As a little Xmas gift to myself, I decided on having my butterfly tattoo done on my upper part of my pussy. I had an old scar from a previous piercing and wanted a small, 3d bright blue butterfly done over it. Just perfect to peep over my bikini bottoms during the holidays. My tattoo artist was a biker chick named Megan and boy was she a pin up girl, covered in skin art, piercings and a husky voice to match. I knew it was in a delicate area, but trusted Megan completely with my pretty petal. I lay back on the bed and I had removed all the hair last night, so was ready to go. She stuck the template on gently, rubbing the piece of paper softly with a moist sponge. It looked perfect and she began to work. My legs were spread eagle, and her face was quite close to my pussy, her soft breath touched gently on my thighs and moist mound. It was proving quite difficult to control how my body, and specifically how my pussy reacts to the mix of pleasure and pain. My pussy began to swell and get extremely moist, and my nipples were rock hard. Her hands were so gentle and soft, and kept brushing innocently across my lips. She looked up at me at some point, ‘all okay with the pain, let me know if you need a quick break’ I hope she did not notice the slight trickle about to slide down my one thigh.

The tattoo was half done, I had a quick break and realized nothing was going to stop my pussy from getting all hot and horny, so best to just push through and take deep breaths. I got back into my position and this time, Megan moved even closer, ‘you really do have a pretty pussy, the butterfly looks perfect on it, like on a flower.’ Her one hand held the equipment with ease and her other hand, gently pressed down over my pussy. She did not have a glove on that hand, and her finger slipped barely unnoticed between my wet lips. I cleared my throat, I was so fucking horny and she was making it really hard to control my urges. She was moving lower down to finish the bottom part of the tattoo and looked up at me with those big brown eyes ‘So I need to get to a difficult position, I wonder if you would mind terribly if I insert a finger so that I can support it from inside? A reasonable request. ‘Of course, please, I mean I don’t mind at all’ My voice was all shaky and my mouth went dry. I lay back and relaxed my legs more, she kept her eyes on my pussy as she slowly pushed her finger into my slippery pussy. I heard her catch her breath as her finger plunged further into me and she felt my insides spasm in pleasure and begin to swell. She licked her lips, moved closer and pushed her finger all the way in, pushing upwards, which only added to the pressure on my main G spot and as I watched and felt the needle move across my delicate skin, I felt my body warm up and my skin begin to tingle. I was about to come all over hand and fuck up my tattoo.

Megan managed to slow down on the movement, and clearly knew what was going on. Her faced was slightly flushed but the look in her eyes, filled with hunger and desire. She switched off the machine and wiped away excess ink, but then brought her finger back to my glistening lips. She moved down and kissed my pussy with her lips, gentle kisses and then when they reached my lips, her tongue parted them slightly and she very slowly ran her tongue all the way through. Her middle finger was inside of me, rubbing the spot, in and out gently and soon I felt my orgasm starting to rise up my body. She pushed harder inside of me and her tongue licked my clit until I arched up and came so many time, in short little waves. The pain of the tattoo made my pleasure all that much sweeter and my entire body was on fire.

We had coffee and a smoke and then Megan focused on completing the butterfly. It was perfect. We spent the rest of the afternoon on that bed, devouring each other until we fell asleep. Two weeks later, Megan and I were soaking up some sun and beach in our new bikinis and my beautiful butterfly peeping out over the top.

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