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A friend of mine made the fatal mistake of asking me to go with her to a lonely hearts club meeting that she had been attending to try and meet people and find ways to broaden her social life. Firstly, I have never understood the concept of lonely in my life and secondly, I don’t believe a group of lonely people meeting regularly to discuss their loneliness is solving the problem. But, to be fair, each one to their own and not everyone is as adventurous or as daring as I am and all I could really offer my friend was a bit of (immoral) support and perhaps some fresh perspective. At the very least I get to stir things up and cheer a few lonely hearts up in my own unique way. In hindsight I should have perhaps asked my friend if she had thought this idea through properly since she knew me well enough to know I am not your average girl next door.

We arrived at the house where the group had already settled down to a glass of wine and awkward conversation and I immediately decided that this sort of socialising would not be tolerated.  I pulled out 3 bottles of tequila to the shock of my friend and proceeded to get the group drunk. An hour into the meeting, 2 people had walked out in utter disgust and the remaining lonely hearts gave into my wicked ways with little to no resistance. It was time for some group sex therapy.  It all started off with some dancing, then I gave them a strip show they would never forget and before long, I had all the ladies with their tops off comparing breast size and shape. The two fairly shy men in the group could not believe their luck and were soon at the centre of all the girly attention.

In no time Lynn and myself had Rodney in the shower, we were sucking his cock and what a delicious cock it was. We sucked and licked his balls and he came all over our faces. I then began on Lynn and her pussy tasted like more. Rodney was now fucking me on the shower floor and Lynn stood above me while I ate and licked her until she came several times. She kissed me and tasted her own pussy on my lips. Rodney fucked me until I came and we all collapsed onto the floor giggling and very drunk on tequila. The door burst open and the hostess stood with her jaw on the ground. ‘What the hell…?’ was all she could muster. We eventually rejoined the group, who were very badly behaved. The other guy was tangled up with 2 ladies on the couch and my friend was attempting a belly dance on the dining room table.  Needless to say, we were asked to leave the lonely hearts meeting and we all left in fits of laughter, very drunk and all wearing freshly fucked looks with pride. We ended the night at a pub and then watched the sunrise, naked, from a fountain outside a shopping mall. Now that is how you meet people and get out a bit in my books.

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