My recent connection with Angela had been a long overdue meeting after years of texting and chatting online on a chat site.  Our love of all things beautiful and naughty kept our friendship alive through pictures and messages in the middle of a corporate meeting or sent with drunk fingers in the middle of the night.  Our chatting also opened a whole world of chat buddies to me, a private entrance into the phones and minds of like minded people all over the world.  The girls and boys in my cell, were fast becoming my little escape pods when the outside becomes a little more disconnected.  The guts and glory they showed with their daring pictures of their bodies, seeking adoration and approval and I lapped it all up like a pussy cat with a bowl of milk.  My inner circle had long seen my inner and most private photos, sharing some of my daring and dark conquests and experiences mostly hidden from the socially acceptable media platforms.  My collection of a wicked generation, emerging into the adult world with photo shopped confidence never seen before, was increasing all the time with images of budding and firm young bodies, poses that would make their Grandma’s blush and with all the right bits in all the wrong places if you know what I mean.  A private selection of the world’s most beautiful, innocent, unexposed and explicit photo’s right at my disposal, and each one with a personality and imagination from a galaxy far away.  The poems, stories and confessions would keep me up at nights, in my wildest wet dreams and saddest moments.

My update flashed across my cell screen as soon as I logged in, ‘Cell Party’ Do you really want to meet your Cell Mates? Was the catch phrase and the comments ranged from excitement to fascination to uncertainty but I for one, was truly keen to meet some of my cell mates face to face, or face to pussy to cock to ass as in all my fantasies.  There was an upcoming music festival in our city and it was decided that we should converge there first, wearing only one item that tells us apart from the rest of the crowd. A blood red lace tied around our upper arms, visible to everyone either on our existing garments, or alone on our bare arms.  I contacted Kim as back up and set about preparing for the Festival in a few days.  ‘You guys are all a bit weird, you do know that, right? I mean, you are a social butterfly, a crowd puller and you are now playing little games at festivals with hermits, introverts and under aged teens dying to get out of their dirty little minds and into the dirty real world’ Kim however, loved the idea of mystery and getting up to no good with me in one of my wild little adventures.  She had already organised us both stunning red ties, ornately decorated with charms in the form of daggers, knives, skulls and whips.  Uniquely Kim, but they rocked and combined with our naughty little denim shorts, ripped in all right places and giving a sneak peak into the promised land from just the right angles, would definitely get us noticed, into trouble and between some tender thighs with tender breasts and cocks to nibble on. 

Kim and I were at the Festival, already on our 4th ‘must have’ cocktails served in plastic cups with straws and now approaching the main music arena.  There was an entire carnival happening on the one side with wild rides, ghost house and cotton candy as far as the eyes could see.  To the other side of the arena was the whiskey bars, cider and beer halls and scattered tables being served by busty blondes, raunchy redheads and topless youth sporting their new bodies under braces and hungry eyes of the demanding customers.  ‘This is a massive event, could take days for us all to find each other’ I stared out into the ocean of people around us, the music was now beginning to pick up pace and Kim and I stole a few hours on the dance floor, the beat pulled us into its grasp and I let myself drift high above the crowds with my eyes closed and my body responding in sensuous designs of my deepest, darkest and dirtiest thoughts. I felt Kim’s body heat close to mine, we always did move well together, I kept my eyes closed and so we moved and swayed until the air around us felt charged and electric.  The music bled out eventually, into a new beat and we both opened our eyes and clung to each other with giggles and exhaustion.  ‘That was so desperately needed, for so long now bitch!’ Kim hugged me and straightened up. ‘Oh, fuck me gently!’ was all that came out of Kim’s mouth. I straightened up and looked around.  We were surrounded by a wave of red arm bands, a group of lost children found, all dressed up tattoos, piercings, rebellious slogans and bare minimum to just enough.  ‘Holy Fuck, its you!!! Bitch, it’s Me, Angela!’ her voice broke the silence and she came running into my arms.  ‘It is so amazingly awesome to be here, hugging you eventually’ Angela’s pictures told no lies, she was as hotter in real life, her 17-year-old ass as tight and soft as a well baked bun, her skin glowing with health and vitality and her eyes as dirty as a two-bit whore. 

