My mood was dark, I was on a business trip and had the displeasure of being stuck with the worse two contractors I had ever dealt with.  They were pretty boys with an arrogant air and not too happy taking orders from a woman.  They argued with every instruction, tried to show me that they knew better.  I did not have time to negotiate with two egotistical meat heads right now and was forced to slap them both with warnings of instant dismissal if they do not follow the instructions on our approved contract with the client.  Where the hell were my last two guys, they had worked with me so many times before that I could count on them to always follow through without any question? My secretary had better make sure these two idiots never work with me again, and in just a day or two, I am done and will never have to see them again.  We spent the rest of the week working from dusk to dawn, consulted the client and began finalising our project. The two contractors were however not focusing on their work and made a few errors, eventually delaying the final stages by days.  They would stare at my butt, or my tits and even tried to peep under my skirt several times, making cheap little comments under their breath.  I was furious.  The contractors had to finish mounting a statue in the main hall way and I stayed close by to make sure they don’t screw this up.  The bronze statue was made especially for the client and we had to make sure not to scratch or damage it in any way.  I watched as the two meat heads aligned the statue, drilled the holes and began tightening the base to the marble floor.  I turned for a second to check the time and I heard a crack.  What the fuck was that?  I saw the two guys freeze and I went to take a closer look.  They had tightened the nuts too tight and cracked the marble floor with one wrong turn.  The crack was visible and the worse was that with any weight change or movement, it would continue to crack and fixing marble is unfortunately not easy or even possible in this situation.  This project was on a tight budget and my profits were now dwindling because of their callous mistakes.  I completely lost my cool, shouted and screamed and the reality of being stuck with them for another few days hit me like a cold shower.  Accommodation, extra days and of course, the cost of the marble repair.  Fucking meat heads.

I had to fix this one quickly and make sure there are no more delays or fuck ups.  I took them for dinner and a few drinks after work.  I could not see how these guys will get the job done and I had to find a way.  We had a few drinks in the bar, in fact we had a few too many.  I was relaxed and the alcohol gave them some personality and made them look kind of manly and do-able at some point.  The two walked me back to me back to the room and I decided that I could just as well have a bit of fun and a good fuck always sorted my stress out.  I unlocked the door and walked my room but undid my dress strap as I walked, looked back and saw the two slack-jaw’s behind me when my dress fell to the floor, leaving me butt ass naked and standing in front of my bed.  ‘Well boys, its your lucky night, I am frustrated, horny and you are both conveniently here in my room, so take those rags off and show me what you got?  I threw one of the guys onto the bed and straddled his face, he immediately began to eat my pussy like a greedy dog but I was not about to start lecturing them on good head.  The second one was at my tits and fumbled around like a school boy.  I decided it was going to have to be my way or not at all.  ‘How about a little game, boys, like me being the school teacher and you are going to be the naughty school boys and in need of a bit of punishing for all the silly mistakes at work’ I smiled sweetly and got them to lie on the bed while I put handcuffs on each of them and cuffed the chains to the respective bed posts, tying them up so that that they lay next to each other and could only move their legs a bit. Their faces were shining with anticipation when they saw me in my suspenders, black collar and my little leather whip in my hand.  In their lives, Xmas had come early.

I had them lying all naked and exposed on the bed and had my little whip out and was toying with their cocks and balls, giving them a gentle slap and tickle until their cocks were so hard they changed colour and they were both straining against the handcuffs with horny desperation.  I straddled one of them and his cock was certainly big, and I came several times while the second guy watched and could barely control his pre-come escaping his throbbing cock.  I got the second guy to lick and eat my pussy gently, the whip slapped his balls if he got too greedy and he moaned and groaned so loud I felt his lips swell and his tongue stiffen while he attempted to taste my juices and lick my clit.  ‘You boys are so fucking naughty, your work is just so messy and it would seem that your cocks are just as disobedient, you will need so much discipline’ My whip had left welts across their chests and were starting to show on their cocks. They could not decide whether to get turned on at this point, or moan in agony as my whip connected their legs and ankles.  I looked down on the two meat heads lying there, all covered in stripes and writhing around in body fluid with erect and very red cocks.  Pathetic, and even more pathetic at their jobs.  ‘I think I am going to have to get a few girls for you, to at least kiss all your wounds better and to suck your fragile cocks’ I began packing my things up and heard the two guys whispering and having a good giggle at the thought of a few hookers. ‘Thank you so much for a fun night, boys, I have arranged for the girls and will be taking a new room so that you can all have some fun, it is still fairly early, so make sure you are strong for the morning’ I turned and left, closing the door behind me.

The two girls I had arranged, arrived shortly afterwards, they were slightly heavier than usual and had been unable to score all night, so were eager for some action.  The two meat heads got the shock of their lives when they saw the girls and then were unable to escape the next hour of rough and dirty sex, leaving them exhausted and now feeling like prisoners and no way to get out of there.  The cherry, however, was their two wives (I anonymously contacted) entering the room a few hours later, finding their men handcuffed and passed out on a bed, covered in dirty girls and bottles of booze, dirty sheets and underwear and welts across their beaten bodies.  Dumb meat heads, picked the wrong lady on the wrong day, and my attempt at playing well with others always ends up in some sort of situation, so enough of this round fuckery.  I had already arranged for my regular contractors to come in and fix this mess and get the job done in a professional and efficient manner before the drinks began.  I had to pay a little extra, but worth every cent and the two meat heads needed to learn some valuable lessons in manners and obedience. Their cocks were probably the most useful part of their entire bodies, and my tingling loins remembered the forceful fucking a few hours earlier and the satisfaction of angry and demanding orgasms.  I was going to need a good massage to gently and sensually stroke my work stress out of my entire body and soul.

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