Neighborly Love

Getting appreciative glances and being noticed is always welcome, a girl can never have too many compliments but not at the expense of someone close to you. My neighbour across the hallway in my apartment building has always lusted after me but I could just tell that he had some undesirable issues concerning sexually liberated women and control. I remained aloof but polite until he brought an unsuspecting bride home after a weekend in Vegas. I thought that sort of thing only happened in movies. She noticed me soon enough after her lecherous husband openly undressed me everytime we shared a lift. I could take it no more, I stood in front of the ignorant but beautiful bride and told her she was too hot and too intelligent to be with such a Neanderthal and walked out of the lift.

A few days later the beautiful bride was crying at my door and by the time we had finished half the bottle of rum, pretty Keira was lying in my arms and telling me her entire life story and how she chooses all the wrong men. It was time she was set free, liberated from labels and expectations. I kissed her gently on her closed lips, softly touching her face. She had that look of lust and curiosity and melted closer to my body. Soon my tongue was exploring her mouth, still gently but a little more urgently. She moaned and pushed herself hard against me and whispered in a hoarse voice close to my ear…’i have never been with a women but have fantasised about it so many times’.

I kissed her hard and tasted the salty taste of desire and pulled her gently onto the floor. I slowly pulled her jeans down and left her lacey thongs on for now. She ripped her top and her bra off and her young, soft breasts were already puckered with excitement. I kissed them and licked her nipples ever so gently and caressed her quivering thighs until her whole body shook. I asked if she was sure and her deep moan and kiss confirmed her absolute surrender. I moved down between her legs and licked her already soaked panties until she could bear it no longer. I ripped the thongs off and plunged my hungry tongue into her hot and hungry pussy. She came almost instantly and I felt her shudder and shake with desire, satisfaction and emotion.

As soon as she caught her breath, I began again but this time I took my time on her body and drank slower from her honey pot. She then moved her head down on me and we were now eating one another and she explored me like an expert. Her tongue and gentle fingers broke me several times and it was as if we were at a pajama party for the whole night with no cares in the world. Between the drinking, crying, sharing and advising, we explored every inch of each others body’s with our tongues and mouths. We ate fruit and honey from each others mouths and bodies and my lollipop trick had her eating and licking her cherry infused juices off my fingers and off my damp thighs. Girls will be girls and what’s a pajama party without sweet treats.

Our sweetest of friendship lasted for years until the bride plucked up enough courage and saved enough money to move out and go back home and open a massage spa boutique. I now get to visit my sexy Keira regularly when I go for my weekend spa treatments and the pure bliss and ecstasy I experience with those hands and that tongue are beyond imagination and a tale for another of my naughty blogs. For now the smell of massage oils, candles and cherry lollipop still lingers and add to my already familiar freshly fucked and sweet look of satisfaction.

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