Angela and few of her new groupies grabbed Kim and I and headed up towards the funfair.  We managed to squeeze into a cart for the Ghost ride, and the cart lugged forward to the start of really bad carnival intro music.  We entered through the main entrance now and we were almost completely blind now, the place had an echo but our eyes strained to see even the slightest light or idea of where we were.  Angela was on my lap at this point, her tongue inside of my mouth ‘Scary things make me really horny, just like you’ she kissed and nibbled at my lips and her hands were already undoing my skimpy little shorts.  Her finger found my pussy, they softly rubbed my mound with gentle touches and then her finger slid ever so slowly between the lips and found my soaked clit.  My hands had found her inner thighs under her short skirt, her pussy had a soft fuzz on it, like a peach and she moved her hips towards my fingers in desperate little moans.  ‘What the fuck is that?’ one of the guys asked meekly from the back, trying not to sound scared though.  ‘does anyone else see it?’ suddenly everyone spoke at once, except Angela and I, ‘of course we see it, Dick brain, it is a floating lantern or something, a bit cheesy if you ask me’ the voices all went back to their original conversations, flashing phone selfies and ooh’s and aah’s.  Angela was now standing up with her crotch in my face, she was leaning over against the back of the cart, grinding her pussy against my mouth and face.  I had a finger inside of her now and someone behind us had their tongue up her ass.  ‘Oh my God, I am going to cum’ Angela writhed and I grabbed her butt with my one hand, almost knocked the third participant in the face. ‘Hey, tongue this side honey’ the voice was deep and sweet, sounded like Kathryn, Angela’s BFF.  Kim was busy sucking the boy in the backs cock so hard and well that he was now crying out ‘Oh fuck, what the fuck! How do you do that?’ Kim yelled out ‘give me your hot cum lover boy’ his orgasm and her delight could be heard at the back where we were now entangling ourselves.  There were things dangling from above and touching our faces, a few girls squealed but mostly giggled with girly delight and from the moans and groans still lingering, the open orgy was still keeping the cell girls and boys distracted from the ghost tour. 

An hour later, the two men were tied up with silky bands, on a mattress on the ground at the back of the pub area, with a massive bonfire burning in front of them and a cluster of naked girls, draped only in wreaths of flowers and red silky sashes, dancing around the fire but keeping their eyes and displays fixed on the two naked men straining to get to the girls.  The two shouted their approval, demanded to be released and then begged to be punished for their sinful thoughts.  Kim and I got to taste the sweetness of the girls, lick up their honey as we thrust our tongues and fingers into their pussies, their asses and their mouths.  We danced a sensual, dark and hypnotic dance of fire light, naked bodies, forbidden pleasures and with their cock’s tied in cock restraining devices, a dance that offers no release or pleasure.  The girls took turns to spank the men on their naked buttocks and backs and on their swollen cocks as they danced and laughed around them like crazy witches, casting a spell.  Their cocks now straining so badly their balls and cocks were starting to look like squashing tomatoes.  ‘Please, stop, we will go and you will never see us again, I promise’ The one was crying in agony and his nut sac looked like it was about to burst.  He squeezed his eyes shut and begged ‘We will never speak of this to anyone’ Tears were streaming down his face and his cock was beginning to shrink back to its original shape. 

Two and half hours later, Kim and I were back at my place with Angela and Toby, in my jacuzzi and the two men were being arrested for indecent exposure and sexual harassment by the festival security and the girls in cells returned to their secret network of sexuality, identity and approval with stories and pic’s from the Music Festival and the first excursion of the Girls in Cells.  Toby had his cock deep inside of my ass, Angela was licking my clit and her fingers were inside of my pussy, Kim was having her way with Toby’s ass and balls and my orgasm ripped through my body and caused a slight tsunami in my bedroom.  We lay all soaked, bedraggled and still connected to each other in one way or the other and laughed until we could not breath anymore.  Angela looked down at me with clear, blue eyes, wiped the hair that whipped across my face and kissed me on the mouth. ‘I would like to stay in touch with my cell mate, if that is ok with you?’ She got up, stretched forward just long enough to show her rear part of her asshole and pussy, keeping us all glued for a moment.  Toby stood up ‘Fuck Toby, that is a fucking huge cock dude’ I was truly impressed at the sheer length and size for such a slightly built guy.  ‘Why do you think I have kept him this long darling’ Kim could not wipe the smile of her face.  We cleaned up, showered for a few hours and then headed back to our regular worlds.  I stood on my balcony that evening, a sky full of stars and a warm breeze caressing my naked body with images of Angela still burned clearly into my mind.  The thought of the images on my phone was enough to stir my loins again, the pictures of the cocks throbbing from pleasure or leaking their hot cum and cleverly photo edited pics of inexperienced sexual beings testing and tasting the adult world, the downy soft pussy, the dirty little undies and poses and the dirtiest of minds and intentions shining back at you in the eyes of seduction and promise.  These images flood my dreams at night, fill my eyes while I give myself over to pleasure and fantasy.  I fell asleep with the taste of Angela’s pussy and mouth still on my lips and decided that I needed to spend some quality time with Toby and his magical cock very soon. 

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