Just A Love Machine

When my friend John asked me to volunteer for a trial test being done on new sex toys being launched in his company, I did not hesitate with my joyous response. Free new toys! Getting to give feedback to a bunch of IT and Engineering geeks…priceless! A week later I was invited to the launch and I couldn’t wait to choose my new play things and get home to the fun part but when I arrived at this smallish office block and saw the layout, I started getting a little nervous. I was given champagne and ushered into a private suit on the top floor, which on first glance, looked like a really comfortable and lavish honeymoon suit. My attention was then drawn to a table sized covered object in front of a large mirror. “Is this the torture chamber?” I asked in a low whisper. The 2 young studs standing next to the item giggled and then uncovered it very ceremoniously.

Right there stood a brand new, shiny and intricate looking sex machine. It was like nothing I had seen before and one of the tech guys mumbled something about John wanting me to test the new Ferrari of machines personally. He gave me a remote and a quick but slightly sheepish tour of the machine and how it works. It all looked fairly simple once I figured out what it does. So one of the tech guys immediately volunteered to help me get comfortable if I wanted and I instantly accepted his offer.

I was standing naked and Gary, my personal assistant, helped me lie down on the bench and hook my legs into the straps provided at the end of the contraption. Gary struggled to clip all the latches and keep his eyes off my body and my pussy. He then passed me the lubricant with a shaky hand and a devilish grin. “Would you like to stay and watch Gary?” I asked with a wicked glint in my eyes. I always enjoyed an audience, it adds to the excitement for me.

Gary nodded and made himself comfortable on the bed across from the machine. I then began rubbing some lube onto my body, all over my breasts and finally between my legs. I then grabbed the remote control and looked at Gary with my hungry look and pressed the power button. The machine awoke and began humming gently as it slowly moved directly towards my pussy, armed with a perfectly sized and pulsating dildo. It penetrated with ease and I could then adjust the speed of the vibrations and thrusting speed. Then to my absolute delight, a second part of the machine came to life and began its descent towards my clitoris. I had to adjust It slightly to get it exactly on the spot but once it found the little oyster, it began its slow but deliberate stimulation.

I now had full penetration and my clit being rubbed into submission. The first orgasm came almost violently and left me wanting more. Gary was fully erect at this point, lying on the bed, panting with his bursting cock in his hands. I smiled and signalled him to come over. He was there in a heartbeat and I told him to help me make my Ferrari experience unforgettable. I then turned the power to its max and felt this large machine fuck me so hard and so rhythmically that it felt like I might tear in half.

Gary stood in front of me and I sucked his cock while my machine pushed me to the limits of my pain and pleasure thresholds and limits. I built up for a very explosive orgasm and as it began pounding my entire body, Gary shot his load into my face and my tits. My cum shot out with such force as the machine withdrew and when it re-entered, it caused a second orgasm deep within my pussy that felt like my insides were being ripped out yet yielded a most exquisite yet sweet pain that left you broken and wanting more and more.

At one stage I had my machine deep within my pussy and Gary deep in my ass and the double penetration took me to the depths of dark but delicious pools of pleasure and pain. My final wave hit me so hard I almost crushed Gary’s cock and my body shook and writhed beneath my two tantalizing tormentors until I could not move or speak for at least an hour. I eventually found the warm Jacuzzi in the bathroom and lay in it with my champagne and a smoke and let my body unwind and detangle itself slowly from my afternoon workout and gave in to my freshly fucked look and feeling with complete surrender and satisfaction. And my lean, mean, fucking machine glinted in the sunlight and left me with promises of many work out sessions still to come. And there were still the toys to look forward to. I love my life.

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