It is that time of the year when everyone winds down and usually goes on holiday, and of course, let us not forget the cheesy office parties. The staff are forced to hang around in little hats and make polite conversation and of course, get as shit faced as possible on the company tab. Pretty much like a wedding but without the hats. I had promised Kim I would go as her helper to her year-end function because she was in charge of making it all festive and arranging a party for the kids in a separate building, so the grown up’s can focus on getting shit faced and trying to remember everyone’s names from accounts. Kim could barely arrange a family dinner on her own because she tends to get shit faced long before it even begins. I arrived and was immediately dispatched to the kids building to ensure the tree and decorations have been put up and that the food and DVD/TV station was in place. I also had to make sure Santa Clause gets to the right place, at the right time, firmly holding a large sack filled with small gifts for all the children. It seemed simple enough, and I was looking forward to hiding in the kitchen area with a bowl of special punch. Everything was going perfectly, Kim had her side running smoothly and after dishing out the special punch, even had a bit of a party buzz going on with the adults. The kids were comfortable and watching movies, stuffing their faces with a festive feast. I headed for the kitchen and decided to wait for Santa and then sort the final stretch of the event out and go find Kim.

Three glasses of special punch later, a very sexy, tall and dark man walked through the doors, looking a little disheveled. Just how I like them. ‘Hi, I am Santa’ he knew just what reaction that would get and smiled ‘I know, no white beard’ He dumped a large suitcase down and sat on a chair in front of me. I offered him some punch, but felt his eyes undress me and I somehow got the idea, this Santa would definitely come this year. We had a glass of punch and then I gave him the low down on the event and all he needed was 10 minutes and a room and he would emerge looking like the real Santa. He was only doing this job as a favor to a friend of the company, because the Santa they had hired, cancelled at the last minute. After exchanging sad stories as to why we were both here, we decided more punch was in order. By the 5th glass, his tongue had explored my mouth and my neck and I was getting really hot and horny. I went to assess the progress of the movies and for the grand entrance of Santa with the bag of gifts. We still had about 30 minutes, and that is more than enough time for me to help Santa get his suit on, or off as I would prefer. We went into one of the smaller board rooms, closed the door and continued with the punch and the exploration of the tongue.

Santa had me on the boardroom table and was eating my pussy and my ass until I begged for his cock. I sucked his cock and licked up the moisture trickling down his shaft. He turned me over and plunged his throbbing cock into my pussy. Oh my god, he was amazing, he fucked me so hard, yet with such gentle passion. He spanked me until my ass was on fire, but kissed the nape of my neck until I thought I would not be able to breath anymore. I was, after all, on the naughty list and this Santa was hottest Santa I have ever met, and I have met a few. We lay on the table, under the dreadful lights, sipping our punch and really enjoying our little moment, when I suddenly remembered the damn kids. We fumbled around for his suit, and began putting it all together. Fuck, it was complicated, pants with a big belly, long beard on the hat and what was with the fur on the boots? We got halfway with the outfit and then we were back on the table, fucking like bunnies and oblivious of the time. I was about to come and Santa had his hat on around his neck, it looked quite comical and then the doors swung open and again, all hell broke loose.

I heard kids screaming, adults herding them away from the door and Kim’s voice ‘Don’t tell me she is banging Santa already?’ And there we were, mid orgasm on the table with a large crowd watching us. Kim shoved everyone away from the door ‘My friend recently had a nervous breakdown, she has no idea what she doing, I am truly sorry and I will medicate her straight away and save Santa’ she had her back to the closed door and burst out in fits of giggles. ‘5 minutes Santa, and then it is time to hand out the gifts, and I will sort you out later for this bad behavior’. Kim couldn’t wait to get her claws into him later. She left and spoke to the adults and Santa was soon handing out gifts with a Ho Ho Ho. I would be his Ho any day, but Kim had to whisk me out of there and then put me with the adults, who were quite tipsy from the punch, so basically all was well. A few adults did leave early, saying that their children have been traumatized to see a lady hurt and try and Kill poor Santa before he could spread his good cheer. This only brought on a lot more fits of giggles and once the kids had their toys and were back to the moves, everyone had a really good time. Especially Kim and I, later that night, in the company swimming pool with our sexy Santa spreading good cheer between our long, quivering legs.

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