I had been invited to attend a weekend of team building and corporate ass kissing with a group of directors from a company that one of my client represented.  I was warned that it involved some heavy physically activity but also loads of down time with a bunch of crazy suits, in need of letting their hair down.  The weekend just sounded like a good excuse to meet new people and to try something new, so I was packed and on my way to the venue.  The game lodge was on the outskirts of town and Mike was there to meet me in the parking lot, he was well oiled already and very excited to take me to my room and give me the grand tour.   Once I got rid of Mike, I showered and got ready to join the teams at the island style bar in the middle of sprawling green lawns and lush gardens.  It did not take me long to get acquainted with everyone and soon had most of the people in the pool in their underwear only.  The big boys took a while to settle into the party spirit and our first unofficial team building game was wrestling from sturdy shoulders in the pool, tits and asses all exposed through wet undergarments and women of all shapes and sizes, giggling while trying to push each other into the water.  I was gripped by the waist and shoved on big, broad shoulders with a deep voice and strong arms and instructions to show them who the boss is.  My thighs gripped tight around his neck, to find a comfortable seat and his hands holding me sturdy with wet panties pressed gently against the back of his neck, seemed to suddenly make him aware of my wet body so close to him and I could see his cock responding involuntarily beneath the surface.  I gripped my feet behind his back and then found an easy target.  My man went in the direction I shoved him and soon I had two girls in the water, laughing and spluttering like school girls.  A few shots later, some adjustments to my seating position, and we were wrestling the last girl off her shoulder.  Maddi was tough, full of confidence and had a really hot but dirty way about her.  We wrestled but mostly had a good feel and with a secret wink, she leaned in and kissed me, knocking me off my shoulders in a sneaky move.  She pulled me out of the water and shoved a pine apple drink into my hand.  ‘Nice tits there, Blondie’ her raspy voice barely whispered and I felt her warm breath on my ear, and knew my puckered nipples and skin gave my underlying desire and embarrassment away.

My first night was more about getting to know everyone during a formal dinner and drinks, company formalities and dividing us into teams for a game of brain against braun.  The next morning had us all prepped and ready for our main team building activity and after a brief summary of rules and regulations, were on our way to a drop off zone and the start of the race.  Our mission was to capture the other team, and keep them as prisoners for an entire night and then escort them back to the base at sunrise, as prisoners.  We were given supplies, maps, ropes and all we would need to complete this activity safely and having as much fun as possible.  Any members that escaped, must be found and the whole team must be presented or we fail.  We also need to make sure we do not get captured first, since it was men against the women, and we were not going to go out like a bunch of girls.  Our male opponents would also have a field day with a team of women to torture and exploit for a night.  We were in the middle of a jungle and I somehow got appointed team leader due to my apparent survival skills.  I managed to get the team to a safe place to discuss our strategy and decided to play this game to our benefit.  We would use the old trick of naked, hot chicks, supposedly in trouble and in need of strong men.  We would then swoop in and capture the men when they least expected it.  Three of us would pretend we slipped into a mud hole, and the rest of our team had abandoned us to go get help, and the rest would be a piece of cake.  Maddi, Clarisa and I were the poor, helpless girls stuck in real slippery mud and incredibly grateful to any hero willing to save us, and the rest of our team waited to ambush the men trying to save us from this slippery pit. 

We had to climb hills, cross rivers and ravines and walk through rough terrain which involved physical strength and endurance but with proper planning and intelligent solutions, got us through without incident and to a place that was perfect for our set up.  The river was close by and there was a deep muddy ditch on the banks that looked impossible to get out without further mudslides.  We slid down gently and tried not to cause more mud from slipping in and trapping us further.   The rest of girls were waiting behind a bush, armed with cable ties, sticks and rocks, and when we heard the quietly approaching team, everything was in place.  I looked up and saw a group of smiling men standing above us with a sense of authority on their faces, our little act seemed to be working.  After telling them what happened and that the rest of the team went looking for help, they agreed to help us out and that we would then be there prisoners. The guys hauled us out of the mud and immediately blind folded us and then we were being led away.  Where were the other girls, what did I miss?  Nobody was saying anything.  ‘So, ladies, you obviously never went to real boot camp?’ The guys had foiled our plans and I had to give them some credit for their clever trick.  They had split up and once discovered us in the mud hole, signalled the other team to come in from behind in case it was a trap.   Soon we were in a cave, there was a fire burning in the open area and our blind folds were removed but not our handcuffs.  The girls caught hiding in the bushes were instructed to wash the mud off our bodies and the men eagerly watched us get naked and get rubbed clean.  Maddi took her sweet time with me, her eyes held mine as she slipped the muddy panties down my legs, she was on her knees in front of me and her face was inches away from my pussy.  She cleaned my legs gently and then ran some water down my belly and down to my swelling mound.  Her fingers lightly brushed the mud away but her fingers focused on cleaning my pussy, my clit and my moistened lips.  I closed my eyes and my breath caught in my throat, damn she was driving me mad.  She poured more water down my belly and I felt the cool liquid swirling around my clit and my ass.  My legs trembled and by the time she finished my tits and neck, I could barely stand.  The guys were mesmerised by the display and I thanked her with barely a whisper and lay down on the towel provided.  Maddi came and lay by me, her head on my thighs and she watched me with wide, hungry eyes, trying to figure me out and see if there was a plan to escape or what was going on in my head, and I was trying to figure out if I should just go with the flow or try rustle up a plan to escape and ultimate victory. ‘The girls want to win, and the boys wont see it coming’ Her whisper was barely audible but I felt her breath on my thighs and I knew how we would do it.

