FEISTY FLASHBACKS – Part 4 Parental Supervision

My best friend in High School was a girl named Bethany and we were as close as sisters. She either spent most of her weekends at our house or I spent weekends at her house. Her parents were young parents and kind of cool. They had the best parties and they even let us smoke and have a few drinks. It was this that made me decide that I wanted to have my 16th birthday party at Bethany’s house. Her parents agreed and so I planned my most epic party ever. Bethany’s parents were also quite wealthy, so they tended to spoil us girls quite a bit and they took care of all the party decorations, snacks and of course the drinks and punch. The grown ups will leave the party by 6 and then the venue is ours. With Bethany’s parents supervising of course. My birthday theme was White Dreams and Bethany’s family had made everything look so dreamy and pretty. The cake was a layered cake that looked like clouds and a rainbow and it had stars and pillows and all things girly. We were keeping the cake for later that night though. The Adults said their good byes and left the party at around 6 30 and then it was time for the real fun to begin. The lights were dimmed and they had organised a really cool DJ, so before long we were all moving on the dance floor. Bethany’s parents, then insisted we call them by their first names, Ellen and Shaun, and brought out the special punch and some shooters.

The music got dirty, and drinks flowed and we were all on our way to getting a little wasted, my birthday party was in full swing and I could not have been happier. Soon we were romping in the pool, in our white outfits, giggling at how see through our clothes were. We played pool games and got a little drunker until Shaun arrived with towels and coffee. He stood at the edge of the pool with my towel, looking at my wet body and clothes but quickly wrapped me up and led me over to the coffee. We all warmed up and drank our coffee but soon were back on the dance floor, partying and showing off our bodies through our damp, white outfits. I decided to go inside and freshen up a little. I found Bethany’s bedroom and went through to her bathroom. I was wiping my face and touching up on a little make up when I heard the door open and it was Ellen, Bethany’s mom. ‘Sorry to barge in like that but I forgot my shampoo here, carry on sweetie’ Ellen was only wearing a towel, and she brushed closely behind me to get to the shower. ‘In fact, all my stuff is here, I am just going to shower here quick, you don’t mind, do you?’ she had already dropped her towel and turned on the water. ‘Of course not’ I said looking at her naked body. She had an amazing body, very beautiful breasts, soft skin and stunning ass. The soap was running down her body, between her legs. I looked away quickly. ‘Would you mind perhaps helping me with my back, I had tanning oil on earlier and just need to get it off, please’ She held out her sponge and I hesitated. ‘Don’t be shy, we all have the same things’, she turned around. I stepped to the edge of the shower and grabbed the sponge and began washing her sexy back. Her ass was so tight, and so damn soapy, I washed slightly lower down. I eventually washed her lower back and a few slipped hands led me straight down to her sexy ass. She then spun around and said ‘you do this so well, I feel like a goddess. ‘Don’t be nervous, I wont hurt you. Girls play all the time, it is just how we are made. We feel comfortable with each other, and safe.’ She pulled me under the water. She removed my shorts, shirt and panties. ‘Here, let me warm you up a bit. I have other clothes you can wear afterwards.’ She took the soap and began lathering my stomach, breasts and arms. Her hands were gentle and soft, and they moved gently down towards my inner thighs. She knelt down in front of me and began soaping my feet and legs. I felt my pussy stir, felt the slight pain deep inside of me. She looked up at me and said ‘Just a little kiss’ and she leaned in and planted a wet and open mouthed kiss on my slightly swollen pussy.

I moaned and my legs buckled a little. She continued to lather my legs but this time her tongue found the entrance to my honey pot and she slipped her warm tongue in just ever so slightly. Her lips felt so amazing down there, my friend’s mother, what a mind fuck. She sucked my clit and within seconds I felt myself orgasm. Not like the ones I feel when I play with myself, this one was like nothing I had felt. I could feel myself throbbing from somewhere deep inside of me. ‘You taste like honey and cream, so sweet and innocent’ Ellen hugged me. ‘I don’t think you should tell anyone about this, it’s between you and me, our little secret pleasure for your 16th. You are becoming a woman now, and a really sexy, beautiful woman at that.’ Ellen gave me a full wash, helped me dry and dress and we went down to the party with giggles and a naughty little secret.

