Santa’s sex sleigh

The festive season was never my favourite time of the year, until I discovered the fun to be had under the mistletoe… or dressed up as Santa’s helper… or on lit up sleighs in shopping malls. In typical Vixen style, I managed to get the marketing contract for a massive mall over the festive season a few years back and it was then I discovered the pure bliss in being one of Santa ‘s Ho’s! The Mall was typically busy during peak hours but there were times that it was quiet and it was during these times that the shenanigans started. I had my tiny Santa dress on, fluffy edges and collars but barely covering my ass and crotch less red thongs. I totally rocked the Xmas Ho look and Santa and his team were handpicked by me from the best agencies, so I knew they were all hot and full of wicked intentions. The 2 elves were petite red head twins with smoking hot bodies and were skilled gymnasts. Santa was tall and built like a Demi god with a long beard and looked like a Viking and his assistant was a beautiful boy that looked like an athlete with bright green eyes and I could just tell that he had the biggest cock ever! My mouth was literally watering as I walked over to the group all dressed in their regalia with my assistant carting the drinks cart. Soon we were knocking down the champagne, rum and whiskey and Santa’s sleigh became our love boat.

First I had the pleasure of playing in the back of the sleigh with the twins, which also became a show to warm up Santa and his assistant. The twins were hungry and lustful and they explored every inch of my body. I had one of them on my face and one between my legs and my climax was muffled by a pussy coming in my mouth and on my lips. The next thing Santa’s assistant grabbed me, rolled me over and thrust his giant cock deep inside of me. I bit my lip to hold back the sound of surprise and pleasure. His cock was huge and I struggled to fit it all in without slight discomfort but I always say, no pain, no gain. He shot his load all over the twins, who greedily swallowed and rubbed it into their tits and bodies in the flashing lights of the sleigh. Santa was now bursting from his pants and both twins now proceeded to pleasure him with their mouths and pussies. My fully loaded assistant had also got his second wind and was now exploring my pussy with his tongue and mouth. I heard the mall sounds around me, felt my pussy explode and watched Santa cum so hard he almost fell off his sleigh.

The festive season was now filled with twinkly lights, tinsel and playful explorations in the sleigh, under the giant tree or even on Santa’s big chair. My ultimate fantasy was in the making and would be a sweet ending of my silly season. Santa had been entertaining the kids on his lap with merry laughter and a keen ear most of the day and by the time the last of kids had dwindled away, I walked up to him with a hungry look on my face and without a word spoken, I went and straddled his big cock and planted myself into his lap. He gasped and immediately responded by grinding against my thrusting hips. The lights were dimmed but we could get caught by a passing night watchman or management and this really made me horny. I fucked him hard and fast…voices…oh fuck! I could hear voices approaching and quickly improvised. I sat still, smiling and ensured all the necessary bits were covered. A handful of shoppers walked by, glanced at us with a smile and continued their shopping spree. Santa could not hold it any longer and I barely moved when I felt him shudder and shake with an enormous orgasm. I felt his cum squirt inside of me and my pussy responded with a mighty climax. We got our breaths back and then had a drink at one of the pubs before I walked out of the mall and into the night taking fond memories and wearing my Xmas dress and my signature freshly fucked look but with extra tinsel and Xmas spirit.

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