FEISTY FLASHBACKS – Part 3 Double Desire

Every girl has that one crush, that one boy that they like a lot more than they should. I had a few of those but my ultimate double crush, takes the cake. I was obsessed with two brothers. I dated both secretly but they knew that they both wanted me. My desire for both was the fantasy that played out in my head when I was out with one or the other. Luke and Donny were both hot, one dark with dark eyes and a broody personality, and the other, shiny blue eyes and a playful sexy nature. I was still very inexperienced and still very new at this sort of thing. My desire for the brothers felt like real love, my pathetic diaries and whimsical poems bled of desperate love and true romance and the impossible choice that needs to be made. But for now, I was enjoying the attention, the flowers and dinners and of course the amazing sex. Each brother had his own skill and his own raw desire for my body and to ultimately, win me over, body and heart, to take me away from the other.

Luke was the one that loved to show me off in public, he loved the fact that I was drawing so much attention, but was his. He taught me to dance properly, he made me feel so damn sexy on the dance floor and that awakened my inner stripper. Luke would get very dirty on the dance floor and my still fairly shy nature, fed his need to put me in the spotlight. We fucked in every toilet in every club we ever went to. Luke made me come so many times, while sitting in the movies or having dinner in a fancy restaurant. We once had sex on the couch on a Saturday night, under a blanket with my mother in the same room. He taught me to be daring and to take chances and chase the thrill. Luke treated me like his plaything, like his girl, but he was a player and was obviously in it for the fun, not for the long haul.

Donny was the broody one, the one that used absolute romance to win the girls over, he knew women and how they worked. Donny used Love to get Sex, and was so fucking good at it. He spent a fortune on expensive dinners, flowers and gifts but in the sack, his inner animal awoke and he worshiped my body with passion and force. He became darker and a little savage and this drove me completely wild with lust and desire. He would be the perfect gentleman in the public eye, provocative looks, subtle touches and hours of intense teasing. I would lean in for a kiss and Donny would pull back gently and pour more wine. He would work me up so much that I would often have to go to the bathroom to play with myself to get the release I needed. It was also around that time that I learned to come without touching myself. That however is a whole different story. But Donny knew that by the time we got home, I would do anything and everything his heart and body desired.
Luke and Donny were having a massive house party and this was going to be the first time I have both brothers in the same place. I was nervous but also very excited about the endless possibilities. A girl has to get a little fun out of this situation, surely? I arrived at the party a little late and with an entourage of friends, including a few hot boys. Donny did not look happy, but Luke saw it as a bit of a dare, and so the games began. Luke and I got the dance floor warmed up and Donny’s casual glances had a glint of a smile in them. ‘What were they up to?’ I wondered holding onto Luke with all my strength as we got down and dirty with our moves.

The next thing Donny came and joined us, which was not that unusual. Except this time, they were moving closer and closer, until I was sandwiched between the two boys and I could feel their cocks against my back and stomach. I closed my eyes, pretended to not notice the bulges, and let myself slip into fantasy. I could feel and smell their bodies so close, each reminding me of something naughty and intimate but the combination was intoxicating for me. My legs shook a little and my panties were already soaked through.
I needed to get away from them, so I slipped away during a casual dance and found the pathway to the secluded swimming pool. I stripped down and stepped into the warm water. Night swimming always cleared my mind, made me feel safe and of course, feeling the water between my legs and on my skin, made me extremely horny. The night sky was so bright tonight, the moon shining full and throwing dappled shadows all over the pool. I rested on the edge of the pool with my drink and a smoke and just enjoyed the moment. Then I heard voices and turned to see Luke and Donny approach the pool. They began stripping their clothes off and with a giant splash, jumped into the pool. So here I was, stark naked in the pool, with the two brothers I have school girl crushes on, right in front of me, with big smiles and no good written all over their faces.

We drank a few drinks, laughed, swam and played a few cool games. Soon enough we were comfortable on the steps of the pool, no awkwardness and Luke leaned in to kiss me. I hesitated but he was already there, his hands touching my nipples and his tongue slipping into my hungry mouth. Donny pulled me back against him, his arms around my waist and supporting me while his brother kissed me. I closed my eyes and let myself slip behind the veil of fantasy, I wanted to lose my inhibitions with these two boys and I wanted to go all the way with them. Luke nibbled my ears and neck and Donny was stroking my back and thighs. Then Donny lifted my hips up just above the water line so that Luke could explore my horny pussy with his tongue. Donny’s cock suddenly filled me up, Luke was licking my clit and his hands held me up. They then had me kneeling on the step while they both fucked me at the same time. I had a brother in each hungry hole, and the savage act of it made me come so hard I screamed. They both filled me up until I collapsed into their strong arms.
We spent the rest of the night playing with each other, having fun and exploring the limitlessness of this fantasy. I sucked their cocks until they begged me to stop and could not decide which one tasted the best. Luke and Donny were the perfect guy, combined. If only I could have both forever. The days that followed the party were over the top and crazy with our newly found desire in our little threesome. We got arrested once, and spent the night having secret sex in a dirty prison cell, with dirty blankets and a dirty guard watching us from afar. We spent a few months living the ultimate fantasy and pushing our boundaries with our bodies and our daring adventures landed us in much trouble but left us with the best life lessons of all.
Our friendships seemed deeper but as with all good things, they come to an end at some point. But the way those boys played me like a guitar, like a plaything, like a puppet on a string, awakened my hunger for sins of the flesh. I wanted to try everything, the good and the bad, I wanted to taste it all and feel it all and find the ultimate thrill and satisfaction. They awakened the hungry in me, the animal and the constant seeker of pleasure and adventure. I was made to be laid, I wore the freshly fucked look like a queen and I had a power in me that could take me everywhere. So much to do, so little time.

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