It was that time of the year again, that time that high school students have their farewell party for the final year students, and all the moms were frantically busy organising outfits and hall decorations.  I was roped into help, my friend Shann had a daughter and I had offered to assist with hall decorations and also to drive the kids back and forth to school and the after party.  It was the night of the farewell and I had just finished the final touches on the tables when a young lady came into the hall with a tray of muffins.  ‘Hi, my name is Mindy, and I have some muffins here and I am not sure where they should go’ Mindy looked like a ballerina, very petite and pretty as a picture.  ‘Hi, well I am here to decorate, so I am note sure where the muffins should go, perhaps go and check in the kitchen area’ I pointed towards the kitchen and watched her march off with her tray of muffins and her perky little ass looking damn fine in those yoga pants.  I got busy again and checked that all the candles were trimmed and the cutlery was laid out correctly.  I then headed outside to check my phone and have a quick smoke.  I had just got outside when Mindy came out and headed straight for me.  ‘I think I am early for the muffins, they never told me what time I should bring them, please can I bum a smoke? I past her a lit smoke, she seemed a little put out and her pouty mouth looked really cute when she was cross.  ‘Now the muffins are going to dry out and they are going to taste horrible’ I figured that she was a housewife, a young mom perhaps but looked barely old enough to have a child finishing school already.  ‘So, do you have kids here at the school?’ I watched her drag her smoke, look around all suspiciously and then kill it and throw it away.  ‘God no, my father is the head master and I am supposed to come and help with this stupid function’ Now I understood why she was trying to smoke without being spotted.  ‘I am studying at the moment, Psychology, and my holiday just happens to coincide with the school farewell.  My dad always makes me help, and he knows I just hate it’ I offered her a solution.  ‘So, come back home with me and we will stop and get some more muffins on the way back here, I will make sure the dry ones go to the homeless shelter on the way home later’ I saw the relief in her eyes, ‘can I, I mean, I don’t feel like hanging out here until the function starts.  Are you going to go home to change?’ I told her I was going to change and get another car, so will be back just in time for the start in about 2 hours.  Mindy ran into the kitchen again and grabbed her muffins and we headed out to my car.

