Shadow stalker

I recently moved onto a small holding just on the outskirts of town. The peace and tranquility of nature was a much needed change from my crazy paced lifestyle. I quickly settled in to farm life and enjoyed the freedom to walk around butt naked or skinny dip during the day and just generally do as I please. As far as I knew, I had privacy and my closest neighbors were on the other side of thick bush. I loved doing my yoga outside with the breeze on my naked body but somehow I felt I was being watched. I didn’t sense any danger but could feel eyes on me. I figured I might have a hot blooded neighbor that likes to watch me from a distance and in true form, made sure I gave my best performance always.

At night I often heard footsteps near my fence or spotted a flashlight but continued to pretend I didn’t notice. Until one night, just after a huge thunderstorm. I was lying half asleep on my lounger by the pool, naked and a little drunk from one too many rum and cokes. I suddenly felt a presence and turned my head to look. There standing right in front of me was a tall, very young and very hot man with long black hair and wild eyes. He did not look homeless or dangerous but had a dangerously sexy face and presence. He knelt down beside me and gave me the sexiest ‘I am going to fuck you ‘ eyes I’ve ever seen. He came down and held my body down with his strong hands before he started kissing my thighs and stomach. It felt like a dream. His mouth then found my pussy. I moaned and closed my eyes. A beautiful wet dream.

He did not say a single word, his eyes said it all and the hunger in his kisses and touch told me all I needed to know at that point. He had taken his pants off and revealed his monstrous cock, which was so hard and dripping from desire. He shoved it into my mouth and gripped my head. I could barely fit it in but it tasted so good and hearing him groan made me even more horny. He then flipped me over and firmly held me down while he slid his enormous cock deep inside of me. It was so big. I could feel him fill every bit of me with each thrust. I could feel my orgasm mounting slowly but he would not let me come. He would stop as I was about to explode. It was so hard to keep control. I began begging as I felt my body starting to tingle with pure pleasure. He then pulled out, let go of his vice grip and became silent. I turned to see what was happening, but my mystery man was gone.

I was convinced it had been a dream. A hazy fantasy that spilled over into my senses and my sexual hunger just escalated. But a few nights later, my shadow stalker was back. He came to me out on the lawn, while I was doing my yoga and just like the last time, worked me up to a frenzy. This time however, he fucked me so hard and worked my ass with his fingers that my orgasm was almost instant. I came so hard it hurt. I could feel him building but he pulled out and then shoved his hungry cock deep in my ass. Soon I felt him come, so much come and it just kept going. I felt him shudder and heard his moan escape his lips. I collapsed with exhaustion and satisfaction and just like before, he was gone before I could speak to him.

What a crazy situation but I thought about him all the time. I didn’t know when he would come back or how but the idea of it got me all worked up. I found myself fantasizing about him when I played with myself and his mysterious behaviour just added to the thrill. He became a dirty little habit that appeared when I least expected it and he enjoyed the control. He found me in my bed one night, blind folded and tied me up and then proceeded to do unimaginable things to my body. His cock and tongue gave me so much pleasure and his strong arms held me so tight yet so protectively and at no point did I feel threatened. He figured out that his predatory behavior totally turned me on. He kept me in bed for 2 days. He fed me, bathed my body and then fucked me like a wild animal. This time when he left, he simply said, ‘ I am leaving forever, I wish I could stay but I have to go, you are the most beautiful women I’ve met and I will never forget you’. And he turned and disappeared back into the night. I lay there for a while, taking in the smell of him on my sheets and loving my freshly fucked feeling. I decided that I will miss this shadow man and his very dirty little visits but somehow I knew I would always remember those wild but sexy eyes and monstrous cock.

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