I was on my way to a fancy dress party for a birthday of a close friend of mine. I was dressed up as Cat woman, my body suit was sleek and tight and my cat mask covered my face, so I was looking forward to seeing if anyone at the party recognized me. I was also looking forward to hooking up with my secret lover, Donny, who would be dressed up in a Vampire outfit, including a scary mask. We had only met a few weeks back, he was marrying a girl that he got pregnant and was not looking forward to a life with ugly betty as he called her. Sad situation I suppose, but I was just interested in his big dick. Donny was engaged and therefore had to hide his identity and the excitement of our secret meeting was already getting me all wet. I arrived at the party and was pleased to see it was in full swing and everyone was dressed up. My anticipation grew as I looked out for my Vampire and the shooters and drinks were already going to my head.

At some point I bumped into a new arrival, dressed up as a school girl, and very nervous as she was young and unsure of herself. Her name was Lucy and she was supposed to be at a sleep over with her best friend Nancy but the two girls had managed to sneak out and come join a neighbours party. Such naughty girls, reminded me of times I did the same thing as a young girl. I bought Lucy a few drinks, and soon discovered she could not handle her liquor as well as the adults. She giggled and whispered in my ear ‘I have not had sex yet you know’ her blushing smile was ever so sweet. ‘I have been waiting for the right opportunity’ Her naughty face lit up ‘can I kiss you.? I leaned in and tenderly kissed her sweet lips. I felt her shiver a little and I held her tight while I explored her tasty lips with my tongue and mouth. ‘You are a very naughty girls Lucy’ I said with a smile. I grabbed her hand and led her into a room down the passage. ‘I think you should slow down on the drinks and just rest a while here on the bed’. Lucy lay down and giggled a little but then said ‘I want you to kiss me more and touch me….’ she could not finish the sentence. ‘You know, touch my…’

I figured a little gentle lick here and there would not hurt and I was building up for Donny’s hot cock. I kissed her again, this time a little harder and deeper and then kissed her budding little nipples. She closed her eye and I began my deflowering. I found her tight little pussy, it was already glistening wet and ready for my exploration. I moved down and kissed her gently on her mound. She moaned and lifted her hips for me, I tasted her wet honey and slipped my tongue gently into her pink folds. I had barely began licking her when I felt her stiffen up and then felt her orgasm in my mouth. She cried out in utter pleasure and I delved into her with my tongue and just a little bit of finger.

I would never want to hurt her but she felt so amazingly tight and wet. She pushed her hips down onto my finger, urging me further in, and I felt her body arching for another orgasm. As she came I pushed my finger through, and felt her hymen gently break, I saw a trickle of blood but also felt her come run down my finger. I let her come and gently relax on the bed. I kissed her mound again and then went and kissed Lucy on her mouth. She tasted her own juices and shoved her tongue into my mouth. We kissed a little more than I sat back and saw her face glowing with pleasure and excitement. ‘Did you like that Lucy?’ I asked her while I gave her a glass of water. ‘Oh my God Yes, I have never felt that before and it did not even hurt. She leaned in and placed her head on my shoulder. ‘Thank you Cat woman, thank you for the best night of my life’ I hugged her and said my good bye before I set out again on my quest to find Donny’s cock.

I had looked all over for my lover, and was starting to get a little irritated with him when I spotted a Vampire on the other side of the pool area. I made my way through the groups and managed to get through all the greetings and ass slaps and found myself where my Donny was. He just watched me and did not say a word. I slinked up to him and whispered ‘there is a pool house over there lover, I think I need to go and fuck your brains out right now, since I have just warmed up on a sweet little virgin’ I slipped off into the dark towards the pool house. I opened the door and headed for the large rug on the floor. I felt him approach before I heard him.

I turned around and watched him approach as I unzipped my suit. I decided to leave my mask on for effect. I stood naked in front of him and watched him take his cloak and pants of and when he went for his mask, I stopped him. ‘Lets leave them on lover and no talking, just fucking and sucking and licking’ I sat on the soft rug and put his throbbing cock into my mouth. I closed my eyes and lifted my mask just enough to get his delicious cock into my mouth and then sucked him until he shot his hot load onto my face and tits. I carried on working his cock gently to get him hard again and it did not take long. He grabbed me and put me face down onto a counter close by.

I spread out for him and was a little drunk, so was grateful for the support on the counter. I then felt him push his eager cock into me and it felt so fucken good. He was so gentle tonight, almost holding back for my pleasure and I was enjoying it. I felt him move inside and felt his hot hands on my tits and quivered under his kisses on the back of my neck. He found all my little spots on my back and neck and I could feel my pussy building up for an enormous orgasm. He slowly pushed in and worked my pussy until it exploded all over his cock, but he pulled out and shoved his face and mouth into my exploding pussy. Oh My God! His tongue and mouth sucked my pussy and drank all my juices and I felt his tongue go deep into me.

I came again, and again and again until he slid his cock back into me and thrust to hard and deep that we came together. One of those painful from the depth of my body type of orgasm and he came for so long. I have never known a man to have such a long orgasm. This man had skills I did not even know about yet.

We collapsed onto the rug and just lay there, still shaking from our intense sex and chemistry. No words had been spoken yet and we carried on with our game of hide and seek. I got up and headed for the shower, my lover joined me and with our masks on, washed each other’s bodies and just explored each other with our hands. I felt a rough scar on his back near his spine, and wondered how I missed that last time. I love scars. We washed and dried and got dressed and before he could react, I slipped out the door towards the party and the bar.

I needed a few drinks to celebrate my night of amazing sexy time and pleasure and then saw my Vampire standing at the end of the bar, chatting to the birthday boy. Johnny was the host of the party and he called me over to come have a shot with them. ‘Hey you sexy Cat woman, you are the hottest pussy in the world, I want to introduce you to my mate from Spain. Armand, this is my sexiest friend Cat woman.’ Johnny winked at me. Armand then took his mask off to show his dark and beautiful face. ‘We have already had the pleasure of meeting’ he grabbed my hand and kissed it. I was completely stunned. Where the fuck was Donny and how the fuck did I not notice?. I took my mask off and looked deep into his eye, ‘The pleasure was all mine Armand’.

Johnny said something about more shots and realized we were having a moment so turned to get the drinks. ‘So Armand, you were the lucky victim of mistaken Identity tonight, since my date was to arrive in a vampire suite, but I have to say I am very happy with the outcome’. I gave him my card and said ‘If you would ever like to hook up again, give me a shout’. We then drank shots until dawn and I decided Donny can go fuck himself for not arriving and his ugly fiance can have him forever. I leaned onto the bar with my friends and glowed from pleasure. ‘You are a beautiful woman Cat woman, your face is shining and your body made for desire and pleasure’ Armand murmured in a thick accent that made my legs buckle. It is the freshly fucked look that just works for me I thought, and just smiled at my sexy vampire.

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