I was on my way to a special filming shoot, it was taking place in the country and I was given very little information other than the ‘toys were taking to the skies’. I had no idea what any of that meant, but as always, I was down for anything so I didn’t concern myself with details. I was recruited through the modelling agency, and was told it was of adult nature. Getting paid to get naked or laid, the best job in the world as far as I was concerned. We arrived at this beautiful estate and made our way to the pool area. There was a small film crew milling around as well as a few models. The models were already naked in the pool, so I joined them and began warming up on a few cocktails. A few hours later we were asked to sit on a counter, it was large and we sat with our knees up and pussy’s exposed to the crew. The next thing we heard a faint humming sound from above and I spotted a few flying drones in the air. There were 6 guys at the end of the yard, holding remotes and the drones they controlled, were hovering above the estate. As they approached, I noticed a large Dildo placed at the tip of each drone. Well I never! ‘Right ladies, as you can now see, we have remote controlled drones in the air, armed with something just for your pleasure and the guys with the remotes need to see if their aim is any good and if they can make you cum. We will be filming it all for a movie I am busy with, so I need you all to look your best, give us your all and let’s have some fun.’ The director was a stud himself and his crew, hot half naked boys, so the eye candy was perfect and we were well warmed up on cocktails and a few tequila’s. We were keen, very wet already and having loads of fun.

My drone controller was a pretty boy, a little shy but a genius with the drone. He managed to line up with me before any of the others and I looked across into his eyes while he manipulated the drone into my exposed pussy. The moment was a little electric, our eyes were locked and as he pushed the button upwards, I felt the vibrating dildo slide easily between my dripping wet lips and just the tip inside. I saw his eyes shining with desire and focus and his final thrust, sent his drone straight into me. The camera guys were around me, filming the whole thing. ‘Watch where you put those long lenses boys’. They were so damn close with the equipment, but I was also enjoying an audience at this close range. My drone was now moving in and out with fluid motion and I could feel the vibrations of the drone right through my whole body. Suddenly the drone kicked up a notch and the speed had been adjusted. I was now being fucked by my drone controller and he could see the effect. I was building for an enormous orgasm, my legs started to shake a little, my breathing got fast. The camera was virtually next to the drone, millimetres away from my pussy. I felt the drone push harder and deeper then it pushed hard and I felt my body tense up. I closed my eyes and waited for the waves of pleasure about to grip my entire body. I came so hard, the drone was almost pushed out with force, but the speed at which my boy recovered and re-entered, was mind blowing. He pumped every last drop of honey out of me until I cried out. I must have had at least 3 orgasms and it was all filmed, at close range. I saw the camera guy wiping his lens and smiling at me with a twinkle in his horny eyes.

After a few hours of swimming, resting and shooting back more tequila, we were prepped for the final show. If that was just the warm up, the main event has to be spectacular. This time, 3 of us were chosen and placed on a large round bed, conveniently set up outside. 3 of the male crew also came and joined us on the bed. Yes! we were going to get some real cock too. I could feel my loins stirring and starting to get a little hungry. We were going to be suspended in the air, just inches away from the crew and his throbbing cock. While he fucks our pussy’s, the drone controllers will have to get the dildo to fuck us in the ass at the same time. He wanted us to all come at the same time, which meant a bit of co-ordination between the girls, and boys. Sounds like a challenge and the more takes we do, the more we get fucked, the more fun we are having anyway. Within minutes we were playing, warming up and just getting to know each other. Loads of giggles, moans and the purring of drones could be heard for miles away, and then it began to happen. We were all comfortable, enjoying the sex and quiet whispers signalling to slow down or speed up could barely be heard. The controllers had the drones in line and the penetration was about to begin. The drone tickled slightly as it hovered to get all 3 in line at the same time. My guy was having a bit of fun, tickling me just a little, then pushing the tip into the entrance, ever so slightly, then pulling out again. It was getting difficult to control myself, I was being fucked so well, his cock was huge and it almost filled my entire body, so I was ready to explode at any moment. Finally, I heard the director shout ‘Go boys, you are all a go’ I felt the drone enter my ass slowly and gently. It was lubricated and my controller was making sure we all came at the same time. In it pushed, slowly but surely and I could feel the two cocks inside of my body, rubbing against each other but touching every spot I had. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.
The group was now in full swing, literally, the girls were moaning and groaning and the camera crew were taking it all in. I then felt my orgasm about to break but as luck would have it, so did the rest of the group. The pleasure was so intense that it did not take that long for any of us and the collective explosion was one for the history books. The combination of the cock and the vibrating drone and both holes being pounded was just too much for any of us to hold for too long. I must have come at least 4 times again, the drone and the cock were shot out several times and the exquisite pleasure mixed with pain caused me to squirt onto the camera. A first for me. The waves kept coming and the drones were now getting beginning their retreat. We lay there in the fading sunlight, naked and exhausted, watching the drones fly off to the other side of the estate. My controller walked up to me and planted a very wet and hungry kiss on my mouth. ‘See you in the pool just now hot stuff’ He winked and wandered off. It took us a few minutes to compose ourselves, I figured this freshly fucked look was to be one of my crowning glories.

The rest of the day and night was spent in the pool, relaxing and getting my tender pussy kissed better by some of the sweet models and of course my controller eventually got to wet his dick after a long, tortuous day of controlling my pleasure device. The 3 girls from the bed, licking and sucking his cock until he shot his load all over our faces, much to the delight of the cheering crew.

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