PART TWO – Just a Tease
Every naughty girl knows the power of promise, the games we play to get what we want, but on our terms. Flirting and flattering can provide free drinks, parties and all kinds of grown up activities when used on fairly inexperienced boys and in playful situations. My games however landed me in very hot water once again. I had been to a party with my friends and was on top form, showing off my smoking hot body, kissing all the hot girls, flashing my tits on every occasion and feeling like I was the playgirl and this was my stage. I managed to keep the boys at bay with my flirty jokes and razor sharp tongue and loved the fact that they could look but not touch. ‘You are playing a dangerous game here tonight little girl’ I spun around and came face to face with a very intimidating looking man. He was a lot older and had a very intense look about him, but was probably the sexiest man I had ever met. ‘And what game would that be?’ I gave him my best wide eyed look I had, but with an added glint of mischief in my eyes. ‘Cock Teasing’ he whispered into my ear. ‘such a tender little bud but no idea how to follow through’ He was pressing his body up against mine, his eyes held mine and I felt my heart jump into my throat. ‘What if I want more than just to look, if I want what you are keeping to yourself?’ I could feel the heat from his body and it was making me very wet and I suddenly felt a little out of my depth. I felt myself blushing and at a loss for words all of a sudden, and by the time I had thought of something to say, he was gone. ‘What a piece of work’ I thought and headed towards the bathrooms to freshen up a little.
I was heading back towards the party when I heard footsteps behind me, I looked back but saw nothing. Must be my slightly intoxicated mind playing tricks on me but as I turned to carry on, I walked straight into the guy who called me a cock tease. ‘Hello my sweet little cock tease, I have been looking for you’ He had me firmly in his grasp and was leading me to a barn at the bottom of the garden. ‘I have to go back to the party because my friends will be looking for me…’ but I felt my pussy get very wet and my legs felt like jelly. He took my hand and gently led me to a pile of hay in a corner. ‘I won’t hurt you, I promise’ his voice was husky and his eyes seemed to have some kind of hold on me. ‘Your teasing has worked on all the boys tonight, but surely you don’t want a young and inexperienced boy fumbling around and not giving your body the pleasure it truly deserves. He had me on a very soft and fresh pile of hay, and his strong arms had me pinned down. I felt my body quiver and it was a combination of nerves and absolute desire. He kept eye contact with me while he slowly pulled my shorts down, ‘Such a naughty girl, no underwear’ and then he managed to pull my t shirt off without barely any effort. ‘You have had my cock rock hard all night, and it now needs to be satisfied. He kissed me softly on the lips, and then moved his mouth down to explore the rest of my exposed body. His mouth felt like fire on my neck and on my very hard nipples. He then moved down between my shaky thighs. He circled my pussy with his tongue, teasing but not going all the way. He kissed my clit ever so softly and I could not control the moan that escaped my lips. He just lightly licked the entrance to my hungry pussy but pulled back again and focused on my stomach. My back arched in anticipation and I could feel the wetness trickle slightly down my thigh. Oh my God! I just wanted to come, I wanted to feel his hard cock in my mouth and deep inside of me, but he was toying with me.

His mouth found its way down to my pussy again and this time he focused on my ass. He was licking me and probing slightly with his tongue. ‘You are so wet my little one, your body is screaming for more and you can’t stop yourself’ He was so damn controlled and so damn good at this game and it just made me want him more. He then slipped his finger into my pussy, not too deep, but just enough to awaken every inch of my body. I tried to thrust up to get more but he pulled out and put his finger into my mouth. He then leaned in to kiss me again, more urgently this time, with a little more force and passion. ‘I want you to suck my cock a little, to give it a taste of what’s to come’ He pulled my head up and guided my mouth to his throbbing cock. I felt my mouth water with anticipation and heard him groan slightly when I slipped his hot cock into my mouth. His cock tasted so good, I could feel his blood pumping in his veins and felt it move as I sucked it. I licked and sucked his balls and cock until I could taste drops of come escape. He pulled his cock out ‘No my darling, not yet’ and he picked me up effortlessly and put me down onto a large work bench. He looked down at my body again and his hands were holding me while his cock found its way to the opening of my pulsating pussy. He slipped in slowly and held my ankles out so that I could not move and it felt like he was splitting me in half. His cock was huge and it reached into the furthest parts of my body. He had barely entered when I felt my body arch and all the blood drain from me as an orgasm mounted. He slowed down immediately, holding back and watching me writhe in complete lust and desire. He then pulled out and went down and pushed his tongue deep into my pussy. I was now in a state of frenzy, my orgasm ready to explode but his expert mouth managed to keep me on the edge of exploding but he was not giving me the satisfaction quite yet.

He held me down with such strength and then finally thrust his cock deep inside of me while he played with my swollen clit. He guided my body to the edge again and finally I completely broke and had the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. I came hard but it rippled through my body several times and he pulled out and forced his cock back into my mouth. I felt him come immediately and instead of letting me pull away from the force, he held my head tight and I drank my first ever load of hot come. I could feel myself choking slightly but I kept swallowing until I had drained him of every drop. His delicious cock had made me horny again and my hand slid down to my horny pussy again and soon I felt a final orgasm building and in that moment, he went down and shoved his skilled tongue deep inside of me as I began to come. I had never experienced such pleasure before, my body quivered and shook and my inner animal was awake. We both lay on that bench unable to move or speak for a while. I lay there in that barn with a man I hardly knew, still trying to pull myself towards myself but I realized that all I needed to know was that I loved all aspects of sex and that my journey to try everything had just begun. I walked out of that barn feeling truly alive and wearing my first ever freshly fucked look with complete pride, thinking ‘So many people to do, so little time and still so much to learn’ Life was perfect!

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