The land faded behind us, the yacht was a double hull and it was very fast, skimming the surface of the ocean and leaving a frothy trail behind us as it raced against the howling winds.  I held tightly onto the rails, letting the wind play with my hair and tug playfully at my sarong.  I was on a short trip with my friend Jack, he had made some repairs to his Yacht and was testing the vessel out on the water again before his next diving excursion with a group of Russians.  We were heading for a small group of islands just off the coastline that was home to large numbers of penguins, seals and birdlife but would give us the perfect place to drop anchor and chill for a few days, hopefully spot a few great white sharks too.  I was keen to get some diving under my belt again and Jack was dying to try out his new underwater camera and filming equipment.  The land was now completely out of sight and all I saw was blue ocean and around us, the sun was getting hot and I decided to work on my tan a little with a few cocktails.  ‘Jack, I am going to pour a drink, can I get you anything?’ Jack appeared at the top deck ‘No need me hearty, I employed a student to help out a little this time, Perry, Perry where are you boy?’ Perry came out from below showing his half naked and very ripped body, whitest smile and bluest eyes and replied ‘Ay Captain’ His eyes had already found my exposed breasts and he flashed me another brilliant smile. ‘We could do with a few of your speciality cocktails young man, my guest is parched and in need of some attention’ Jack had a twinkle in his eyes, the bugger invited the stud for my entertainment, and a little of his own.  Perry disappeared back below deck and I set about getting comfy on the lounger situated right in front and on top.  It felt like you were flying up there, sea spray on your skin and the umbrella for when the sun gets a little too enthusiastic. 

‘Your cock-tail my lady’ I had my shades on and opened my eyes to find Perry hovering above me like an angel, holding the largest cocktail I have ever seen, the pause between the cock and tail duly noted.  His bulge was enormous beneath his tight fitting sporty shorts.  ‘Thank you, Perry, that looks absolutely delicious’ My response got a twinkle in his eyes. He put the glass down on the side table, placed a bottle of oil next to it and offered to rub some on my back if I needed.  Fuck yeah, I needed.  I turned over and purred ‘that would be heavenly, and please, slide my bikini bottom off for me, I don’t need tan lines’ His hands had a slight shake, but he slid my panties off and I heard him fumbling around for the oil.  He poured the oil onto his hands first, clever boy, and after rubbing them a bit, he started down at my feet and calves.  He had some experience, I could tell, his hands were gentle but firm and my skin puckered up with pleasure and anticipation.  His hands slid gently up into my thighs and pretty soon my buttocks were being rubbed and massaged until my desire threatened to spill out between my legs.  He then moved on to my back and shoulders, I could feel his breath close to me and I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed every sensation of his touch and the sun and wind on my skin and body.  He finished up with a slow slide down my back and stopped just at the base of my lower back.  ‘You have an amazing body and your skin is so perfect, I will have to ensure that you are well oiled to avoid burning’ I turned over, exposing the front of my body ‘And what about my tummy and delicate breasts?’ His eyes were glued to my venus mound, which was freshly shaved and glistening from the moisture building just inside the lips.  He grabbed the oil, but sat down this time, his legs were obviously a little shaky.  I opened my legs fully ‘sit down between my legs, it will make it more comfortable for both of us, don’t you agree’ He smiled, but with a slightly flustered look and then I noticed how he was trying to hide his growing cock from my gaze ‘Please, never try and hide your desire, it is always flattering for a girl and nothing to ever be ashamed of’ His cock jumped under his pants, it was huge already and he was now focusing on rubbing oil on my feet and lower legs.  I was slightly ticklish and my foot jumped a little at his touch, I giggled softly and his cock jumped again with enormous force this time.  His hands rubbed up my calves and inside my now quivering thighs.  His fingers slid up but stopped just shy of my pubic area but I grabbed his hand and guided it towards my wet pussy, finding his finger, allowed it to circle the entrance softly.  He moaned and I grabbed his crotch, felt his hard cock and began to pull his pants off.  ‘How about a nice pelvic massage with that delicious looking cock, you cant leave me hanging after all that’ He ripped his shorts off, began looking around for Jack ‘Never mind the Captain, he is busy and trust me, will be pleased to know that you are taking good care of all my needs, trust me’ He pulled my feet apart and slowly thrust his cock into my soaking wet pussy, slowly inching his way further into my burning body.  I felt my orgasm ready to explode but held out as much as I could, my clit was being pushed down and the shape of his cock was just perfect for one of my famous double whammies, my G spot, clit and secret G spot were all being touched, rubbed and fucked and within minutes we both arched and I felt his hot come shoot into me and my first wave hit with force, causing Perry to come for the second time and then bringing my final waves on with throbbing force.  I cried out with pleasure and felt his mouth against my neck and I lay there quivering for a minute of two after.  Wow, I needed that one.  Wonder if it caused a tsunami somewhere? 