The men were organised, but by now were on a mission to have some fun and our capture gave them the confidence and distraction needed to buy us some time to plan.  I told Maddi the plan to let them think they have won, and then when we have them where we want them, surprise them with our final move.  The girls were focused on winning and needed no excuse to let their hair down while away from their daily routines.   Soon we got into the groove, began dancing and removing clothes, downing shots of whiskey and drawing the guys into our party spirit and giving them exactly what they want, a bunch of girls at their mercy and hot for some action.  I got up and made an announcement, ‘So boys, in light of the fact that you won fair and square, we acknowledgement your victory and as all good girls do, offer ourselves to the hungry warriors as slaves and of course, get our dirty on while we can’ I smiled meekly up at the men standing around with their smug smiles ‘We have needs too, and don’t get the opportunity to let our hair down, so what happens on conference, stays on conference!’ The group cheered and clapped and everyone was now focused on getting their rocks off as much as they could.  Within minutes, the girls were dancing naked around the fire, the guys were getting drunk and our plan was back on track.  Mike had two girls sucking his cock, he had obviously never been so lucky before and was in complete heaven.  The girls licked and kissed his cock, had their mouths working the balls and shaft and then taking in every drop of hot cum shot into their mouths and on their face.  The girls then kissed each other and ended up on the mattress, hands touching bodies, licking nipples and exploring wet pussy with no regard of who was watching.  Mike saw his opportunity and soon the three of them were tangled up in a web of desire, exploration and forbidden territory.  Maddi approached me at this point and led me out to the fire to dance with her.  Her dark skin glowed against the fire, her eyes bright with desire and her intentions clearly written all over her face.  I moved in tune with her tight body, closing my eyes to feel her warm skin so close to mine.  Dancing became sensual teasing, layers were removed and soon were moving together as one, naked and completely oblivious of the audience.  She moved down and kissed my belly, licked the sweat off my thighs and was on her hands and knees, exposing her pussy and ass to the now horny men watching us.  Her tongue found my clit but only enough to tease, then moved up to my breasts.  She pulled me down onto the blanket on the ground and I lay back in full surrender to this stolen moment, shaking like a leaf and filled with a deep wanton like I had not felt for years. 

Maddi used gentle force, she touched me almost nervously and this was obviously her first real girl on girl action that she experienced based on her desire.  Her hot- blooded sexuality and raw desire tasted and drank from my body like never before, slow at first and then with unstoppable urgency that left me needing her more than I ever wanted to.  She was on my face at one stage and I then knew that I was the first woman to taste her pussy and I made her cum in such a way, tears rolled down her cheeks.  The spell was broken and two of the men, that had been mesmerised by our moment, now needed to get their dicks wet and needed to blow their load after our display.  Maddi and I were now feeling hard cocks pumping hard and deep into our horny pussy’s and the party turned to a desperate need to release sexual tension built up over the course of the day and getting to behave like animals before heading back to the boardrooms, wives and husbands left behind for a few days.  My experience in the corporate environment had taught me that when the mouse is away, the cat will always want to play and putting up a perfect front comes with a cost.  The more you live a life of supressed desires or fascinations, the more you become savage when given the opportunity.  The men were given their victory for a short time and given their need to get their dirty desires fixed by girls who had as much to lose in the end.  The girls were using their god given gifts to disarm the male dominance in the corporate world and ensure their careers and ambitions remain in place through secrets and information as security.  The oldest game in the world, played since the beginning of time.  By sunrise, the men were past out, their lust spent and their bodies rendered weak by whiskey and hours of hard fucking. 

The day ended with the girls herding a group of half-naked men, tied up with cable ties and walking meekly into the conference facility to claim victory for the ladies.  They were humiliated by the fact that our initial plan actually led to our victory, ass and tits won again over physical strength and boot camp.  The details of the victory kept to a minimum in the boardroom and the secrets of our cave night never spoken or questioned ever again, but we all belonged to a secret club that had power should we need it.  Maddi’s husband was actually a Director in the company that hosted the event and her naughty behaviour, gave confidence to the others attending and so her secrets were safe.   Mike congratulated me, knowing that I played a big role in the outcome and knowing that I was part of the group now and his business was safe with me.  Maddi hugged and kissed me good bye and I understood all she wanted to say without any words.  I slipped her my card, knowing that I would hear from her again and would somehow be a big part of her life.  I drove away from the suits and boardrooms feeling like a winner and knowing my stories will only get more daring and unbelievable as time passes by and my sexual power was inspiring other woman to claim their share of the fun usually only enjoyed by the daring and brave. 

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