Long road trips make me really horny, more than most, and driving for long distances on my own can sometimes be a little boring and difficult to masturbate with the steering wheel. Toys do help, but the road often causes bumps and turns and to get the toy to stay where you want it, is difficult. So that friend of mine that designs sex toys and machines, gave me a little gift for my upcoming road trip to Caira’s birthday party out in the middle of nowhere. It apparently did require the car to stop, but offered endless pleasure and immediate relief. I was on the road and the car was spacious and comfortable but soon enough I felt my loins and my pussy stir. I saw a picnic spot up ahead and decided it was time to put my gift to the test. I was instructed to only open it when I stop for my first pit stop. I opened it up and it was a gear lever attachment. It fitted over the gear lever like a glove, had humps and soft tentacle like covering and had a large head. It was made from the softest latex and came with special lube. I left the car to idle and made sure the handbrake was up, put the love glove on the gear lever and applied loads of lube. I sat comfortably with my knees on the seats and my pussy directly above the lever. I lowered myself onto it gently and it slipped in ever so nicely. The purr of the cars motor added the vibration to the whole attachment and the little protruding tentacles rubbed inside of me and touched each and every g spot I had inside. I played with my clit and felt myself ready to come, and after a few mind-blowing orgasms, I slid it out and lay back on my seat to recover. Wow, a very useful toy indeed.

I had been on the road for a few hours now and had stopped for dinner at some random restaurant in the country. It was quiet, the manager, myself and one more guy sitting in the corner. He smiled at me when I noticed him and he seemed friendly enough, so I smiled and greeted him back. Dinner was great, home made burger and fries, the best coffee ever and peace and quiet. I was on my second cup of coffee when I looked up and noticed the guy from corner, standing in front of me. ‘I am so sorry to worry you, but I am looking for a ride to my parent’s farm, you can ask the owner here, they know me’ He was cute, young and shy and really cute. The owner looked up and nodded ‘Yup, Jessie is from around here’ I agreed, but first I needed to finish my coffee. We sat and chatted a bit and then headed to the car to continue our trip. A few minutes later, Jessie found my gear attachment on the floor near his feet. Thank god, I cleaned it but I thought I had put it away. His face said everything, he instantly knew what it was and I felt my face heat up slightly, but said nothing in defense of myself. ‘So, how about I drive a bit and you enjoy your gear lever a little, I would love to watch’ He was really cute and why the hell not.

I had my knee on his seat, he had shifted slightly to one side and his eyes were on my tits and body, but as I slip onto the gear lever, I saw his eye light up with lust and desire. ‘Keep your eyes on the road as little too’ I felt my skin get goose pimples as I felt the soft vibrating between my legs, the little head on the top pushed so deep inside of me and as I built up for another orgasm, Jessie revved the motor a little more than necessary. I felt it roar inside of my body and I came really hard. The car pulled over and Jessie was on top of me on my seat before I could even react. His hard cock thrust hard and deep and the car was a bit inhibiting. He opened the door and we fell out of the car and made our way to the bonnet. He first licked my pussy and drank up all my honey and then he pulled me down and thrust his cock deep inside of my pussy. He looked so beautiful with all the stars behind him and I cried out when he shot his load all over my body and tits. I was still coming but he plunged back down again and shoved his tongue into me as I came all over his face. This road trip was turning out to be everything except slightly boring. I dropped Jessie off at his farm road and continued my journey on my own again.

I had about 3 hours to and I was hoping to get at least one more pit stop in and more decent coffee somewhere. I found a diner with good coffee and was back on the road when a police man pulled me over to do a routine check. He was very polite and seemed a little concerned with me driving at night on my own. I drove away and enjoyed my coffee and the smell of the night air. The road was quite and there were so many little picnic pots along the way, perfect for my next stop. My pussy was already getting wet just thinking about Jessie and my new toy, that I needed to come again soon. I finished my coffee and pulled over under a large tree, there were a few lights around from small houses but I was pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I got the glove on and had my favourite tunes playing, while I got ready to come again. I slid onto the gear lever, the car on idle again for the vibrations and I was playing with my swollen clit. I moved up and down slowly, my pussy lips stretched over the entire lever, all wet and slippery. I moved a bit harder and faster and felt my body building for a mother fucker orgasm. I felt my leg buckle and hit the hand brake, the car rolled forward and before I could get off the gear lever, bumped into another tree just in front. I pulled the hand brake up, and then felt my pussy exploding. I came over and over again, my body shaking with pleasure and covered in sweat. I slid off the toy and lay back in my seat, I would sort the car out just now. Then I saw the headlights, approaching faster than expected and could not find my clothes. ‘Are you okay…’ and then he saw me lying naked on the seat, probably saw the gear lever and turned around quickly. ‘Oh my, I am sorry but’ He opted for silence at that point. ‘I will go to my car, when you ready, signal me and I will help if you need’ he stammered ‘help with the car I mean’ he walked off mumbling something under his breath. I lay there for another minute, still trying to enjoy the tingling feeling that took over my entire body but managed to get it together, get my car out without any damage and even managed to avoid a ticket from the policeman for public indecency. His cock tasted like after shave but I made sure I sucked it well before thanking him and heading to Caira’s party to add to my already adventurous trip.

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