‘Can I ask a huge favour?’ Mindy looked at me with her big blue eyes, ‘I need to collect my boyfriend, it is on the way and I can make sure he waits outside for us’ She saw me agree and called Jason, her boyfriend.  A few minutes later we had Jason in the car and soon arrived at my place.  ‘Wow, you have a beautiful apartment, such a stunning view, oh and a Jacuzzi’.  Mindy moved over to the deck and felt the water.  ‘It is so warm’ I went and turned the bubbles on and slipped my dress off and climbed into the jacuzzi.  Mindy’s jaw dropped but Jason’s jaw dropped even further at the site of my naked body climbing into the jacuzzi.  ‘Come and get in you guys, don’t be shy’ I sipped on my whiskey. ‘Grab a drink at the bar there, and bring me another whiskey Jason, please’ I leaned back into the water and kept my eyes on Mindy, she was undoing her shirt and pulling her shorts down, leaving a little thong to cover her modesty as she got into the water.  Her tits were just so sweet, so perky and yet to fill out.  Her nipples were hard and her skin puckered up as she settled into the bubbly water.  ‘You have such a pretty body so how do you keep in shape? She blushed slightly at my comment ‘I do ballet as a hobby’ I was right, she had the body for ballet and her shape was typical of a dancer.  Shapely legs and buttocks.  ‘How do you keep in such excellent shape?  She was sitting right next to me at this stage, comfortably relaxed with her tits just peeking out the water.  ‘Well I do all kinds of things, I run, I party too much and I have lots and lots of sex to keep in shape’ I watched her face go pink again at my explanation and we both had a good giggle.  By this time Jason had undressed and climbed into the jacuzzi.  He had a very big and beautiful cock, and he was not shy at all about showing it off.  He passed me my drink and I watched his eyes rake over my naked body as I got up to get it from him.  His cock jumped a little, and I smiled.  ‘So, does your daddy know you are bringing your boyfriend with you?’  Mindy was downing her drink and replied ‘No’ and then focused on kissing Jason.  ‘I don’t care, dad will have just to deal with it, I am not a little girl anymore’ I somehow think she was still very innocent, but on the threshold of being corrupted and becoming a very dirty girl.  Jason could barely control his boner and was struggling to keep his eyes off both of us in the water.  ‘Have you ever had a threesome Jason?’  I watched his face go a deep shade of red and his eyes shot to Mindy, she giggled and repeated my question with some laughter in her voice, ‘Have you ever had one Jason?’ She looked at his all coyly and we both giggled softly as Jason stammered ‘No, I have never, but I have always wanted to have one’ He was not sure what his answer should be, he watched Mindy again and smiled at her when he saw she was not upset.  ‘Mindy, have you ever been with a girl?  I moved closer to her and watched her squirm slightly ‘I have kissed a girl before, but nothing more, I think all girls think about it and don’t always get the chance’ Her voice sounded a little shaky, and I could see she was getting horny.  The drink and warm water was helping, and I moved in on her and grabbed her legs and pulled her closer to me.  I saw Jason in the corner of my eye, he was getting ready for the show of his lifetime.  Mindy closed her eyes as I moved close and kissed her gently on her lips.  I parted her lips slightly and gently touched her tongue with my tongue, she opened her mouth a bit more and kissed me back.  I moved her through the water to the steps just behind her and gently nudged her up, exposing her wet panties.  I slipped them slightly to the one side and kissed her pussy lips with my warm mouth.  I heard her moan and lift her hips up, so I plunged my tongue between her lips, felt her clit harden lightly and felt the moisture building from deep inside her.  I tasted her and she tasted like moist muffins indeed, very moist and sweet.  I slipped my finger just gently into her pussy and heard her moan again, her pussy was very tight and I did not want to hurt her.  ‘Jason, fuck her, I want to see you fuck her…’ Mindy called to Jason and I bent down to continue licking and eating her delicious pussy while Jason moved his big behind me and then slid it deep inside of me.  His cock felt great and I could feel Mindy getting ready to come.  I slowed down the tongue movements and focused on licking her ass, it was over sensitive and I felt her body arch every time I touched her ass with my lips and tongue.  I slid my finger inside Mindy again and licked her now very erect clit with my tongue, I felt her body arching as she came.  I felt her shaking legs and her pelvis thrust about as I continued to suck and lick her while she came over and over again.  Her come tasted like icing sugar, thick and sweet.  I felt Jason getting ready to come and the next thing Mindy bent over and began kissing me, tasting her how juices on my lips and then she played with my nipples and I felt my orgasm hit as Jason shot his load into my pussy.  He came so hard and his cock stayed hard until I had my final orgasm.  We collapsed onto the step and caught our breaths and drank our drink.  ‘Best we get ready then to go, we must still get some Moist Muffins for Mindy for the do’. I got up and walked naked to my room, proceeded to clean up and get changed.  We all left the apartment in very high spirit, Mindy was a lot more relaxed and all lovey with Jason.  We stopped at a shopping mall on the way and I sent the two in for the muffins.  We arrived at the school just in time and Mindy disappeared for a while, I was helping the kids with their table numbers and with last minute queries and flowers. 

