Kim had come and dragged me off on one of her crazy island excursions, and from what I had heard, were very mysterious and very secretive, but Kim decided it was time we did something totally off the charts again.  We arrived on a small runway on a small little island, in the middle of ‘I don’t know’ but too drunk to really care at that stage.  The flight had been bumpy and the bottle of Rum was dark and spicy, it made me feel a bit like a pirate. We were driven to a cabin in the middle of a thick forest ‘Kim, this place is the fucking Ginger bread house and we are going to  be fattened up by a damn witch’ Se threw me her best Oh Please look and calmly replied ‘Yes, but only after you have slept that rum off, after all, she can’t eat you if you are pickled’ The car had stopped and the driver grabbed our bags ‘follow me please Ladies’ and we headed along the short path to the witches hut.  It was very pretty though and window herb and flower boxes lined the walls and there were creepers filled with fragrant flowers of the brightest orange.  I stepped into the cosiest cabin I had ever seen.  A fire was crackling in the lounge area and the furniture looked really snug, the kitchen was small but had herbs and onions strung up, a pantry stocked with all the food and drinks we could desire.  The bedrooms were small but had enormous four poster beds, laced with white linen and layers of the softest blankets and linen.  ‘Kim, I think the witch also lives with Snow Fucking White and the seven dwarves, snowy, happy, grumpy, doc and I in this bed, and the other 4 with you’ I think I could get into this’ I collapsed onto the bed and felt myself sink into a bed of candy cotton I just wish the bed would stop spinning, and that was my last thought before I succumbed to the over consumption of pirate rum.

I woke up with Kim putting a tray of breakfast on my bed and lit her smoke. ‘Well, you crashed, so I undressed you, may have taken advantage of you just a little, and now its 12 hours later’ She took a bite out of my melon. ‘Take advantage how you little minx? The coffee was excellent and was helping to clear my fuzzy head and I was excited to get started. Kim got up and started to leave but looked back at me slyly ‘your ass was so soft and smooth I just had to give it a little kiss here and there, and maybe a nibble and your pussy has an exquisite new blue butterfly tattoo, so it really was not my fault’ and she was out the door ‘Do not take forever, we go in about 2 hours’ I set about shovelling delicious fruit into my mouth, finding some shorts and a tank top and then went to shower.  I stood under a multi direction shower and mist was filling the bathroom, the soap was fragrant and felt silky on my skin.  My eyes were closed, my back was turned to the doorway when I suddenly felt a presence.  Before I could react, a hand placed a silky blind fold over my eyes in a flash and I was locked in a very tight and strong grip ‘Don’t be frightened’ He was right up against my back and whispered up against my ear so that his breath brushed softly over my ear and neck.  He gently pulled me closer with his one arm across my chest, and his other hand was gently moving across my throat and down my chest to my soapy breasts with slow precision. ‘Is this part of the room service I was unaware of?’ But he only said ‘Hush my little morsel, just checking out the fresh meat’ His fingers pinched my left nipple just slightly and then he moved down my side, ran his hand inside my thigh and pushed my leg open just enough to slip his finger ever so slowly down my butt, slipping across my ass and up into my pussy but the way he did it caught me by surprise.  I gasped slightly and fell back into his hard chest.  He held me tight and brought his other hand around and down to stroke my clit with tortuously controlled movements giving me pleasure but in very small doses.  My legs got wobbly and I could feel my pussy swelling and an ache inside, I was building for an orgasm.  ‘That’s it, feel the heat growing in your belly, your pussy is so wet and so hungry for more, isn’t it? His finger had slowed down even more on my clit and it was driving me up the wall, his other finger was now just inside of me and against the top where my magic spot was and it brushed it lightly and then pulled out.  ‘Not yet my horny little minx, we have a whole weekend and I want you to Need me so much more when I find you again, and I may not be as gentle’ I struggled to keep my legs from shaking and then he was gone and I had to grab on the shower to catch my balance again.  I pulled the blind fold off and turned and looked around but the bathroom was empty.  My pussy was so wet, I was on the verge of coming but I decided to get out and find Kim.  My mystery man left no clue except the feint smell of wood and aftershave, which made my stomach flitter for some unknown reason.  Fucking weirdo, why didn’t he just let me see him, but what hands he had.

