I was on my way to an upmarket art gallery with a few girls and guys from the agency. We were to be used for models for an art exhibition and I was very keen to meet up with Pierre, the owner of the gallery, and the artist. We were lovers for a while and I knew his art and style usually caused quite the scandal, so looked forward to being part of the next chapter of his mad displays and techniques. We arrived at the gallery and Pierre was standing there looking so hot and with him a very attractive woman, who was holding a paint brush and covered in paint. ‘Ladies and Gents, this is Kash, your artist and we are preparing for an exhibition that will not only turn heads but will be noted in the art history books’ He ushered us into a large room and showed us the layout. ‘I called on you specifically because the exhibition is x rated and going to be something completely different. The theme of the exhibition is called Emoji and it must depict modern humanity in controversial emoji’s and it will be displayed to the public for a period of a week. Kash will set it up, do as you are instructed and if you are going to have issues with fucking each other, leave right now’ Pierre smiled at me and left the room. Kash stood there looking so damn broody and sexy, almost in anticipation of an outcry or mass exodus.

A few hours later, we were all on a huge mat in the middle of the room, painting each other with every colour of the rainbow plus a few new ones. It was so much fun, we were naked and had brushes of all shapes and sizes, pots of bright paint all around and buckets of water. We also had a waiter, delivering drinks and refreshments to us when required and with this much fun, tequila was required every hour or so. Kash wanted us to paint little emojis on each other, emojis that summarised sexuality, lust, fucking and all things dirty. Very little talent was required as we merely had to draw messages and it was not important as to how artistically done the emojis are, but the message should be brutally clear. The paint was a body paint, and it even tasted good, so we rolled around in it and painted emojis on all the inappropriate places and of course a few fingers slipped inside and mouths licked and sucked in the process. Things were definitely steaming up and Kash approved. She was standing with a canvas in front of her and was watching us and painting frantically. Her eyes were on fire, she seemed to feed off our energy and her expressions were that of pure joy and desire. Dean was painting my pussy, gently and with little strokes and Kash had her eyes fixed on me. He had his face so close that I could feel his warm breath on my clit. I felt it swell and then felt the moisture build up inside of me. Oh dear, we could very well have mingled paint trickling down my thighs soon.

The painting soon became fucking and then painting again and we barely noticed Kash at this point. We had painted emojis on blowjobs, kissing, clits and all sorts of cute and sexy messages, and continued to elaborate and fix them up as we lay tangled up in layers of paint. We were having an artistic orgy and Kash was filling canvas after canvas. The day turned into night and by midnight, we were all naked, covered in paint and drinking shots of tequila and eating caviar and cherries off crackers and off each other’s bodies. We showered and all went our separate ways and agreed to meet up at the opening night of the exhibition.

A week later we arrived at the gallery and finally saw the display of paintings, through the eyes of Kash. They were beyond beautiful, completely inappropriate and over the top sexual. Kash beamed with pride and most of the guests blushed and cast their eyes down. It was awesome. The reaction was extreme and Pierre had managed to pull of another scandalous exhibition. The centre piece was a wall to wall size painting of Dean thrusting his cock deep into my ass with various emojis painted all over my body. The expression on my face was completely surreal, she captured my eyes and my ecstasy so well, it made my loins tingle. I needed to fuck, right here, in front of this painting. Dean was around and I grabbed him and pulled him to a table in front of the painting. ‘You need to fuck me hard and without anyone else knowing, right now and right here’ I sat him on the chair, unzipped his pants and hoisted myself onto his lap. His erect cock slid slowly into me and I looked like I was just sitting on his lap, but his pulsating cock soon had me coming like a freight train. I did not care if anyone saw me, I needed this. I got off his lap and headed straight for the lady’s room to go and fix my dress and my freshly fucked hair and face.

I was about to leave the bathroom when Kash walked in, she said nothing and only leaned in for a hot, deep kiss. Her tongue explored my mouth, her breath hot and quick and her hand, trailing up my dress. ‘I saw you sitting on Dean’s lap, I saw you fucking him in front of all my guests, it was the hottest thing I have seen in ages’ She went down on her knees and lifted my dress, her finger found my pussy and her tongue gently licked and sucked at it. ‘I can taste come, and taste you’ she moaned in her throat as she plunged her tongue deep inside of me and I felt my body ready for another orgasm. Her tongue moved across my clit and her finger gently pushed inside of my moist and swollen pussy. I came, my legs buckled and I leaned on the basin to hold myself up. At that moment, a guest walked in and spotting our little moment, rushed into a cubicle with a red face and look of horror in her eyes. We left the bathroom laughing and I decided Kash and I would spend a few more nights like this together.

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