I recently landed a very lucrative contract with a family abroad, they were looking for an interior designer that could do a rush job on their house for an upcoming wedding to be held there. They were Italian and wanted their house to look like an Italian villa, but the wife insisted on bringing in some Manhattan combined with Buckingham fucking Palace. This was going to be fun, and a big challenge but I was looking forward to a change of scenery. I arrived at their estate and was immediately shown to my garden cottage, which I might add, was absolutely stunning and very secluded from the main house. I may get to enjoy a little of the country after all. A few hours later I met up with the couple and enjoyed a rather tense dinner with them. Vito, the husband was very Italian, dark and broody and kept undressing me with his eyes. His wife, Esther was gorgeous but as cold as ice. They then explained that Vito’s sister is getting married in the newly decorated villa in a month, and his entire family was coming over. I showed them a few ideas and samples and once we agreed, I could move at my own pace. Vito was an architect that worked from home, and Esther had a very busy schedule with her gym, book club and shopping. I felt Vito’s eyes on my ass as I left the room to go and unpack and settle in. He was a bad boy, and bad boys need to be punished.

The next day was all about measuring, planning and more measuring and this proved to be quite the adventure as this house was double volume with everything. Enormous bay windows, glass doors, endless passages and oddly shaped rooms, I was going to have to climb ladders, crawl under furniture and possibly dangle from fairly high rails. Perfect, I loved getting down and dirty! A few hours later and I was finishing up the floor measurements, I was partially under a large dresser, my butt and legs sticking out and I was stretching to reach the end of the room but then got myself wedged between the floor and dresser. Fuck! I was still trying to decide how to handle this stupid situation when I heard Vito coming into the room, muttering something in Italian. ‘Hi Vito, so I somehow got a little stuck here, if you could maybe lift the dresser or something, that would be great.’ But I suddenly felt his hand grab my bare foot, and then felt another hand slide up my calves and thighs. He kissed my instep, and moved his hand to the inside of my shorts. ‘Vito, this is not a good idea, your wife could come home at any time’ I did not sound too convincing considering he had my toes in his mouth and his finger gently rubbing my moist pussy. I tried to turn or move but it was futile, I was completely trapped and had no control over the lower half of my body. It was actually kind of kinky. Vito licked and kissed his way up my legs, and after parting them as far as he could, ripped my shorts open at the crotch. He was speaking Italian and it sounded so damn good, oh my god, if Esther walks in, but he was so damn tentative and passionate and hot.

His lips found my very wet pussy and he teased me ever so gently with his tongue and lips. He gently slipped his tongue inside of me between the ass slapping and thigh nibbling. He was eating me like a pasta dish, slowly taking all of it in and I could no nothing. He then thrust his hungry cock inside of me, pushing gently at first but then pounding me long and hard, sucking my toes at every chance. His tongue slid between my toes and the sensation was so delicious and his cock kept going until I could not come anymore. I was more stuck than ever, it looked like I had peed myself there was so much and my lower part of my body shook and quivered in absolute pleasure and exhaustion. Vito got up, lifted the dresser and gently pulled me out from under, stooping down to kiss me on my mouth and then on my nipples. ‘That was one of the naughtiest things I have ever done, and I loved it, Esther does not need to know, okay?’ He had this huge smile and walked out the room, butt naked and completely chilled. Okay, that was strangely weird, but boy what a good fuck. Unexpected little pleasures everywhere.

It took me two and half weeks, Vito fucking me in every room, on every piece of furniture and in front of the staff, while Ether was barely at home. We had a huge dinner party after the completion of the work and Esther was beaming at her new, slightly over the top, Villa. Vito was of course paying her lots of attention and it would seem the ice princess allowed herself to melt a little. After a few drinks and a few hours of house talk, Esther changed subjects completely. ‘So, my love, I would love to see how you eat our little Interior Decorators pussy,’ she was still smiling and seemed extremely calm ‘I want to see you fucking the help, please baby, for me’ She was now pleading to him, her hands touching her tits and body through her shimmering little dress. Vito got up off his chair and came towards me, with a wicked and horny glint his dark eyes. ‘My wife loves to watch, she gets off on seeing me fuck beautiful women’ he lifted me off the chair and cleared the table for me to lie back on. He started at my feet again, sucking and licking my toes until I could barely breath and then worked his skilled mouth and hands on my legs and thighs. Esther was moaning, I could hear her breathing fast but could not see her. Vito was watching my face, looking at my body, feasting on every inch of me before he thrust his throbbing cock into me and slammed me hard until I felt my body shudder with wave after wave, his load shot so deep inside of me it caused another wave of orgasms. I cried out and I heard Esther cry out and Vito watched his wife come in the chair, right in front of him. He pulled away from me and grabbed Esther’s hand and brought her to where I was. She bent down and kissed me, gently and with her eyes closed. She then moved down to my pussy and began licking up all the come from inside of me. Her mouth sucked and her tongue darted in and out until every last drop was gone and I had come once more, this time on Esther’s face. ‘I love the taste of my husband’s come mixed with pussy, it is my cherry on my cake.’ They went upstairs and I was left with the sexiest memories. Job well done, obviously. I left to go home feeling like I needed a holiday, but so delightfully satisfied with my recent project. Mixing work with business always added that little bit extra, made life that little bit more adventurous, and as always, my freshly fucked body and mind, looked forward to a week in bed with nothing but rum and chocolate. 

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