It then came time for the cake. I did not want to cut the cake however, I wanted a cake fight! The cake was outside and we let rip on this stunning, deliciously soft cake. We ate it, threw it at our friends, rolled in it, painted the lawn and the pool furniture with it, we had the most epic, girly, cake fight every in history. When we had our fill of cake, we all ended up in the pool again. Except this time, they had added pool friendly bubbles to clean us all off. A giant bubble bath, and boy did we get up to no good in that pool. We took our tops off and one point and had a best ‘boobies’ competition. I won, of course! We also practiced our kissing skills on each other with the few boys at the party, drooling and barely able to contain themselves, and what was in their wet pants. We had them measuring our tits with their shaky hands and judging our little games. We also had a demonstration on how to do a blow job, using a cucumber stolen from the kitchen. We had fits of giggles and pretended to know exactly what we were doing. Most of us had no idea about blow jobs and stuff. But it was fun to joke and laugh about it. Ellen was right, girls do feel comfortable with each other. We trust each other. It is perfect for practicing and learning. And secretly I really like how girls’ lips tasted and their soft skin.
By Midnight, most of the young party goers were starting to fade and a large bed was made in the lounge where we could watch movies and eat popcorn. Bethany had passed out ages ago in her room, and I lay next to Ellen. Shaun then came and lay behind me, and we watched a really awesome horror movie and ate loads of popcorn. Ellen then pulled me closer to her, her hands on my stomach and her thighs pressed up against mine. ‘You are like a hot water bottle, I am frozen’ I liked the feel of her cool hands on my hot skin, I felt my skin react and my nipples harden. ‘You have the prettiest nipples I have ever seen,’ she whispered in my ear. ‘Can I touch it’ I nodded and her fingers gently stroked my hard nipple. I felt a fire in my loins. ‘Shaun, feel these nipples, the most beautiful nipples I have ever seen, like little pink jelly tots’. The next thing I felt Bethany’s dad’s hand move slowly and deliberately to my nipple. I arched involuntarily and a slight moan escaped my lips. ‘Shhhhhh…we don’t want to wake the other faders over there’ and he put the TV slightly louder ‘I just want to feel them a little bit, is that ok?’ He had a deep, comforting voice. I nodded again. By now Ellen had found my pussy, and had her soft fingers gently play with it, slipping in just a little bit and then finding my very swollen clit. My eyes were closed and it all felt so good. Then Shaun’s hand slowly made its way down to my soaking wet pussy. He just touched it very lightly, feeling the soft mound and then my slightly open lips. Ellen and Shaun were both playing with me at the same time.

I could feel a really big orgasm building, I had to bite my lip, Shaun’s other hand firmly held me down while I felt my body break into a million pieces. I came from deep inside and then came again immediately after, and again. It lasted about 4 minutes but felt like days. But I felt high and light as a feather, so comfortable and so free. It was so naughty and with other kids sleeping close by, so daring. It all added to the thrill of it for me. ‘Can I just put it in a little bit, I promise I won’t hurt you’ Shaun’s breath on my neck made me dizzy. ‘Yes’ I whispered. ‘I want it’ I could feel my head spinning, and Ellen played gently with my clit while Shaun slipped his very hard Cock slowly into my hungry pussy. Slowly and gently, and then pulling out again. Just a little, it felt so good. Ellen was playing with my clit and I could feel another orgasm building, but the feeling of a cock just inside, felt like the best thing in the world. I felt him touch parts of me inside I had never felt before. My body arched slightly, Ellen leaned in to kiss me, and muffle my cry as I had the biggest orgasm I had felt. I felt something hot shoot inside of me and it felt like warm water and it made it all so slippery. I felt Shaun shudder then lie still, his heart beat so loud, I could almost hear it. Ellen had been playing with me and herself and had come as well. We lay there for a few minutes then had a smoke and a large mug of hot chocolate. Later I fell fast asleep in their arms, content with my party and feeling all grown up with my new experiences today. Bethany and I remained friends forever, we ended up working in a strip club many years later, but her parents never touched me again. These valuable experiences were well learned and remembered and took me further along my journey of self-discovery and adventures. And I really loved my body and what pleasures it can give me. So much to look forward to.

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