My undercarriage experience

I was in desperate need of a break from the city and the crowds and decided to take myself on a little road trip down the coast. My sporty hatchback was gleaming in the sun as we headed towards the sea. The music pealed through the air and I could feel the beat from between my legs and blow gusts of it into my dancing hair. My mind flittering around my last few sex-capades and immediately I thought of Caira, so dark and mysterious. I had to have more very soon. My crush also brought a smile to my face but there were so many delicious moments to reminisce and replay in my dirty mind. I had ample company to keep this trip filled with lusty conversation and vivid imagery. The thing about driving for me however, is that I get extremely horny and especially on long trips. Pit Stops took on a whole new meaning for me and it involved public toilets, restaurants, a picnic area on the road somewhere and usually involved another person. Going it alone however, was also fine, especially when you are prepared. I had my travel bag of toys and lubricants well stocked for my pending desires and needs.

The road was stretched out ahead and I had my favourite remote controlled toy comfortably inserted into my wet pussy. The thrill of the turns and bends and the control to cum at any moment forces me to go faster. And then my exquisite orgasm was interrupted by my spluttering hatchback. Either she came so hard she popped her gaskets or I’ve been way to demanding of her? Fuck! I get out of the car and grab my cellphone but little to no signal. FUCK! The profanities just fell from my lips and echoed into the mountain pass up ahead. And then, like it was summoned from the depths of hell itself, came a pitch black and rather menacing looking breakdown truck from the shimmering horizon. I watched it slowly snake its way through the pass and my breath was caught in my throat when it grinded to a halt in front of me. Seconds felt like minutes and eventually a man climbed out. He was huge, tall and strong looking. I had this image of a fucken lumberjack in my mind. He peered out at me from under his cap and said ‘i can tow you to my workshop up the road, I have all the tools there. I am sure I can have you back on track in no time’. And so I found myself once again, between a cock and a very hard place with a toy still working its magic in my pussy and no option but to go wherever he takes me.

He was under my car and the tools were flying and knocking. He seemed shy and not too comfortable around people and specifically women. A fucken lumberjack I say! But he was good looking, very strong and had a curious glint in his eyes when I caught him staring at my tits. He called out for a hammer please and I grabbed it out of the tool box and walked over to give it to him. I stood with my legs wide open and waited for him to come out from under the car. I heard the trolley role and looked down to see his face directly below me, his piercing blue eyes fixed on my pussy. By now I had removed my toy and was in need of something more substantial. He stammered something and before I could say lumber-fucken-jack he had me pinned down on the hood of my hatchback. His mouth found my pussy so fast and within seconds I rewarded him with a river of honey on his tongue and mouth. He thrust his cock so fast and so deep that I cried out. He pulled back in response but I wrapped my ankles around his firm butt and pulled him straight back in. I wanted all of it, all of it. He fucked me on the hood, up against the wall and on his desk. He drank up every last drop on and in my body and when he eventually gave in to his explosive orgasm, I shuddered with my final gut wrenching crescendo. Just been fucked good and proper by a fucken lumberjack. Yes!

Back on the road an hour or so later, I could still taste him on my lips and feel him deep inside my satisfied pussy. He turned out to be a really skilled mechanic and although he uses few words, his tongue is expert with other skills. I smiled and got a small ripple between my legs. I cranked up the beat, smoked a cherry cigar and drove wearing nothing but my freshly fucked look. I wanted to feel the sea breeze on my naked skin and let the moon caress my burning body. My road trip was destined for all things great and ever so naughty.

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