Tensions were running high, peak time traffic on a Friday mid day and everyone just wanted to get out of the hamster wheel and into their little bubbles of insanity that keep them motivated.  My mood was slightly sour, it had been a long week and I needed to get laid badly.  A good Lashing could sort this sour puss out in a heartbeat.  We were now stuck, bumper to bumper with no end in site yet.  I switched the motor off, turned the music up and lit a smoke, shoved my feet out the window and just decided to pretend I was somewhere else for a while.  The cars around me seemed to be trying to inch through with loud hooting and screaming, with zero effect other than increasing the pressure and causing a free for all road rage cluster fuck.  Not today bitches, I will not give in to my simmering outbursts and fury, I will imagine I am on the beach, my naked skin being cooled by a sea breeze and my view is blue water and blue sky. ‘Do you think this is a fucking pop up party road?’ The voice was coming from outside and at first, I ignored the question for obvious reasons, and dumbing down right now, would just lead to the inevitable road rage lurking in the shadows, but then ‘Hello!’ The knock on the window was pretty obvious the question was demanding an answer. I pulled my feet back inside, his eyes glued to them until they met with mine, bright with irritation right now.  ‘Yes, to all the questions, yes, it is my own personal fucking pop party in the middle of the Road on a fucking Friday afternoon because the alternative is you and all of that!’  He was a tall man, rugged looking in Jeans, a bit out of place there but his dark hair and eyes were filled with frustration. I rolled my window down, slung my elbow on it, downed the remainder of my warm beer, burped and shoved another cigarette between my lips, gave him my best Clint Eastwood stare ‘So go on fuck nut, make my day!’  Unfortunately, I could barely hold my giggle at this stage, which was either due to the warm beer hitting my empty stomach or madness setting in eventually.  ‘Listen dude, I am just trying to survive this day as much as anyone else, without infecting everyone around me with mind vomit like you are doing right now’ I held up a warm beer in an attempt at peace. ‘It is warm, and probably as old as these Dorito’s but at least we won’t starve or die of thirst due to traffic congestion’. He glared at me at first, then the beer and then noticed my slightly open legs exposing my lack my underwear in a fleeting moment.  He then suddenly became a little flustered, slightly unnerved and unsure of his next move.

 He bolted back up again, his crotch now at eye level with me, and quite a bulgy crotch at that! He then walked away, in long strides, then turned around and went in another direction.  ‘Oh well, back to my own personal road rage’ I leaned back and slid my hand slowly up my inner thigh, opened my legs a bit more and felt my lips swelling up with moisture and desire.  I parted my lips slightly, slippery fingers slid easily into the opening of my pussy, it was so damn wet and so hot down there, I pushed my middle finger in a bit deeper and felt the walls squeeze tightly with pleasure and anticipation.  This could be my fastest orgasm yet, I felt my feet tingling and I rhythmically pumped my finger in and out… ‘Where is that fucking Beer?’ I felt the door open and then saw my road rage companion plopping down in the seat next to me. His eye’s immediately found my hand under my skirt, he quickly averted his eyes forward and was about to leave again. ‘No, please, I am sorry’ I cleared my throat, quickly found a beer, and handed it to him with a slightly flustered face.  ‘I just..’ He opened the beer and turned to me once he had finished the entire thing. ‘Well my horny little friend, I was coming to offer a peace pipe, but I guess a big, hard cock will be just as good, right?’ the twinkle in his eyes and attempt at macho was really quite sweet. ‘or not, we can just have a few beers and a laugh until the gates of hell re open for us’ I leaned over, my face close to his, and grabbed the 6 pack under the seat and lay back down on my seat ‘I could not think of anything more enjoyable than hard cock to enjoy with my warm beer’ I then sat up and began undoing his zip, exposing his bulging cock immediately and my mouth watered as I watched it unfold and I went down and started tasting my unexpected little treat.  ‘What if someone sees us, there are people in cars everywhere for fuck sakes!’ but his words quickly faded into moans and soon he was laying right back, eyes closed and I was about to get the mother load.  ‘I want to fuck you’ He plucked me up off my seat and held me on his lap as I slid his hard cock into me with gentle force.  He thrust inside of me and held my waist in his strong hands and within minutes were both coming with ferocious and pent up passion.  I collapsed onto his chest, still attached but both unable to move yet. 

‘Excuse Me! What the hell do you think is going on here?’ The authoritive voice was right on top of us, I turned my face to the window and saw a Police Officer standing at the slightly open window, eyes bulging and a look of horror mixed with fascination at the site of my exposed ass.  Thank God I locked the doors accidently with my feet earlier when I came like a freight train with limited space.  I slid of my passenger, sat back down as lady like as possible and then turned to the policeman.  ‘You will be arrested for public indecency and if you do not get out of this car right now, obstruction of justice’ He was furious now because we were not responding to his demands.  The cars began moving very slowly around us, my passenger unlocked his door, turned to me and said ‘I hope to see you in the traffic again soon, thank you for the best distraction’ and he was off again, with the policemen now trying to stop him from leaving.  What a delicious cock and just what I needed to get the week out of my system.  I started the engine up again and slowly egged my way past the policeman and his attempts to open my door and radio for back up.  ‘I hope your day gets better Officer, and if the traffic was not clearing right now, I would make it better by sucking your cock a little too’ the cars moved freely again and I could feel the breeze on my face, hear the city fade behind and see the policeman’s face in my rear-view mirror as it froze with shock and a hint of disappointment settle into his eyes.  If only everyone could enjoy life the way I know how to, the world would just be a friendlier and happier place I think.  Hello weekend and hello freshly fucked look in peak time traffic.

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