The days melted away and we eventually reached the islands.  The ocean was calm off the shorelines but the islands were abuzz with wild life and noise.  We anchored and immediately began swimming and diving around the coral reefs and rocks that studded the ocean floor.  The water was clear and cool and there were seals playing around us, Jack had his camera and we spent the first day filming the seals and penguins swimming around us, unafraid and openly curious.  Jack was filming my naked ass from behind, apparently the water caused sexy ripples between our legs as we swim naked under water and Perry was close on his heels, enjoying the view too.  We later went back into the deep with our tanks and nothing else on and decided it was time for an attempt at underwater fucking for the Jack’s new camera.  Perry had me up against a rock ledge, I was bent forward, my hands holding me up but it was like fucking with zero gravity, it felt amazing.  Jack then placed his camera on a ledge and joined us.  I felt Perry’s cock swell and when I looked back, Jack was fucking Perry, while Perry was fucking me. I could feel Jack thrust from the back, and so the rhythm of our dirty underwater display picked up momentum and we were riding each other like gentle currents driving against the rock and our bodies.  I felt myself come, Perry held on tight and Jack then erupted and all I felt and saw were bubbles all around us.  It felt like I was in a glass of bubbling champagne, bliss.  The next thing, Jack sped off and all we saw were his bubbles and Perry just shrugged, assuming he had gone off for an epic picture or sighting.  Perry and I eventually made our way to the surface to see where Jack had gone to, and to our absolute horror and shock, the boat with our captain was nowhere to be seen.  What the fuck!  ‘What the hell Perry, where is Jack and how long can we stay out here safely for?  I was mildly irritated and not stressing yet, Jack was a professional and would never do anything to put us in danger.  ‘All I can think of is that the boat came loose and wondered off, Jack would have noticed and gone to look. We have more than enough air and I am very strong in the water so can hold you up if you get tired’ He moved towards me and grabbed my waist and moved me towards his lap region.  His cock was still hard and he slid inside of me, making me instantly relax and allow him to hold me up for a while. ‘I would not like to try and reach the shoreline there, it is rough and also I would be concerned for sharks that close to the beach’ He held me tight, treading water like a pro and we just stayed like that for a few minutes.  ‘I could do with a damn drink’ I felt Perry’s cock inside of me and it felt good but I could not help being a little anxious about Jack and boat.  Then I saw the shadow in the distance, something big, swimming slowly towards us.  I went under the water and sure as hell, a huge Great White Shark was swimming languidly towards us, but not in a threatening manner.  ‘Oh my God Perry, look, a fucking shark!’ Perry went down and came up looking slightly more nervous now, his cock even shrunk a few inches. ‘Ok, just stay calm, no sudden movements and hopefully it will swing by, the sharks are fairly used to divers around here and we have not had any incidents yet’

