My dark encounter

My love of vampire stories and all things dark has led me to meet some unusual characters and into some freakish situations and parties. One of these parties really left me a little shaken but also with so many more questions.

I was invited to a very private and exclusive party by an acquaintance and was told to keep an open mind and stay hush about the details of the party. I arrived at a very extravagant home surrounded by an extremely high walls and guards, wearing nothing but black underwear, suspenders and a sheer little cloak. My entrance caught everyone’s attention immediately and suddenly the dimly lit room had a quiet pause and the atmosphere turned electric. Then I saw her. She was tall and beautiful but there was something magnetic about her. She walked straight up to me and kissed me full on the mouth and slipped her warm tongue between my lips. ‘I am Caira…come have a shot with me.’ She grabbed my hand and led me into another room. We hit a few shots of whiskey and vodka and then she led me outside to a pool area. The pool had a bar in the middle with stools and little alcoves designed for comfort and sex.

Soon Caira and I were naked in the pool, drinking rum and meeting all the wrong people. Caira seemed to have this power over everyone she meets and she had me eating out of her hands, and mouth and eventually her pussy in no time. We were in an alcove and a very foreign looking man joined us while we were entangled and getting very heated with each other. The next moment I was floating on the warm water and Caira was exploring my hungry pussy with her mouth and fingers. The man just held my head gently and started kissing me. He was gentle at first but slowly his mouth and skin turned to fire. He kissed my neck and it felt like tiny coals burning my skin and Caira was nibbling gently at my thighs and my clit. My body felt weightless and I was in a semi conscious state. Almost dream like I could feel everything but could not move. I suddenly became aware and found that we were now on a four poster bed and I was tied with black silk straps. How did we get here?

I was naked and Caira was driving her hot tongue deep inside my pussy. The mysterious man was standing at the base of the bed watching with lustful and hungry eyes. Caira then straddled my chest and moved her deliciously delicate pussy towards my face. I tasted her juices and gave into the dark depths of this unreal dream. I then felt a tongue enter my pussy again but this time I felt a sharp but delicious pain on the inside of the thigh. My mystery lover kissed it and then I was gone, floating in a pool of happiness and ecstasy. Caira was whispering something in a language I have never heard before and on her lips I tasted lust mingled with blood. Her eyes were pools of desire and then she moved down my shivering body and the next thing I felt her mouth on my clit while I was being fucked. The dark duo however pushed me to the edge of climax several times and there was a wetness between my legs I had never felt. I writhed and moaned uncontrollably and then with a force strong enough to break me into a million pieces, I came hard and from deep within my shattered soul. I opened my eyes briefly and saw Caira smile with a dark and frightening glint in her eyes and then I saw what looked like sharp fangs. No, it must be the light, surely. I closed my eyes again and just gave in to the pure pleasure that had a grip on my body and my mind. It felt like days had passed in that room and I eventually gave in to a dream filled sleep. I awoke with a start, in my own bed, totally naked. Was it all just a dream? I pulled off the sheet to get up but noticed strange red dots on my inner thigh. There was another two dots just on the side of my pussy and as I lay there, soaking up the possibilities of what happened with Caira, a sense of satisfaction and a prickle of fear washed over me. On the bedside table lay a single black rose and a note that said; Come find me in your darkest fantasies.

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