I went looking for my missing partner in crime and could not see her anywhere around the cabin so started walking on a foot path through the trees.  The forest was fragrant and the lower bushes were scattered with tiny purple flowers and lots of butterflies were flitting around.  I swear this place had such a Fairy tale with a dark twist feel to it, but I was enjoying the walk.  I called out for Kim several times with no response but felt like there were eyes on me.  ‘If this is your idea of an island adventure Kim, I swear!’  I then saw a little clearing up ahead with a large tree trunk that looked like a shrine or Alter of some sort.  The trunk had a smooth surface, it looked like was shaped almost like a bowl.  Curious indeed! I decided to sit on the ‘seat’ looking part and it was comfortable enough.  Strong hands then grabbed me from behind and before I could twist or turn, I was blindfolded again and strapped down but I recognized the scent from earlier in the shower ‘You don’t need to blindfold or tie me down you know, I am more than happy to please you willingly’ No response, but he was cutting my clothes off my body with an eerily hungry silence and very hard breathing.  ‘This is not a game little princess, the shower was just me picking up your scent, just pray that I do not consume all of you now’ He had my legs straddled open, I felt vulnerable and slightly afraid, which was not like me but something also tugged at my loins and belly, I could feel the thrill welling up between my legs and making my heart race.  My hunter was now lightly running something sharp and cold along my feet, up my inner legs and along my stomach and breasts, slowly and gently but just enough pressure to cause my body to react with shivers and puckered skin.  I gasped when I felt his mouth suddenly on my inner thighs, soft and warm, taking gentle bites and licking until I felt my pelvic area lift involuntarily only to be pushed down with force and his tongue plunging into my pussy without warning.  I cried out and he kept his tongue inside of me, feeling my muscles contract and spasm in waves of pleasure, his hands were holding me down and one hand had my nipple in his strong grip and he squeezed as he moved his tongue around inside of me, tasting and awakening every inch of me inside.  He then slowed down and focused on my clit with one of his thick fingers now gliding deep inside of me and within seconds my entire body and pussy released its honey in a force so strong his mouth pushed hard against my pubic area to just keep his contact with me and his finger seemed to keep the orgasm at a certain point without the final explosion and I really felt like I was going to break inside of me.  He slowed the pace and let my body and blood flow gently settle into sweet ecstasy until it was drained but the hunger for cock more intense. His hands undid my straps and I heard his footsteps behind me, breathing deeply and fading into the trees.  I took my blind off again, adjusted my eyes and lay there in my straddled position gazing up at the tree tops and dappled sunlight dancing around with the wind.  I sat up and tried to tie a wrap around my waist with the torn shirt, but it just managed to look like an oversized belt so I just left it and with jelly legs, walked back in the direction that I thought was the cottage. 

I ended up lost again, but this time I saw a light up ahead coming from another cottage so I decided to go and find someone that can tell me what the hell is going.  I went into the open door, no one was around but the fireplace was burning, there was a table of food and drinks and I went straight for the beer and snacks with an appetite like a bear.  The fire warmed the place up and there was a rug on the floor and candles lit all around the area.  It looked so inviting I decided to go and lie down and hopefully wake up after a wet dream to find myself back with Kim at our Cottage.  I closed my eyes and drifted off.  I awoke feeling so snug and warm and with a sense of happiness but still in the same hut.  I tried to get up and then felt my body would not react, what the? ‘Relax my little one, you are feeling the effects of the beer you drank, laced with something to help you rest a little’ I then saw his face, it was rough and rugged but his eyes were like angel’s, his stubbed chin and face almost did not match his soft eyes. He was only wearing faded denim pants and sported the most ‘Spartan’ looking body I had ever seen.  He came and lie down next to me and leaned on his elbow so he could look and touch my naked body.  ‘I gave this dirty little body of yours a good wash, you actually came when I was cleaning your beautiful pussy and ass, naughty girl indeed’ his voice sounded almost proud but his eyes were burning with his enjoyment at my helplessness.  My body began to tingle back to life, and every touch from his hands felt like electric bolts turning on every inch of my skin and desire.  He stroked, licked, sucked and kissed from my toes and feet all the way up to my neck and mouth.  I could feel his power over me and I could not control anything coming out of my mouth as I then felt his over-sized and rock-hard cock push with gentle force inside of my dripping pussy.  He was above me, like a demon hanging above me with lustful hunger and evil intent.  His eyes probed deep into my soul and it felt like he was reading my thoughts and fears and I felt myself weakening with every thrust but he was masterfully playing my body like a violin and only gave enough then took it away before the pleasure was mine.  My hunter had me crying, screaming, begging and caught between heaven and hell for hours until I felt the orgasm mounting in both of us.  Our skin burned and was covered in sweat and we both cried out like animals in the forest when we came and came until we both collapsed on the rug and were unable to speak or move.  I had never felt such a connection with an orgasm before, not like that.  I came so hard it made him cry out in pain and shoot a load so hot and intense it made me come again and with every spurt, another orgasm as if he was fuelling me with his cum.  We must have come for at least 10 minutes and it felt like he was inside of me and running through my veins and I could see the stars and the milky way in his eyes, I felt the angry waves of the ocean and the power of an exploding volcano with desire and adoration in his body and hands and a deep connection to a place I have never visited before.  He spent the night holding me, kissing and watching me sleep like a prince in his castle with his princess that just woke up from his kiss. 

I awoke the next morning back in my bed, naked, clean and suddenly questioning my entire soul shaking experience with my forest hunter.  Kim came into the room with breakfast except this time she was looking like she had been in an orgy the entire time, that freshly fucked look still sweet on her face and hair.  ‘Morning darling, and trust me, it is a beautiful morning indeed’ She sat down on the bed with me, crossed her legs and asked ‘Tell me nothing, I wont tell you anything but from the look in your eyes, I can see you had an island experience that will never leave you and will have you wanting more right, my experience here is something completely fucking different every time and they never run out of new ways to give a girl her Thrill and fuck fix she richly needs regularly.’ We then spent the morning chatting about girl stuff, washing each other in the shower and then boarding the plane to go back to our regular world.  I felt like I was leaving something I needed behind but quickly shook it off, stop being such a girl God damnit, it was just a thing with a man that took you to a place you are not ready to visit or stay in quite yet.

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