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One of my hobbies, when I get time, is rock climbing and abseiling and we are a fixed group of like minded climbers and adventurous thrill seekers. Abigail is as crazy as a motherfucker, dirty blonde dreads and an even dirtier mind with a smoking hot body.  She also fancies herself the best tattoo artist in the world. Perry was a corporate, disciplined boardroom junkie with full sleeve tattoos and shaved head and has control issues and the biggest dick I have ever seen. Tyrone was as dark as the night but was our ray of sunshine. He sang reggae and made us laugh with his constant pranks and dirty mouth. Together, we spent so many memorable weekends climbing or rafting the rapids and just being extreme hooligans.  Our favourite fun factor is to do some of our excursions completely naked and always push the boundaries with sex and danger.

We had decided to go do some bouldering and relaxed abseiling around an escarpment just outside the city. The mountainside was covered with large boulders and clusters of rock and trees and then dropped over to a 200 metre cliff drop into a forest below. The best part was that there was a waterfall just inches from our point of drop. Abseiling next to a waterfall, naked and ending off with a skinny dip in the pool below before climbing back out. Bliss!  We had all made our way down to the pool and were having some fun in the water. Tyrone was showing off with his new underwater camera and was taking close ups of our pussy’s. Perry was making his way to Abigail and I and Tyrone was about to get the show of the day! Perry held me up so I could float on my back while Abigail worked my pussy with her mouth and tongue. I closed my eyes and just felt the sun on my body and the cool water lapping around me while my pussy was being devoured in turns by Perry and Abigail. Then Perry drew me hard and fast onto his throbbing, giant cock. It took my breath away and Abigail had her tongue in my mouth and her kiss was deep and hard. Perry pushed himself all the way in and I came instantly in this blissful mountain pool in paradise itself.

Soon we were all on a small island in the middle of the pool. My favourite Cocks on a great big rock…with Abigail for extra sugar and spice.  I wanted it rough and dirty today, we all wanted that today. I wanted both of them inside me, Tyrone thrust his cock deep inside my ass, and then Perry’s giant cock filled every part of my pussy. It felt like I would rip in two. Abigail found my clit with her tongue and I was pushed to the edge a few times but the fuckers were teasing me to the point of madness. I was begging and pleading but the trio relished the site of my desperate hunger. Then it happened. My first orgasm exploded and Tyrone had to hold on extra tight, Perry came at the same time and my entire body filled with hot cum. I writhed and twisted in sheer pain and ecstasy, my body shaking with further waves hitting. Tyrone came deep inside my ass which then brought on a deep and powerful orgasm and once again I felt like I was splitting in half but the pleasure pushed me into a dark and warm pool and I just lay there with golden light on my face and sweat glistened on our bodies and we looked like marble sculptures set against a waterfall and a forest, slumped with exhaustion and contentment.

The climb up was slow and Tyrone had a ball (and boner) with his camera and our pussy’s climbing up a sheer rock. Perry was hindered by his enormous cock and the cursing and giggling all the way up could have been heard for miles around. It was much fun and fingers and tongues were occasionally inserted while us girls were stuck in precarious positions. I had Abigail just above my face and I just could not resist giving her juicy pussy a quick lick. She moaned and lowered closer to my face. She was about to cum on my face. I then felt Perry grab my waist and he was supporting me from the back while Abigail shot her honey all over my face. I slumped back a little but Perry had me. Soon we reached the top and had our tent pitched and fire made by the time the sun set gloriously in front of us.

The night was filled with whiskey and moonlight bouldering in our birthday suits. We focused on our climbing techniques and free style moves but also had loads of fun with each others bodies. Abigail had Perry deep inside of her and Tyrone’s cock in her mouth and she was stuck on a ledge and had to push back against Perry’s cock to just stay on the rock. Needless to say the boys kept poor Abigail busy for a while. They eventually helped her down after her 5th orgasm and much begging. They collapsed on the grass with fits of laughter and exhaustion. The toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate were then served from my breasts, mouth and thighs. We fell asleep around the fire, the stars twinkling mischievously above us and the sounds of the mountains in our ears. I looked around at the group and our freshly fucked looks were shining as bright as the moon and my satisfied body purred gently next to the warm fire and bodies around me.  Life could be extremely delicious and filled with thrills and laughs with like minded souls. Heaven!

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