now I really felt vulnerable with just my coat and stockings on, but again, the fun I was having made me so damn wet.

We met, felt the instant chemistry we knew we would have together from our chats, and headed out to his home. ‘You are truly more beautiful than your photos, and your body is just begging for some discipline’ He had a definitive authoritive air about him but his voice was soothing and reassuring. I felt safe with him but also knew that he was going to be a Master not to be questioned or disagreed with. Mr D was going to teach me to be the perfect slave. Pleasing him was all I was concerned with and the idea of being controlled had its definite appeal to me. ‘We have a bit of a drive ahead of us, so I would like you to play with yourself but you are not allowed to come, unless I give you permission’. The highway was busy, there was traffic around us, buses and trucks and very little privacy. ‘But they will see’ I replied meekly. Mr D threw me a look that made it clear, he was not interested in excuses but needed me to obey him. ‘They are not relevant right now, all that is relevant is me seeing you play with your pussy’ He kept his eyes on the road and waited for his instruction to be obeyed. ‘In fact, unbutton your jacket so that I can see your wet pussy’ I unbuttoned my coat and opened it up to show my entire body. I shivered slightly with the cool breeze on my skin, but felt the thrill of the act so enticing.

By the time we reached his home, I could barely walk. I was on the verge of several orgasms and was aching to be satisfied. We got into the house and Mr D informed me that I was not allowed to wear any clothing while under his roof. He placed a collar around my neck and clipped a long leash onto it. ‘Welcome to my lair, my little slave’. He walked up the stairs, carrying my suitcase and with me close on his heels. He opened massive double doors and we entered the most amazing room I have ever seen. It had a massive bed, but there were sex swings, toys, whips and machines that even I had never seen. ‘Get undressed straight away and come join me for dinner’ He left the room and I quickly took everything off and went to freshen up in the bathroom. I found my way down to the dining hall, and the table had been set with the finest silver and a feast fit for a king. The one end of the table was however cleared and a sheet was placed on it. ‘Lie there on the table slave’ I lay down on the table, unsure of what was about to happen. ‘You will be my plate tonight and I will eat off your body, and if you are a good girl, I might even allow you to eat at my table.’ He began gently, licking lashings of cream off my tits, nibbling his salmon from my thighs. He ate slowly, enjoying each morsel and ate every drop off me. He then sat down and began inserting grapes into my pussy. I could feel them slide inside of me, cold and juicy and then I felt his tongue. My God, it was so long. I have never met anyone with a tongue like that. Fuck! I could feel him sucking the grapes out of me. ‘You taste like more’ he greedily sucked and ate every last one out of me. I was so horny, and a little hungry. I hope he was happy and feeds me. Once he had eaten his fill, he allowed me to sit with him and eat some food. ‘You will need your strength, so eat little slave. Your lessons begin after dinner.’

I was tied to a swing, he had oiled me up and was now blindfolding me. ‘You must give yourself to me, completely. Your safe word is Vixen, and I will respect your wishes but I want you to see how far you can go’ His voice really soothed me and forced myself to relax and let go of reality. The swing was comfortable and supported me enough to enjoy the feeling of hanging in mid-air. I then felt the whip across my tits and belly. Not too hard, but enough to give me goose pimples and sharpen my senses. The whip stroked my pussy and then I felt something enter just a bit. It felt like the whip handle, but I could not sure. The whip again on my skin, making my body tingle from head to toe. Then I felt him rub oil on my pussy and ass, it felt good, it tingled but what was he oiling me up for. ‘I am going to teach you about self-control now my slave, and you must be strong. You may not come until I give permission.’ I felt him connect something to my swing and then felt the slow insertion of a dildo but also inserting into my ass. A double entry, slow and slightly painful but I kept my composure. It was mechanical and I felt it move in and out at a set pace, also not going too deep. ‘You must control yourself slave, if you give in to the pleasure too soon, you will come and I will have to punish you severely.’ I understood, but my body was not co-operating and I felt my spots all swell, in ready for an almighty orgasm.

I took deep breaths, trying to focus on something else, but the pulsating machine, had my pussy and ass begging for more. ‘I can see that you are about to give in to your pleasure, that is not good, you have the discipline of a garden snail.’ I do not! I can do this. I kept my focus in my mind, on his words, I did not want to disappoint him in any way. But I felt the ripples grip my groin area and the tingling feeling began its ascend up my spine. I felt the orgasm take over my entire brain and body, No, I had to fight but it was impossible. Then I felt the whip on my pussy. It was a sharp pain this time, filled with frustration and a bit of anger. ‘You are merely a piece of meat, waiting to be filled and living only for the finish line.’ He sounded so disappointed. He untied me and put a gag in my mouth and I was banished to a cupboard for a few hours to think about my sins. I was tied up, with a ball gag in my mouth, a vibrating egg inserted inside of me and strict instructions to make sure it stays inside the whole time. My master was pushing my boundaries beyond anything I was accustomed to.
It took two days of whipping, cupboard time and loads of encouragement, but I eventually did it. I pleased my master. I managed to hold out for almost 6 hours without allowing my body to embrace the desperate orgasms building up inside of me. The pulsating dildos went to places I did not know they could even go to, new g spots were discovered and I felt as high as a kite. I felt fearless. I was rewarded with a feast, a hot bubble bath and loads of pampering. My body was truly alive and I really looked forward to round two with my Master. I arrived back home slightly bruised, decorated with welts and it took days to eventually mask my freshly fucked look off my face. But I found a new way to have even more fun than I already do.

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