Heads or Tails?

The classic game of Heads or Tails was played by kids years ago to dare the other kids to do something silly or naughty should they loose and as wicked adults, the game gets ever so naughty. I was at a daytime concert in the park with a few friends once and it was the perfect day for  a few risky dares. Mike flipped the coin and Samantha chose heads…it landed on tails and so the fun began. We dared her to walk up to a random hottie and offer them a blowjob and after much laughter and encouragement watched her go off on her quest. She chose a really hot guy that seemed to be alone and before we could say anymore, watched her drop to her knees and suck his cock. He could not believe his luck but was very nervous with the crowds of people all around him but his cock obviously had no shame and within a few minutes shot his load in Samantha’s mouth.  A few drunk spectators even cheered and applauded, and our satisfied guy disappeared back into the crowd

Mike tossed the coin again and this time Jack had the honours of a dare. We made him get naked because he has an enormous cock and spectacular body and made him flash across the stage. Soon he was being chased by police and body guards but the girls were cheering him on with much gusto and he returned with a big smile and a hard on that would hold a ship up. Mike tossed the coin once more and I was up for a dare. I had to find a young couple and have a threesome with them under the stage. Very risky as there were cops and body guards all around but I loved the thrill. So off I went and before too long, had a cute couple with me and we were on our way to the bar to get drinks. After a few shooters I convinced the girl to let me eat her pussy while her boyfriend watched and I took them to the stage area. I found a darkish area and soon I was on my knees and eating her young and juicy pussy while her cute boyfriend stood watch for us but he also could not help his cock from growing or his fascination with our little show from showing on his face.

The girl was about to cum and I told him to fuck her while I continued to lick her pretty little clit and after a brief hesitant glance around, he could not help himself. He thrust his cock deep inside of her and their moans were attracting some unwanted attention. She came so hard and I tasted her on my lips. He then thrust his cock inside me and we came together while I kissed his girlfriend.  We had been spotted so I rushed the couple with their clothes and sent them out into the crowd. The bodyguard kept his eyes on me and before I could escape, had me in his vice grip.

What happened then was epic. He forced me into a little holding room and proceeded to teach me a lesson. He fucked me hard up the ass and held my hair so I was trapped under his tight grip. I felt his fingers in my pussy and soon I exploded with an almighty orgasm that almost broke both of us in half. He pulled out and came all over my back and my buttocks and cried out with pleasure. I stayed bent over the table and with my smug smile and freshly fucked look, asked him if I was now free to go please sir… He helped to clean me up a bit with a shaky hand and slightly embarrassed look and mumbled something about trying to behave for the rest of the concert or he would come find me again. ‘Do you Promise?’ I asked with my sweet wide eyed look and slipped back into the crowds to find my friends and enjoy the rest of the day and our little games.

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