I got a call from Tiffany, the dirty little school girl I met when I was a substitute recently at a school and she needed help with a fund-raising event she was organising and they were planning something quite different.  I got the girls to come to my place that evening to find out what I was getting myself into.  Tiffany and her team needed to raise money for her team to travel to the international basketball play off’s in New York City and so they wanted to host something off the school grounds but needed help due to the nature of the idea.  ‘Mud Wrestling?’ I just knew the kind of problems this event could pose as the girls were mostly under aged but the income potential would be off the charts.  ‘Right girls, I will see what I can do, I think your idea is very risky but genius, and Oil is the new Mud my little nymphs.’  We put our ideas together and planned the best Teen Extravaganza ever, knowing the unfair advantage we had with our team of Teen Nymphs wrestling in a pit of oil with nothing on but panties and bras, and with only one goal, removal of both items before the 3rd round until the winner emerges.  The event will be exclusive, tickets will be sold by word of mouth and bets will be placed on the contenders to add a little hype and excitement.  Tiffany was placed as our strongest contender, but with a team of a girls as hot as ours, it was like picking your favourite chocolate amongst a box of favourites.  Our only hiccup, ensuring the school and parents attend something completely different for their team’s planned event.  Deception however, was one of my specialities, so I had this covered in true Vixen style.

At last the evening arrived, the girls had been training secretly with me and a few friends and were now getting oiled up and ready to introduce themselves to the massive audience.  The tables were scattered around a huge courtyard and the mud pit was in the centre, raised slightly and one of the biggest, most comfortable looking pits I had ever seen.  Neon lights reflected down and highlighted the white underwear, but also lit the oil up to glow slightly pink, which is going to give the audience a visual feast of pink glowing pussy and nipple and skin in a hue of neon pink highlighted by oil and close up shots by the photographers on big screens around the courtyard.  There were young, topless waitresses with neon pink nipples serving drinks and snacks, betting charts on the tables and so far, the bets were rolling in faster than the fat cats with their overflowing wallets and bulging crotches.  The girls entered the arena to a resounding cheer and whistling and they all then paraded themselves around the tables and made sure the clients spent all their dollars on this important event but were so enjoying the hungry eyes and the air was alive with excitement and desire.  The girls then retreated back into the wings and awaited their turn to come and get their 3 rounds of oily slaps and groping with each other and bringing the audience to their knees with their bodies and their dirty little tricks.

The first round began and the girls were in the pit, the lights had the desired effect, the panties and bras stood out like ethereal shadows while they rolled around the pit, gripping each other around the waist with firm and soft thighs, smiling eyes and savage expressions in the quest of control and over powering or a mere trick only a girl can come up with.  Angie had her legs wrapped around Nikki’s neck, lying on the mats, her face deliciously close to the oiled, lit up mound in front of her face, she moved in and ripped the tiny panties off with her teeth.  The crowd roared with delight, Nikki now lay bare assed and only her bra keeping her in the game.  They continued their mock attack with delight and eventually, Nikki stood victorious, holding Angie’s bra and panties at the end of round 3.  The teams were on top form, Victoria played a trick on her opponent that I never even saw coming.  Victoria and Max were both only in their bra’s, their pussy’s glowing faintly in soft pink and they were locked in a tight grip with their arms around each other waists, face to ass, each trying to push the other further back.  Victoria had her hand ready and went in and took a bite out of Max’s quivering ass cheek, not very hard, but just hard enough to get her grip loosened, Victoria then flipped poor Max over like a pancake and went and planted the deepest kiss on Max’s exposed and well lit pussy lips, plucked the bra strap off with one swift move and ended up on Max’s chest, holding her bra up like a flag.  Max was caught out by being caught between lust and surprise, and now lay out of breath and giggling with delight.  And so, the tournament went on until the final two stood in their sheer panties and bras, glowing like angels but with a devil’s grin on their faces, the crowds applauding and chanting their chosen champion’s names.  Tiffany and Beth were the final two, and both were so well matched.  One Blonde and lithe, and the other ginger and fiery.  The bell rang and the round began, Tiffany pushing Beth onto her back, Beth straining up against her with her pelvic thrusting and strong legs pushing back with slow but steady force.  They both were equally strong, but equally smart and deceptive, so the first round was more a playful introduction figuring each other out.  The second round had Tiffany slide Beth’s panties off in a swift move born from a deceptive kiss instigated by Beth.  Beth’s skin and pussy was oiled and wet and the neon lights gave the crowds a spectacular view of the delicate pink bits, now exposed by lighting and pigmented oil, the girls were getting moisturised while secretly playing with each other’s bodies in an arena filled with approving and lustful eyes, caught up in their play and in the images of these nubile nymphs celebrating their coming of age and entrance into adulthood with a roar of rebellion and courage.  Tiffany and Beth were now locked in their final battle with both of them breathless and shining and both bras hanging on by a fine thread.  Tiffany lunged in at Beth, who side stepped but did not see Tiffany’s hand slide out and knock Beth off her feet and on her butt unceremoniously.  Beth was now on her back, Tiffany on her chest with her pussy just inches from Beth’s face, ‘Tiffany comes in for her final move’ the MC screamed into her microphone but Beth was not done yet. 

The crowd was pretty evenly divided between the odds on both girls.  They were up on their feet, preparing to celebrate or boo when Tiffany suddenly jolted over and Beth had her bra in her teeth and was hovering over Tiffany’s face.  No one had noticed naughty Beth’s hand slide quietly and unnoticed up towards Tiffany’s exposed butt cheeks and ass, and then with some force, slid one finger into Tiff’s pussy and one into her ass, causing the poor girl to come virtually on command, due to the hours of pent up foreplay and teasing and Beth knows Tiffany well enough to know the little secret tricks and spots.  Tiffany’s body arched out and instantly gave Beth the moment she needed to shift the weight, her fingers deep inside of the glowing pussy and ass, until she lay in the pit of oil, Beth slid her fingers out again, brought them up to her face and kissed them and ripped the bra off with her teeth and gave them the ending they never saw coming.  Tiffany and Beth lay in the warm and comfortable oil pit, out of breath and shining with innocence but glowing their dirty intentions for all to see but not to touch.  The girls all joined in at the end and played in the oil pit in their perfect and naked bodies with each other like cherups exploring the new-found pleasures of the flesh.  Our evening far exceeded our wildest expectations and more than enough money was raised, which tied in nicely with my Plan B event for school purposes.  The team had received an anonymous sponsor to the full amount and more if needed after the girls were planning a dance off competition in one of his private venues.  The sport was very dear to the sponsor as he once had a loved one that had a passion for the sport.  The story made headlines and gave the girls the story they needed to account for the large amount of money they had for their New York City tour.  And I proudly watched the team take the trophy and give New York City a damn good fucking, sucking and licking before returning victorious and very satisfied. ‘

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