Girls on their breast behaviour

My recent road trip took me to a small coastal village where I was booked into a quaint little health spa overlooking the beach. I arrived in the middle of the night and decided to catch up on some beauty sleep before I begin enjoying all the spa has to offer. I was awoken by the sound of waves crashing, sea gulls calling and loads of girly giggles. I ventured onto the balcony with nothing to cover my body to catch a glimpse of the beach and was greeted by a loud “Good morning sunshine!” There was a group of girls frolicking on the beach and most were completely naked or bare breasted and a few in scant bikinis. I must be having one of my famous wet dreams…

As it turned out, a large group of girls had booked the entire spa to celebrate the summer solstice and bonding of sisterhood. I was surrounded by gorgeous, strong and very loving hippies and it was just assumed I was here for the celebrations. Hell yeah! I will dance naked around their fires and kiss them and fuck them and give thanks to all the Goddess’s if need be but my spa treatment just got upgraded to many happy endings to me. The beach was set up with scattered massage pods, a full cocktail bar and loads of cushions and beach blankets. My highlight massage involved 3 girls and the massage oil was my own pussy juice. They sucked and licked and rubbed my entire body and then licked it off with their tongues. I had my back massaged by breasts of all shapes and sizes and I lost count of the times I came. It was to awaken the sexual beast within. And yes, it really did.

The night time was most magical. A large burning bonfire, some drums and rattles and all of us dancing naked like savages preparing for world peace. I tasted so many girls…English roses, Southern belle’s, rich chocolate skinned Brazilian babes and so much more. We sang to the moon and stars and touched each other with love and pure raw hunger. I was on my back at one stage and had a large group of girls just touch, rub, kiss and caress my body until I was alight with fire. Dana, the group leader, then inserted something long and hard and before I could even react was cumming all over faces and hands.

The early hours of the morning brought soft pinks and gold shades reflecting on our damp skin and Tiffany decided breakfast shall be liquid chocolate painted on our bodies, served with giant strawberries and whipped cream. And so the devouring of breakfast off each others bodies had to end up with some mind-blowing morning sex on the beach. Our bodies were glowing with sticky chocolate and body juices. I soaked up the sun and sipped on morning dew from Tiffany’s thighs while I had strawberry and cream eaten from my pussy and stomach and breasts. Life tasted so damn fucken good if you know where to look.  A few hours later I was lying on my beach towel, sipping a long island iced tea and let my freshly fucked body take in the sea air and feel all the sensations rushing through It still.  As we know, good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere.

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