Caira could always feel my moods, like we were connected in some way, physically and emotionally. And we had not been together for a long time, so our hunger for each other was at its peak. Her timing was always uncanny. The driver arrived at my place on que and off we were going on a road trip. The car alone was like a mobile hotel room, equipped with a bar, a bed and loads of space. The driver focused on the road and we focused on getting completely fucked and out of hand. Our first pit-stop almost had us arrested. Caira had me pinned up against the cubicle door, her tongue shoved up my pussy and as I came, the entire door came off its hinges. We had the entire room staring down at us and all we could do was giggle hysterically and run out back to the car. ‘Drive, drive, drive’ Caira shouted and we fell in to the Limo out of breath and happy. The driver asked no questions, just put his foot down and in a cloud of dust, had us miles away from the scene before I could even get my pants back off again.

We ended up in a casino, which was in the hotel we were staying for the night, and this was probably not the best idea, considering our earlier incident. The black jack table seemed as good as any place to cause trouble, since the gamblers seemed terribly dull and serious. I was playing, but not really focused and trying to win, and Caira then ended up under the table, pretending she had lost her contact lens. Our oldest trick in the book, but still effective. I felt her face close to my thighs and braced myself for what was about to come. Literally. The men at the table seemed more concerned about their hands then on what was happening under the table and as her lips found my very wet pussy, I squirmed and knocked my knee up against the table, causing the gamblers to become even more surly. Until one of the them spotted Caira. ‘What the…’ his smile and sparkling eyes confirmed that he knew precisely what we were doing. ‘Could I perhaps assist with finding your contact lens’ he was peeping under the table cloth and looking at Caira, who by now was trying to back track under the table and get back up. Sadly, true to form, she bumped her head on the edge of the table and the whole table tipped over.

‘How can they just fucking ban us from the Casino, I mean really’ Caira and I were sitting at the outside bar, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and still feeling a little restless. She was smiling as she spoke, her eyes on mine. Oh boy, we were not done yet and the look in her eyes sent shivers down my spine. ‘I think we should go for a dip in that beautiful blue looking pool over there’ and with that she grabbed her drink and set off towards the well-lit blue swimming pool. I followed with my drink, ordered the waiter to bring a few rounds every so often and went to find my merciless mistress.

The water felt so sexy against our naked skin and our complete disregard for being spotted naked, seemed to have not caused any problems. Yet. The waiter handled himself pretty well, and in fact, was enjoying the view every time he came down with drinks. ‘You are a pretty one, what is your name’ I stared him straight in the eyes and watched his face flush a little. ‘My name is Gee. Its short for George.’ He tried really hard to keep eye contact but with Caira and I both standing naked and exposed in front of him in the clear water, was a little hard to handle. I leaned forward and took the drink from his hands but let my hand linger a little. My other hand touched his strong calf in front of me. ‘I don’t suppose you want to come and play with us a bit?’ I watched his face as he processed the idea and tried to come up with his best excuse. ‘I am on duty, if they catch me, I could lose my job, but I really want to so badly’ and the bulge in his shorts confirmed what he told us. ‘I will be back just now for another round’ and off he walked back to the bar.

I was holding Caira under her back and she was floating like a star fish on the surface of the pool, my kisses traced her tummy, her beautiful tits and then we kissed hard and deep. My other finger found her pussy and as I slid my finger deep inside of her, I felt her arch and I watched her cum and her face was shining like an angel. We sat on the steps of the pool and just enjoyed each other and the perfect evening. Well almost perfect. Gee returned much later with drinks and Caira grabbed his hand when she went for the drinks and pulled him into the pool. We were both on top of him and had him cornered in the deep end of the pool, his back against the pool and us, ripping his clothes off to find his throbbing cock. I ducked under the water and sucked his cock until I ran out of air, but Caira went down and so we gave this boy the best under water head he had ever had and watched him shoot his load into the clear blue pool. ‘I think you need to come to our room a little later tonight when you finish your shift, come bringing gifts and we will fuck you so hard, you may need to take tomorrow off to recover.’ Caira kissed his mouth and let him go. ‘I think we could have a little extra fun with that one a bit later my goddess’. Caira had her face nestled against my chest and tits. My nipples were rock hard and I had a sudden ache in my loins. ‘I need to cum’ I grabbed Caira’s foot, and felt her soft toes rub gently against my clit. Her big toe slid gently into my pussy and I moaned. Her toes were so soft and so delicious against my pussy, I could feel an orgasm building up. She gently rubbed and inserted her foot and toes and with the other hand, pinched my nipples. Her kisses were urgent and hot and then I felt it. My orgasm was slower and gentler but carried on forever. It was exquisite.

Later that night, poor Gee got a lot more than he bargained on. He arrived with a tray full of drinks and a few extra bottles for us and was soon on the bed, naked and so horny. We drank, kissed his body, sucked his cock but did not allow him to come. I squatted above his face and looked down on him while he ate my pussy. Caira was playing with his cock and balls and his body was ready to explode at any time. We then tied him up and played drinking games on his very hard stomach. ‘Please, fuck me, I need to come, please, I am begging you.’ His voice pleaded and his desperation was almost pathetic. ‘Caira and I just need to freshen up a bit, we will be back right now and finish you off. You will not be sorry Gee and you will never forget this night’ I placed blindfolded him at this point. ‘When we return, we are going to blow your mind’. His cock was so hard and his balls so swollen at this time that even I had to feel a little sorry for him. I kissed his cock on the tip, and heard his cry escape his mouth. ‘See you now big boy’.

We never returned. We grabbed our stuff quietly, holding in our giggles and fled the scene with our trusty driver. Poor Gee was discovered by the cleaning staff early in the morning and probably had a lot to explain with the drinks and bottles he provided us. Caira and I drove out of the city and ended up at a picnic spot in the middle of nowhere, fucking our poor driver on the hood of the Limo. Our hunger was satisfied and our trip near its end but once again, I lay back looking out the night sky, feeling on top of the world.

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