A few hours later I had to take the first batch of kids to the after party, and Mindy was stuck in the kitchen so Jason asked if he could please come with me, he was scared of Mindy’s dad catching me around the kitchen area and then asking questions.  I agreed and off we went with the first 4 kids.  We dropped them off and then was heading back to the school.  ‘You have the most amazing pussy, I have never felt anything like that before.  I don’t think I ever felt a woman come like that before.’ He blushed slightly but I put my hand on his thigh, ‘Thanks handsome, and may I say your cock is very big and fits like a glove’ I moved my hand up and felt his bulge grow and strain under his pants.  I found a small park further along the road and stopped, got out and stood by the bonnet of the car having a smoke.  Jason got out and came and joined me. ‘I want to suck your cock, I know it will taste delicious, I want to suck it here and now’ I unzipped his pants and got down onto my knees, pulled out his throbbing cock and began licking and sucking it.  It tasted as good as it looked, fresh and tasty.  I felt his cock grow bigger with every lick and suck.  His cock head was bulging already and his legs were shaky and barely able to hold him up.  I took his cock deep inside my mouth and down my throat, felt him move in and out with slow and methodical movements, until I felt his balls harden and his back arched as he got ready to come down my throat.  He came and I held on with both hands while I felt his hot load shoot down into my throat and fill my mouth.  I swallowed fast and hard, trying to swallow every drop but there was so much it trickled out my mouth and down my face and neck.  He eventually buckled over and leaned on the car bonnet, exhausted and with a look of sheer satisfaction on his face.  ‘I wish you could teach Mindy that, she is still very knew at this sort of thing, and that was the best blow job I have ever had’ He watched me clean my face up and then we got back into the car and headed back to the school.

After the final shuttle to the after party, I had Mindy and Jason with me again and we dropped the kids and then headed back to the school to collect a few odds and ends and also to let her dad know she will back home later.  She had told her dad that she was staying at a friend’s house for the night, she grabbed a few muffins and headed back to the car.  We got back to the apartment, gobbled down the delicious vanilla muffins, washed it all down with a few shots of tequila and a whiskey, got back into the jacuzzi and proceeded to chill with some beats and adolescent conversations.  ‘I would like to taste your pussy’ Mindy was a little drunk but she had bright eyes and was ready to take it to the next level.  I lay on the side of the jacuzzi, my pussy exposed close to her face and lay back. ‘Remember Mindy, softly, gently and if you like, Jason can help you a bit’ The thought of both them licking and playing with my pussy was enough to get my blood pumping hard.  I saw Jason and Mindy spreading my legs and then it began.  Mindy kissed my pussy, let her tongue taste the lips and the inside of my pussy and then she gently sucked at my enlarged clit.  Her finger just gently slid around the entrance of my pussy, Jason was now licking my ass and I could feel both their lips on me and I was in heaven.  Jason and Mindy kissed each other and then both licked and sucked at my clit and ass.  I could feel my orgasm again, both mouths were now busy on my mound and my ass and Mindy pushed her finger in slightly deeper as she felt me come.  I exploded and I saw Jason shove his mouth over my pussy, he drank in all the juice and then he and Mindy kissed again.  I then placed Mindy on Jason’s cock, slowly until it was all the way in, then I began licking her clit and licking Jason’s cock shaft.  I was playing with Mindy’s nipples and sucked her enlarged clit with a bit more force now.  I could feel she was almost ready to come so I shoved my tongue inside her until I tasted her juice and tasted Jason’s cock shaft moving in and out slowly.  Mindy cried out, her body arched all stiff, her legs and feet stretched out in front of her and my mouth tasted her and Jason’s come, all mingled and trickling out of her pussy.  I kept licking until she had finished coming.  ‘Oh my God, I have never felt anything like that before’ Mindy was breathless and Jason was still recovering from his first threesome.  His cock managed to stay hard, as with boys this young, it is always a bonus, they can come a few times and keep their dicks hard for hours. 

We spent the rest of the night in the Jacuzzi or lying on the bed chatting and drinking cocktails and coffee until the early hours of the morning.  Mindy was asleep after an exciting night and Jason was still awake when the sun came up, so I took full advantage of his big cock for my favourite kind of sex, Morning sex.  Jason fucked me up the ass, it was his first time and after shooting his load a few times, managed to make me come so hard that I squirted right across the bed.  As I came, Jason came again and again until I was filled and felt satisfied.  Jason eventually fell asleep again and I lay between the two of them, watching the sunrise and loving my freshly fucked look this morning.  I can honestly say that Mindy did indeed have a very moist muffin and her dad had no idea what a dirty little girl his sweet daughter is and I just smiled, remembering being that young and filled with curiosity and raging hormones.  Life was beautiful and for those with a lust for life, filled with so many opportunities and bodies to enjoy.  

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