My true sexual awakening and self-discovery found their wings on my first holiday with my best friend Jay, a road trip down to the coast after our final year at school. We had our backpacks and pep talks from our parents but all we could think about was beach, boys, booze and banging. We had told our parents we were taking buses down to the coast, but we decided to pocket the money for parties and new bikinis and try our luck at hitch hiking. Naughty girls, dressed in as little as possible and throwing our fate into the wind to see who picks us up and how far we can go.
Our journey began in a diner along a busy road heading in our direction, we were eating burgers and drinking beer but were secretly looking for a prime target to bum a lift. We spotted 3 young guys at a table laughing loudly and eating mountains of fries. They had obviously noticed us but were playing it cool. We decided we will start there. I got up and minced over to the table of awkward boys, I made eye contact with each and every one before I stopped in front of them and asked ‘Where you boys heading?’ I felt their eyes on my body and pushed my tits out slightly, ‘Cat got your tongues’…

The older looking youth took the lead. ‘We are heading down towards the coastline’ he was a little self-conscious but had a sexy drawl and casual glint in his pretty blue eyes. ‘We are heading down to our family farm for the holidays, this is my brother Gary and his dorky best friend Jarrod’. ‘My name is Shaun’. I sat down next to Shaun, much to his surprise, ‘I am Lee, and that hottie over there is Jay. We are trying to find a ride,’ I looked deep into Shaun’s eyes and could see him swallow hard and wriggle in his seat ‘We are heading down to the coast to seek out the beach and the best parties ever!’ I kept eye contact with Shaun and suddenly I got all wet between my legs, my heart fluttered and I felt my face heating up. ‘Tell your friend to come join us and let’s chat about our road trip’ Shaun enjoyed my discomfort slightly and he shifted up to make place for me. I signalled Jay and soon we were all drinking a few beers, except for Shaun since he was driving, talking shit and laughing. A few hours later, we were all in Shaun’s classic Mercedes Benz and were happily on our way to our legendary holiday. Shaun had me in front with him and Jay was very comfortable between Gary and Jarrod. I sensed that we were about to start our horny holiday sooner than later.

A few hours later we had pulled over onto a little farm road and found ourselves parked under a huge oak tree with a field of grass all around. Jay had the two boys chasing her in the fields and her shirt being used as a flag. Shaun and I were in the car listening to the radio when he leaned over and began kissing me, his mouth was warm and I felt my pussy getting very wet again. I felt a strong ache in my groin and I pushed my breasts up against Shaun’s body and felt his throbbing cock stiffen under the strain of his pants and against my pelvis. In the blink of an eye I had Shaun’s cock in my mouth and was trying out my skills with my tongue and my mouth. Shaun’s moaning confirmed that I was doing it just right. He stopped me just before he came and then started on my very hungry pussy. He licked and thrust his tongue inside of me and I felt my first orgasm rushing out onto his tongue. I came so hard and before I had finished, he got on top of me and gently slipped his cock into my very tight pussy. I felt myself coming all over his cock and he gently fucked me through another orgasm before I felt him pull out and shoot his hot come all over my body and face.

We managed to get half way with Shaun and company and then found another ride with a band in a mini bus. The band consisted of 1 girl and 2 guys. They were on their way to the coast to play at a massive beach party. Jackpot! Kylie, the vocalist in the band fancied having a few extra girls and soon we were all partying and throwing back shots of tequila. We decided to put on a strip show for the boys, and pretty soon, I was in the middle of my very first orgy. I tasted my first pussy and Kylie was the best teacher. I explored Kylie’s pussy with my tongue and decided the taste really turned me on. I felt her come on my tongue and I was being fucked by the drummer, who was about to come, so Kylie and I took over and sucked and licked him until his come shot on to our faces and we all collapsed giggling on the floor of the bus. I lay on Jay’s tummy and watched my new friends acting like irresponsible teenagers and felt all warm and fuzzy. The lead guitarist shouted over to me ‘Hey sexy bitch, you all glowing and looking very edible right there’. Yes, I decided the freshly fucked look really did suit me. My hair all wild and tangled and my skin all glowing while my pussy tingled like a purring kitten. This was going to be the best holiday ever and I had discovered my appetite for mind blowing sex.

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