The shark swam around us in a large circle, keeping his distance but very curious to the shape of us under the water.  Perry immediately pulled out of me but kept his grip on me and kept me close to him.  The fin broke the surface and it just crawled slowly around us a few times.  It circled slightly closer each time, perhaps to try and get a better look but to me I felt like it was sizing us up for late lunch.  Perry shouted to the shark, it flinched and moved slightly back but kept its eyes and its circle tight around us.  ‘Ok, if this shark does not move away, we are going to make our way to the coastline, there is a small bay we can try and get onto without too much fuss, but you will have to manoeuvre between the seals and the sea weed, so if we do, just hold my hand and we will do this together’  The shark was not leaving so we started inching our way slowly towards the coast up ahead, the sea was on low tied for now so there were no major currents to fight or swim against, and slowly but surely the rocks got closer and closer but the shark was also following us, not speeding up but just following at a distance and with an air of control.  Perry pulled me a little faster and we began swimming quite fast now to try and catch the waves heading to the beach.  I decided not to look back, just follow Perry and keep going until I either get eaten or I feel the rocks beneath my feet.  Within a few seconds, I felt rock beneath me and we then waded through sea weed and crashing waves until we got the rock ledge and managed to sit out of the water with our feet out.  ‘The shark cant get any closer but, if Jack does not come back soon, we will be stranded here for the night, and I am not keen on that’ Perry sounded a little despondent and tried to sound brave and confident ‘this island will have at least some shelter for us, and if we huddle, we will survive and I won’t let anything happen to you, I promise’ pulled me close and soon I was warming up against his skin.  The sun was sinking and it would be dark in about 2 hours, Fuck Jack, you better be dead or had an emergency of note, because this was not funny if it was a joke.  My mouth tasted like salt and I needed to drink something but water was not an option right now.  I bent forward and put Perry’s cock into my mouth.  He moaned and when I eventually came up again, my mouth felt better ‘I needed to do that to get the salt out of my mouth’ and back down I went.  His cock was starting to get hard again and it tasted so good in my thirsty mouth.  I sucked until I felt him arch, I then drank up all the come that he shot into my mouth, swallowing and trying not to choke but enjoying the taste and sensation of my parched mouth.  He caught his breath for a while and lay back in his arms and enjoyed the last of the sun rays.  As the sun began to dip behind the vast blue ocean, we heard the boat in a distance.  It got closer and soon we heard Jack’s voice ‘Perry, where are you guys, Perry….!’ His voice sounded in a panic and soon he saw Perry standing on the rocks and headed closer to us. The shark vanished once the boat approached and the two of us jumped back into the waves and swam back towards the boat.  ‘The Fucking boat drifted off, and then I could not get her started, I was freaking out about you guys because a shark came by, heading towards this area and I was about to start swimming to you in a desperate attempt to save you from being dinner’ I hugged Jack tight, Perry was already pouring us drinks and brought me a warm towel to dry off. ‘Fuck the towels, I have the jacuzzi switched on and Perry will serve us cocktails, snacks later and will have to suck my dick for hours to make up the boat motor that he was supposed to have overhauled before the trip’ Jack and I climbed into the warm water and pretty soon we were all in the warm bubbles, drinking shots and I was filming Perry sucking Jack’s enormous dick for the camera and Jack has licking my pussy as I stood above him with the camera.  His tongue flickered inside my pussy and as Perry took Jack’s entire cock and balls into his mouth for the orgasm, I came all over Jack’s face, holding the camera with shaky hands and trying to hold myself up while waves of pleasure rushed up and down my body. 

The trip went ended a few days later without any further situations and Jack, Perry and I saw beautiful sighting of sharks, penguins and seals, as well as loads of footage of Perry and I fucking, sucking and frolicking in the waters.  Jack promised to show us the footage one day and I knew that we had so much of us over the years with so many different people and I looked forward to watching them but wondered what he actually did with all the home movies he has been working on.  I arrived back home with a beautiful all over tan, some new stories to tell and a freshly fucked sea swept look that made me feel like I had been on holiday somewhere exotic.

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