I hurried down the ramp towards the underground car park, I never meant to leave so late and I hated being in dark places late at night, especially alone.  I heard soft footsteps behind me, but when I looked back, there was nobody there.  It must be on another level and I can hear the echo.  The carpark was lightly lit up, flickering fluorescent strips added a few seconds of extra light but the time between flickers was eerily dark and filled with shadows.  The lift was out of order, so I had to make my way down 3 floors to reach my car.  Fuck! I looked back, still nobody, yet the footsteps seemed consistently close by and seemed to slow or speed up according to my own pace.  There were quite a few cars parked this late at night yet no sign of another person yet, not even cleaners or staff.  I just kept going and picked up my pace as the feeling of being watched prickled up my spine and neck.  Creepy place indeed and I will never park in one of them again.  I took the next corner slowly but there was something on the ground that caused my shoe to slip, I had nowhere to grab so landed on my butt at a huge force and had to stop myself from rolling onto my side.  ‘Ouch’ my hand stung as I saw small stones and bits stuck into my skin ‘My damn heel had broken, so I would have to walk the rest of the way barefoot.  Great! ‘Really?’ I shouted up towards the low cement ceiling above me, I took my heels off, adjusted myself and continued to walk a little slower now without my shoes.  I was keeping my eyes on the floor to avoid stepping on broken glass and then heard the footsteps again.  I turned around ‘Hey, is anybody there?’ I waited a few seconds and the footsteps had stopped so I turned and continued on my way, shining my phone torch on the ground as I went.  The footsteps continued and this time I felt a menacing presence creeping up behind me and knew I would have to job out the next level.  I began to run but within a few metres felt my foot slip on something slippery again, I hit my head against the wall and that was the last thing I remember.

I woke up feeling very groggy and it took me a while to realize my predicament.  I was inside a storage container, dimly lit with a small window and it looked like someone lived in it.  I sat up but felt my feet were tied to the bed posts.  I was dressed in an old fashioned white lace nightie, those types that start at the neck and end at the ankles.  What the fuck? ‘Hello, what is going here?’ I then noticed a shadow sitting in a chair in the corner, smoking a sweet-smelling cigar and wearing a hat.  I felt like I was on the set for an old 40’s movie remake, right down to the patchwork quilt and antique bedside table and lamp.  ‘Why am I here?’ I sat back, there was nowhere else to go and tried to stay as calm as I could. ‘Thank you for helping me, I took quite a fall’ Still nothing.  He then got up and walked towards me, his face still lowered and hidden under the shadow of the hat ‘You should not be down here at this time of night, not alone anyway’ His voice was deep and gentle, but with a twist of madness in the way he made that statement.  It was as if I had broken some rule and he was trying to decide what to do with me. ‘Listen, you cant just kidnap someone because they are trying to get to their car late at night, it was unavoidable’ My mouth felt all dry and I began to feel a little on edge. ‘Can I please have something to drink?’ He pointed next to my bed and I saw the bottle of water and the glass.  I grabbed the bottle and downed the entire content in a single breath.  I noticed his feint look of disapproval ‘I am sorry, but I was very thirsty’ I put the bottle down but then the room began to spin and I lay back and watched the room disappear into a fuzz of dizziness.  I was completely aware of my surroundings and could feel but my body was completely paralyzed, I could barely blink my eyes.  I could not speak but my mind was clear, I was completely helpless and my captor was sitting on the bed next to me, bathing my naked body with a soft sea sponge and fragrant oils and lotions.  ‘Your skin is so perfect and I am so pleased to see that you really look after yourself, you are fit and healthy’ He had a manic glint of pleasure in his eyes, yet he gently wiped my feet, then my legs and gingerly sponged my pussy and ass, without making eye contact.  He wiped my entire body down, then applied lotion.  His hands were large and strong but he was gentle and his skin was soft.  He firmly massaged the lotion onto my feet and toes, then slowly rubbed my calves and legs and by the time he reached my inner thighs, noticed the quiver in my legs and lower belly.  He then looked deep into my eyes and let his finger slip just between my swollen lips, across my clit and then back out and towards my buttocks. ‘Your desire is far stronger than my medication it would seem’ He removed his pants and got on top of me, he rubbed the lotion up my spine and at the same time, lifted my body slightly and slipped his cock slowly but firmly into me.  It met no resistance and his hands were so strong, I felt like a rag doll in his arms.  He had tied my legs apart and I felt his cock going deep inside me, causing a pleasurable ripple to run up and down my body.  He pulled his cock out and moved down between my legs and began his tortuous attention to my pussy and asshole.  I felt every sensation but could not move around and in fact, my sense of touch seemed heightened.  He teased and licked and probed until I had orgasmed at least 3 times, then came back up and slid his even larger cock into me.  This time he pumped rhythmically for a few seconds then stiffened and cried out as he pulled out and shot his hot load all over my stomach, breasts and pussy. 

I must have passed out because I awoke later and I was cleaned up again and this time I was naked and my captor was taking a few photos. ‘Please, don’t worry, no one will ever see these pictures, except for me’ He got up, packed the camera away and came towards the bed, holding my clothes and my shoes that had been cleaned and fixed.  He placed everything on the bed and went to sit on his chair again.  He lit a cigar and sat and watched me get dressed.  I had been untied and my skin felt so soft and clean, my clothes were fresh and I got dressed quietly as he watched with appreciative eyes.  He then got up, put his hat on and turned to the door. ‘Your beauty will be immortalised in my secret records, and I thank you for sharing it with me’ He politely lifted his hat, bowed slightly and left the container.  I sat for a few minutes, unsure of what to do, my bag had everything in it and I had not heard the door lock.  I got up and opened it, he was no where to be found.  My car had also mysteriously been parked right in front of the container for me, not a scratch or anything missing.  I got in the car, started the motor and headed up the levels to the exit and once I got onto the main road, began questioning my sanity and what really happed back there.  I checked my phone to see the date and time and saw that it had only been one night, yet it felt like days had past. 

A few days later I decided to go and see if the container was there and if my mystery man was anywhere to be found.  I had told Kim about my ordeal but she said I had knocked my head and had a really good wet dream and that I should just leave it as such.  I just needed to know and so was driving slowly down the parking lot towards the lowest level where the container had been.  I got to the lowest level and there was no container to be found, not even an old rusty one or a space where one could have stood.  It was all parking lots with cars and a few rubbish bins and drums in a corner.  I drove around one more time but still no evidence of a container.  I then drove each and every level, determined to find it on one of them, unable to shake the feeling that it really did happen.  I had been on each level, was leaving the first level towards the exit when I noticed a shadow, the shape of a man with a hat and a cigar in his mouth, I smelled the sweet smell and tried to brake but had a car behind me.  I slowed down and looked back but there was no sign of him, the shadow was gone and I was driving into the main road and heading home with the decision to forget about the whole incident and put it down to a bad fall and subsequent dreams.  He was far to polite and kind to be a weird stalker of women in empty car parks late at night, that happened to have a container that could be moved around.


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