My new neighbour had been teaching me to cook vegetarian and vegan dishes, and although I had a lot of fun, I am forever, a meat eater. But spending this much time with sweet Melony, made me think of her in ways that would make her blush. Her conservative and shy nature only made her that much more of a challenge to me and when her husband left for a business trip, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. I left my lover and his brother at home to make the bonfire and get the beers chilled, while I went over to invite Melony over for an evening of fun and relaxation. An hour later, we were all sitting around a blazing fire, shooting back a few tequila’s and working on getting Melony well marinated. It only took a few shots to get her to remove some of the many layers of clothing and my plan was already in motion. My lover’s brother, Joe, had moved closer to her chair and I watched as she let her guard down and allowed herself to flirt a little. ‘So, tell me Melony, have you ever kissed a girl?’ I smiled as I watched her reaction. Her pretty blue eyes twinkled and she turned a delightful shade of pink. ‘We are all friends here, and what happens around this fire tonight, stays around this fire’. She was already way over her limit and the tequila was having hits desired effect. ‘No, I have not, but I suppose it is something that I need to try’. She had a lot more confidence after the shooters, and I was pleasantly surprised by her response. ‘Well, I think you should just kiss each other and get it out of the way’. Joe could barely contain himself.
‘I think we should just start with a body shot!’ I grabbed the lemon, salt and tequila and stood over the table ‘Come on over neighbour, let me show you a cool party trick, but be warned, it is only for the naughty girls’. Melony took this as a bit of a dare, and within seconds, lay down on the table and had her shirt lifted to expose her navel and smooth, soft stomach. I sprinkled a little salt on her tummy, placed the lemon between her lips and poured the shot and placed the glass on the table. ‘No hands, remember’ I licked the line of salt off her body and lingered a little just below your breasts. I could see her breathing was fast and shallow and I turned and gripped the shot glass with my lips, and tilted my head back to allow the cold liquid to trickle down my throat. I put the glass back down and then pressed my lips against hers as I sucked the lemon slice from her sweet mouth. I, however lingered a bit with her mouth and I slipped my tongue inside and found her tongue. We kissed for a few seconds, then I stood up but kept my eye fixed on hers. Her pupils were dilated and her mouth was parted, she looked almost ready for phase 2 of the plan.

Being a vegan and a bit of a tree hugger, getting her to eat or drink anything, was a challenge. No dairy, sugar, MSG, wheat or meat kind of took the taste out of everything I loved but it was time to push Melony beyond her boundaries. After several body shots, we were all pretty wasted and the layers were dropping. I coaxed my neighbour into the kitchen a bit later, and told her I had a surprise for her but she had to promise to trust me. After very little convincing, she conceded. I blindfolded her and kept my mouth close to her ears. I could see her skin puckering up and her breathing got even heavier. I gently removed her clothes and slipped a little camisole over her head. ‘Tonight, is sexy Melony time, and it is time to let your hair down and just be a little naughty’. I did not want to scare her off this soon, and made sure I took this very slowly. My plan was to get her hot and horny and then hand her over to Joe, who had been watching Melony for months now. He was in desperate need of pussy and Melony was in desperate need of tasting some real cock.

I had Joe spread out on the table, whipped cream covered his nipples, a trail down his tummy and then stopped just short of his large cock, which at this point, was still covered. I had Melony in a little make-shift leash/body suit that kept her hands behind her back but also kept made a collar around her neck for the leather leash. She giggled, but I could see she was a little nervous. ‘If you are uncomfortable at any stage, just let me know, we can adjust the straps, but right now, you are the sexiest fucking teacher I have ever seen in my life’. I playfully led her to the table where Joe was lying. ‘Now my little sex kitten, it is time to show us just how naughty you really are, you must lick this cream off this hot body, without any complaints or reservations’. I firmly pushed her face down a little towards Joe’s stomach. ‘If you struggle with any part of this challenge, you will get a spanking’. I gently tapped her hot little ass with my leather whip. I saw her flinch slightly, but her nipples got rock hard. The thrill was clearly visible in her body language. She bent over and began licking the whipped cream from Joe’s nipples and stomach. ‘You are such a naughty girl, eating full cream, whipped cream like that’ and I spanked her tight ass a little harder than the last time. She gasped slightly but I could see her body trembling in anticipation. I moved up closer to her and slipped my hand gently on her inner thigh. ‘Oh, you are so soft and tender, I just need to feel’ my fingers slowly trailed towards her barely covered pussy. I felt her buckle slightly, a moan escaped her lips and at this point, she was licking cream off his lower abdomen and his cock was ready to escape his jocks. He pulled his cock out slowly and her mouth moved even closer. She had no idea it was out of his jocks yet, but I egged her further down. She suddenly found her lips on the base of his pulsating cock and heard her gasp. I then slipped my finger into her panties and found her soaking wet pussy. I slipped my finger in gently, and felt her body wanting to resist but having no ability to at this point. As I pushed my finger in further, her mouth found the shaft and was licking hungrily on the fully erect cock in front of her. There was traces of cream on the sides of her mouth and I just wanted to kiss them off.

I bent over and began kissing her ass, flicking my tongue closer and closer to her exposed asshole, and then I felt her body tense up and her pussy clenching up, ready for her orgasm. I made sure she was sturdy, and felt her body explode. She had Joe’s cock in her mouth and her pussy came all over my fingers. I put my finger into my mouth and stepped away from the table. Melony was well marinated and was now ready to get her fuck on. I grabbed my lover and we went inside to give the two a bit of space. I had got myself worked up really well and my man was about to get broken in half and fucked into oblivion. During the course of the night, I peeped out the window and saw Melony on the table and Joe armed with a can of cream. Oh yes, we had managed to unleash sweet Melony’s dirty girl and Joe got to do the honours of giving her the hardest lashing she has ever had in her life. No one ever mentioned our little party in the garden ever again, Melony did however, escape a few times again to come and have a little fun with me, but that is another story. My little plan to corrupt our vegan, school teacher was a success and I felt like I had liberated her somewhat. I was now looking forward to learning about desserts and cakes with my sweet Neighbour.

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