Pleasure Park

As kids, carnivals were playgrounds for fun and childish thrills but as an extremely naughty adults, they were the perfect stage for inappropriate behaviour. And the main thrill…don’t get spotted or caught until you’ve cum!  So many rides, so many horny men and a whole carnival full of noise and chaos. The perfect public place to find your ultimate thrill.

It was my back seat diving buddy, Kim and I and we were both on a mission to fuck on all the top fair ground rides. The Ferris wheel, the ghost house of horrors, the swinging ship and the terror rollercoaster were on our list of must do’s. We started at the Ferris wheel and managed to invite ourselves into a pod with 2 young and hot boys.  As soon as we reached the top, Kim and I were naked and Kim was already between my legs with her hungry mouth.  The 2 boys could not believe their luck. We then turned our attention to the boys and on top of world, rode their hard Cocks and watched their reaction to the swinging pod. The pods next to us could see us and the threats and comments were hurled at us all the way down. As soon as we reached the bottom we jumped out and ran off…leaving the two boys to deal with the authority.

We headed into the House of Horrors seeking unsuspecting victims to take advantage of.  We joined a cute couple and it took all our control to wait for the appropriate time to literally jump their bones. The guy could not take his eyes off me and his hot wife was squirming under Kim’s ‘Im going to eat your pussy till you scream’ look. The minute we were plunged into darkness, we made our moves. Kim was under her dress and I could only hear her feeble attempts to stop Kim but heard her voice tremble with  surprised pleasure. I was sucking his cock and it was delicious. I needed it inside of me so I sat on his lap and felt his rock hard manhood go all the way in until I felt my pussy might explode. I came almost instantly and heard his wife gasping and moaning under Kim’s expert tongue. Little house of horrors became our little house of pleasure.

The rollercoaster ride was to be our most daring and most thrilling of all.  Our victims were 2 girls and they were young but very spunky. We chatted and giggled while we waited for our cart. Soon we were on our way and Kim and I were each seated next to our little baby dolls. Mine was named Alley and Kim’s was named Vicki. We were just so wicked. My hands gently stroked her thigh and I felt her move closer.  My Alley Cat is horny…my pussy tingled with excitement. I found her soft mound and heard her gasp when my finger slid gently into her very wet pussy. So tight and so wet, I licked her juices off my finger and kissed her. I slid my fingers back into her and finger fucked her gently and her moans were muffled with my tongue in her mouth. We reached the top of the big drop and as we began our super fast fall, Alley came all over my fingers and hand. I took my wet fingers and began playing with my hungry pussy. As I was about to come, my sweet Alley cat plunged her finger deep inside me. What a fucken ride!

Our pleasure park had once again fulfilled our wildest fun seeking thrills for now and we slowly weaved through the crowds. We drank our coffee and wore our freshly fucked looks with pride. Kim flashed a few husbands and wives and I showed a very shy soldier my crotchless thong. We found our car and drove back into the city to find a cocktail bar. The world was at our feet and our pleasure park escapades have left us hungry for one last earth shattering fuck and something served in a coconut. 

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